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Godfrey DEARBORN and (Anne?)

[F7576]. Godfrey DEARBORN. (DEAREBARNE)(Dearbarne-S11). [PC T4-7].
Born (about 1599)(about 1603-S2) in (Exeter, Devonshire-S1,S3)(Hannah or Hannay, Lincolnshire-S2), England; son of William DEARBARNE [F15152] and Agnes HAY [F15153]. {S2}. .

He was christened on 24 Sepember 1603 in Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England. (S6).

He married (1) (Lucy-S6), [F7577], in England. She apparently died in childbrirth about 1630.

He was a weaver by trade, in the village of Hannah in Lincolnshire, England. (S11).

He married (2) Anne.

He had an apprentice named John Trowt, who died and was buried on 21 December 1632 at Hannah, Lincolnshire, England. (S11).

He came to Massachusetts about 1638. {S3}.

In 1639, Rev. John Wheelwright, with a company of his friends, removed from the colony in Massachusetts Bay to Exeter, in the province of New Hampshire, and founded a settlement. Supposing themselves to be out of the jurisdiction of any colony, they created a compact for social order, which they all signed. Godfrey was one of these 35 men who signed Wheelwright's Combination for the government of Exeter in 1639. {S1,S2,S3}.

John Wheelwright, the founder of Exeter, who was from Alford, Lincolnshire (just a few miles from Hannah), and was banished from the Mass. Bay Colony in 1639 along with his flock, for supporting his sister-in -law, the celebrated Anne Hutchinson, in the Antinomian controversy. {S6}.

Godfrey apparently received a land grant in Maine, as did others from Reverend Wheelwright's congregation, but never settled there.

His farm is said to have been situated within the present limits of Stratham. In 1644 he had a grant of meadowland "on the second run, beyond Mr. Wheelwright's creek, toward Captain Wiggins." In 1645, in connection with two others, he had a grant of meadow "at the head of the Great Cove Creek, about six acres, if it be there to be found." Other land is mentioned as adjoining his"on the east side of the river." {S3}.

He was elected a Selectman for Exeter in 1648. {S1,S3}. He was a Grand Jureyman in 1650. {S9}.

Between 1648 and 1649 he moved to Hampton, New Hampshire. On 4 March 1650, seats in the Hampton meetinghouse were assigned to "Goodman and Goodey Dearborn," so their move was probably closer to 1650. They settled on the "West End." He became a considerable landholder in Hampton. {S1,S3}.

His wife died between 4 May 1651 and 25 November 1662.

In 1653 his tax was 15 shillings, 10 pence. Godfrey became a considerable landholder in Hampton and a man of some importance in the affairs of the town. He was one of the selectmen in 1655, 1663, and 1671. {S2}.

He married (3) Dorothy, widow of Philemon DALTON of Hampton, on 25 November 1662.

In 1670 he received a grant of eighty acres.

He made his will in 1680.

The will of Godfrey Dearborn of Hampton, 1680:

I Godfreey Dearbarne of Hampton in the provenc of New Hampshier in New England Being aged and Inferme of Body * * * I give and Bequeath Unto Dorothy Dearbarn my loveing wife for the term of her life my Dwellinng House & Barne & orchyard and the Use and Improvementt of all my land both Areable land pastuer & marsh land for her Comfortable subsistenc Duering the terme of Her life, and the use and Improvementt of all my moveables within Dores and withoutt Duering the terme of her life

Itt I doe Give and bequeath Unto my Grand Child Ann Shatredg that now liveth with mee one two year old Heffer which she is to Receive att the End of Her time yt she is to live with mee

Itt I Doe Give Unto my sone Thomas Deararne my Dark Browne horse which I Use to Rid on

Itt I Doe Give Unto my son Thomas and Henry Dearbarn all the Rest of my Cattle thatt shall Remaine att the Decease of the longest liver of mee or my wife Excepting Sheep and swine which are other wayes Disposed of

Itt my will and pleasure is thatt all the Sheepe and swine that shall Remaine att my wives Decease shall be Equally Divided betwixt all my Grand Children yt shall be then living: and the Division to be made by my Executors & over seers

Itt I Doe Give and Bequeath Unto my Son John Dearbarn my House barne and house lott and all my land both Areable land pastuers medows & marshes and all Towne Rights and priveledges thereunto belonging and all my tooles and Carts & other Implements of Husbandry: and I Doe appointt my son John Dearbarne to bee my Exectuer to this my will and the Estate the which he is to Enter Upon and possesse att my wives Decease and to bee and Remaine to him and his Heires for Ever

Itt I Doe ordaine and Appointt my two Eldest sons Thomas Dearbarne and henry Dearbarne to bee my over seers to this my last will and testamentt whom I appointt to see to the managmentt of my Estate thatt my wife may have a Comfortable living outt of itt Duering the terme of her life

And for whatt Houshold stuff I shall leave thatt my wife shall have the use and Improvement thereof Duering the terme of her life, and then to bee Equally Devided Between my three Daughters only leaving itt to my wives liberty to Dispose of whatt was her owne before I maried Her viz one fether Bed & boulster & Rug & Coverlett and her Greatt Bible & her Red flannell petticoate to ye wife of John morse

And this my last will and testamentt I Conferme with my Hand & Seale Affixed therto this fourteenth Day of December in the year of our lord one thousand Six hundred & Eighty

Godfrey Dearbarn X [seale]
Mark & Seale

Signed Sealed & Declared
to bee ye last will of Godfrey
Dearbarn in pr of
Samuell Dalton senr Mehetable Dalton

He died on 4 February 1686 at Hampton, New Hampshire.

This was sworn to ye 26 of agust: 86 by mehetable Dalton alice [alias] Simins befor mee
Henry green Justis Peace

Province of New Hampshire June 7th 1711 Philemon Dalton personally appearing before the Honourable Richard Waldron Esqr Judge of probate of Wills and Granting Letters of Administration within the said province made oath that he was present when his Mother Mehitabell appeared before Justice Green and made oath as a Wittness to this Will as is incerted in the Margin thereof./
Richd Waldron

And further by the Compareing of Several hand writeings of mr Samuel Dalton a wittness to this will I am Satisfied that the Said Will is Legally Signed & Sealed And therefor it is proved Approved and Allowed off
Richd Waldron

[Inventory, Feb. 13, 1685.6; amount, 183.12.0; signed by Henry Dow and John Smith.]
[Probate Records, vol. 3, p. 255.]

To his Excellency ye Governour & Councell sitting at portsmouth may 10th 1711 the petition of John Dearborn of Hampton in said province humbly sheweth--
that your pitioners father Godfree Dearborn of Hampton Deceased about 26 years since, the witneses to his Will & testament the one of them Dyed before ye testater by Reason of which the Will above said Will not be accounted well proved before the Judge of probats, your pitisioner humbly prays your Excellency & Councill Would Receive the testimoneys to prove, the deceased Witneses hand, which is Generell known he being for many years a Justice of peace, & Clerke of ye town and so to order that ye said testiment may be Executed, by the Executor otherwise there will be a foundation for Controversy here after
Which your pitisioner humbly prays
John Dearborn

Philemon Dalton was prsent when his Mother Mehitabell appeared before mr Justice Green made oath as a Wittness to this will as incerted in the Margin
And further by Compareing of Several hand writeings of mr Samll Dalton a wittness to this will, the Judge of the Probates is Satisfied that the Said will is Legall signed & sealed and therefore Allows and Approves
[Probate Records, vol. 3, pp. 253, 254.]

WIFE (1):
[F7577]. (Lucy Richardson-S6).
Born in England in 1605. {S1,S6}.

She married (1) John Fields. She married (2) Godfrey DEARBORN [F7576] on 23 June 1629. They had a son, William DEARBORN, who died young. Possibly Lucy and son William both died in childbirth about 1630.

WIFE (2):
[F7577]. (Anne-S6).
Born in England about 1607. {S6}.

She died between the early part of 1651 and the later part of 1662.

CHILDREN of Godfrey DEARBORN [F7576] and (Anne-S6) [F7577]:
  1. Thomas DEARBORN. Christened on 1 November 1632 at Hannah, Lincolnshire, England. (S6,S11). He married Hannah COLCORD, daughter of Edward COLCORD, on 28 December 1665. They lived at Drake Side in Hampton, New Hampshire. He died on 14 April 1710 in Hampton, New Hampshire.
  2. [F3788]. Henry DEARBORN. Born (about 1633)(10 January 1634-S6) in Hannah (Hagnaby), Lincolnshire, England. He was christened on 22 March 1634 in Hannah, Lincolnshire, England. (S6,S11). He married Elizabeth MARRIAN, daughter of John MARRIAN, on (10 January 1666)(in the 11th month of 1665) in Hampton, New Hampshire. He was a selectman in Hampton in 1676 and 1692. He was a signer of the petition to the king in 1683 that is called "Weare's Petition." He died on 18 January 1725 in Hampton, New Hampshire.
  3. (daughter) DEARBORN. Born about 1636.
  4. Esther DEARBORN. Born about 1638. She married Richard SHORTRIDGE of Portsmouth on 14 May 1661.
  5. Sarah DEARBORN. Born about 1641. She married Thomas NUDD of Hampton. She died on 21 August 1714.
  6. John B. DEARBORN. Born about 1642. He married Mary WARD, daughter of Thomas WARD, on 12 December 1672. He died on 14 November 1731 in Hampton, New Hampshire.

WIFE (3):
Dorothy, widow of Philemon DALTON.
Born about 1600.

The record of the examination of Philemon and his family, prior to transport, occurred on 15 April 1635. They had at that time one child, Samuel Dalton, apparently their only child. He lived in Hampton, New Hampshire. [Note that in this ship record the name is Hanna, not Dorothy. This was wife Hanna or Anna Cole. See ship record for the Increase, which left London, England in April 1635 with her master, Robert Lea.]. Philemon apparently married (2) Dorothy some time after his arrival in 1635.

Philomen Dalton came first to Watertown, MA in 1635 and the following year was joined by his brother, Rev. Timothy Dalton. In 1637 the Daltons became proprietors and settlers of Dedham, MA. Philemon lost a court case involving land while Rev. Timothy who left England because of his Puritanism vs Anglican views, met with a similar reaction in Dedham. He made friends with Rev Stephen Bachiller who offered him a preaching and teaching position at his church in Hampton. By 1638 the brothers were proprietors and settlers in Hampton. {S10}.

Philemon Dalton was fatally injured by the fall of a tree, and died one month later on 4 June 1662.

The will of Philemon Dalton of Hampton, 1656:

The last will & testiment . . . . The County of northfolke, being sick & . . . .bequeath my soule unto God who gave itt & Jesus . . . .

It I do give unto Dorety Dalton my loving wife my . . . .a two yeerling heffer Called Chery : It one Swine & two she . . . .beed in the beed Chamber wth the furniture thear of as itt stands . . Chests & the trunke wth the apparrill thearin with the bras & . . & yron potes ; wth the morter pessell with the speete & bastin . . Peuter viz Six platters & a Salt seller & Skillet & for bookes : viz one of mr Burrows Called Gospell worship During terme of her life & the third of all my lands and one of the Dwelling housen as my sonn & shee shall agree During the tearme of her life & the apples of the fouer trees next the Common in the orchard

Itt I doe give unto my Sonn Samuell Dalton all the rest of . . and housenrom ; with my fouer oxen with the Cart & furniture . . . With all my books wch are not otherwise Dispose of : . . . Give unto my Daughter mehetabell Dalton one . . . -owes Concerning Earthly mindedness . . . .

Ittum I give unto Hannah Dalton . . . . . Heffer Called hart : & I Doe give unto my wife . . . . Of the last Crop both Indian & English : and barne . . .& hay and rome to sett her Cattell in the leantow During term . Her life and the Hake : and for the Confermation of this my last will & testiment I have hereunto sett my hand & seale having apointed my sonn Sameuell & my wife as my lawfull Excequetors to this my last will, whearunt I have sett my hand the leaventh of November one thousand Six hundred & fifty Six

Philemon Dalton X mark
[Seal] & Seele

Signed and Sealed in
the Presents of us
Abraham Perkins
Timothie Dalton

[Proved Oct. 14, 1662.]
[Essex County, Mass., Probate Files.]

[Inventory of the estate of Philemon Dalton of Hampton, taken by Robert Page, William Godfrey, and Thomas Marston July 1, 1662; amount, 261.16.4.]
[Essex County, Mass., Probate Files.]

Dorothy married (2) Godfrey DEARBORN [F7576] on 25 November 1662. {S1}. They had no children. {S2}. She died between 1680 and 1696.