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Thomas Dibble and Miriam Frances Grant

Thomas Dibble. (DEBLE, DEEBLE).
Born (in 1613)(about 1614-S8) at Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England; son of Robert Dibble and Frances Goody.

He married (1) Miriam Frances Grant in 1635 at Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England.

In Windsor, Conn. there are many town records preserved concerning Thomas in the land, vital, probate, town, and church records; as well as in the diary of Matthew Grant, his next door neighbor. In the latter on page 94 for 1677 is a list of "those that came here with us from Dorchester and are still with us, - Thos. Deble Sen., sister Deble...." (S8).

Thomas Dibble was among the first settlers of Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, along with Mr. John Warham, who laid the foundation of the church there, in 1635. The Rev. Mr. Warham lived to see much of the forest removed--roads made passable--a house for worship built--himself and family and friends comfortably situated in this new country and the title of their lands confirmed, with his family rich in new land, and died in 1670, after a ministry there of about 35 years. (Sources : Connecticut Puritan Settlers, 1633-1845 The First Puritan Settlers of Windsor. and First Settlers of the Colony).(S1).

"That Thomas was son of Robert Deeble is definitely proven on page 13 of the first book of Dorchester, Mass. land records. The grand is dated 17 Dec. 1635, at which time Thomas is to receive 2 goad and 6 goad next to his fathers Roberts home lot, if he built a house within a year. This lot faced the park next to Mr. Addertons. (S8).

In 1640 Thomas was granted land of the Plantation on which he built a house, which he sold to Robert Watson.

In 1670 he bought the William Hubbard house on the Palisado (the village green or common), the third house N.E. of the church, between Matthew Grant and _____ Phillips. There may be a connection between his wife and Thomas Ford whose daughters were Hepsibah, Joanna and Miriam, but no proof yet has been found." - VanBuren Lamb, Jr., "Your Ancestors," Vol 2, pg 143.

Thomas Dibble, Sen. is named in the Probate Inventory of Bygod Eggleston. Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1635-50, A DIGEST OF THE EARLY CONNECTICUT PROBATE RECORDS, 1663 to 1677), Page 136, Name: Bygatt Eglestone Location: Windsor. Invt. 116-03-00. Taken 24 October, 1674, by Old William Trall, Thomas Dibble sen., Matthew Grant. Will dated 13 November, 1673. (S1).

Windsor, Conn. Town Votes, Vol. 2. pg. 7 states; "Those of the Dragones that have received pouches of Thomas Deble, which he got made and is to be paid by ye town".

MGD, p88, in 1676 lists "Persons who gave to the poor of other colonies, Thomas Deble Sen. and Abram Deble."

His wife Mary died in 1681.

He married (2) Elizabeth HAYDEN on 25 Jun 1683.

p. 146 Ratable List of 1686, - "house & land 3 acs yt was John Dible 13:00. (S8).

His will was dated 17 Feb 1699/0 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. The will and inventory of Thomas Deble are preserved at the Conn. State Library, Hartford, Conn; and has been published in Manwaring's Digest of Connecticut Probate 7:56-57.

Page 6-7-8
Name: Thomas Dibble, Sen.
Location: Windsor
Invt. œ60-14-01. Taken 1st November, 1700, by Samuel Cross, Nathaniel Gaylord and Alexander Allen.

"I, Thomas Dibble, Sen., of Windsor, doe make this my last will and testament: Imprimis: To my son Samuel and wife I give the north half part of my orchard whereon he liveth, during his natural life, and the remainder to his son Samuel. To my son Thomas Dibble and his wife I give the other half of my orchard during life, and the remainder to his son Abram. Item. I give to my daughter Miriam Gillett that two acres of meadow she now possesseth. Item. To my said daughter Miriam I give, for the use of her son, my best broadcloth coat, hatt and breeches. All the rest of my apparrel to be divided, two parts to my sons Samuel and Thomas, the other part to be to my grandsons Josiah Dibble and Wakefield Dibble. I appoint Mr. John Elliot and son-in-law Samuel Gibbs to be executors." Witness: John Eliot, Alexander Allin. (Signed) Thomas X Dibble, Senior.

A schedule followed the signed will: "A schedule, expressing the form and manner how I would have my household stuffe and other moveables disposed and divided, is as follows: To my daughter Miriam 2 pewter basons, 1 platter, 1 quart pot, two porringers, one saucer, one dram cup, a chafendish, a choping knife, 2 old skilletts, a settle, and the cest (chest) that use to stand by my bedside, five yards of two cloth and 40 shillings in pay, to be paid by my son-in-law Samuel Gibbs out of that he oweth me. To my grand daughter, Eliza: Gibbs, the bedstead, feather bed, and all thereto appeartaining, which is in the parlour, 1 iron pot and crooks, best table, and box with lock and key, 3 chairs, best brush, 1 square basket, one pressing iron, best shears, one bodkin, pair stillyards. To Experience Gibbs, 1 iron kettle, 2 chairs, an old chest, the trundle bedstead, bed and green rug, best and worst pillows, 1 little table and a gridiron. To Mirriam Gibbs, the worst of ye beds and worst table and a little basket. To Hepzibah Dickson, a brass candlestick. To Palidence [sic] Denslow, a half pint cup and a corn bowl. To Joanna Loomis, 2 smoothing irons and a pair of pot hooks. To the Rev. Mr. Samuel Mather, Senior, my gun and sword and my andirons, tongs and spit."
Witness: John Eliott, Alexander Allin. (Signed) Thomas X Dibble, Senior.

He died 17 OCT 1700 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.
The inventory of his estate was taken 1 November 1700 by Samuel Cross, Nathaniel Gaylor and Alexander Allen, and amounted to 60-14-01. His will was probated on 13 November 1700.

WIFE (1):
Miriam Frances Grant. (known as Mary).
She was Miriam Frances GRANT, but is usually called Mary. Born in 1614; daughter of John GRANT and Alice TURBERVILLE.

She married Thomas DIBBLE in 1635 at Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England.

She died 14 MAY 1681 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

CHILDREN of Thomas Dibble and Miriam Frances Grant
  1. Israel DIBBLE. Born on 29 AUG 1637 in Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA. He was christened after AUG 29 1637 in Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA. He died on DEC 12 1697 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.
  2. Samuel DIBBLE. Born 31 MAY 1639-1640 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He died on 31 MAY 1641 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.(1) He was buried on MAY 31 1641 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.
  3. Ebenezer DIBBLE. Christened on 26 Sep 1641. He died on 19 DEC 1675.
  4. Hepzibeth Dibble. Born 25 December 1642 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. She was christened on 25 December 1642 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. She died on 22 February 1698 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. She was buried on 22 Feburary 1698 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. She married Samuel GIBBS on 15 April 1664 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.
  5. Samuel DIBBLE. Born on (9-S8)(19) February (1642-1643-S8)(1644) in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He was christened on 24 March 1643-44 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. He died on 5 JUN 1709 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. (1) He was buried after 5 JUN 1709 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.
  6. Miriam DIBBLE. Born on (7)(17)(15-S8)(19-S7) (DEC)(FEB-S7,S8) 1644-1645 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. She died in MAY 1703 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.
  7. Thomas DIBBLE. Born 1 FEB 1646-1647. Christened on 3 SEP 1647 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He married Mary Tucker on 10 October 1676 in Windsor, Connecticut. Died on MAY 14 1681 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. (1) He was buried after MAY 14 1681 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.
  8. Joanna (Johamiah) DIBBLE. Born 1 FEB 1649-1650 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. She was christened on FEB 1 1650 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. (1) She died on MAY 14 1651 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. (1) She was buried after MAY 14 1651 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.

WIFE (2):
Elizabeth Browne. (BROWNE-S10)(HAYDEN-S9).
Born about 1621 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut; daughter of William BROWNE and Lydia WARD. [so where does the name Hayden come from?].

She married (1) JOHN HAWKES about 1642. They had seven children, all born at Windsor, Connecticut.

At a meeting held at Nathaniel (brother of Lydia) Ward's house in Hartford, 18 Apr 1659, John and Elizabeth were among those present who signed the agreement to remove from Connecticut to Massachusetts. They moved to Hadley, Massachusetts around 1660, and were among the first settlers. John (was killed by Indians-S9)(died suddenly-S10) and was buried on 30 June 1662 in the Hadley Cemetery.

She married (2) ROBERT HENSDALE (before March 31, 1663-S11)(about 1668-S10) at Hadley, Massachusetts. The marriage was an unhappy one and they soon parted, and she returned to her home in Hadley. At a court held 30 Mar 1674 they were "presented for living assunder contrary to law," also charged "with lacivious and wanton carrage." On examination Elizabeth refused to answer, and it appears that she was cleared of any wrongdoing. Robert Hinsdale said he "did it as being her head and having the rule of her in the Pointe and that he did it for her correction of her disorder towards him." Although he was a respected man in the community, the court held he had "broken the perfect rule of divine law and the law of the Colony in the intent if not in the letter in the first living assunder," and ordered him "whipped ten stripes on the naked body;" and imposed a fine for which his sons became responsible and which the court refused to remit after his tragic death. They moved to Pocumtuck (Deerfield), MA where descendents of both were already living. Robert was killed, along with three of his sons, with Captain Thomas Lathrop, on September 18, 1675 in the ambush at the Battle of Bloody Brook at Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts.

She married (3) Thomas DIBBLE on 25 Jun 1683, probably at Windsor, Connecticut.

She died on (20-S9,S11)(25-S10)(29-S11) SEP 1689 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

CHILDREN of John Hawkes and Elizabeth Browne/Hayden:
  1. John HAWKES. b. August 13, 1643 Windsor, Hartford County, CT. He married (1) Allice ALLIS who d. 29 FEB 1703/04 killed by Indians. He married (2) Martha BALDWIN on 26 DEC 1667. He died at Waterbury, New Haven County, CT.
  2. Nathaniel HAWKES. Born on 16 February 1644-1645. He died after 16 February 1644-2645 (died young).
  3. Elizabeth HAWKES. b. January 10, 1646/47 She married (1) Joseph Gillett. She married (2) Nathaniel DICKINSON. He died on 11 October 1681.
  4. Anna HAWKES. b. August 4, 1648. She married Thomas Hastings on 10 OCT 1672. She died October 15, 1705.
  5. Isaac HAWKES. b. August 11, 1650. Drowned at age 8 in the Connecticut River on June 22, 1659.
  6. Mary HAWKES. b. May 23, 1652. She married (1) Experience Hinsdale on 10 OCT 1672. Married (2) John Evans in JUL 1677. She died November 22, 1729
  7. Joanna HAWKES. b. February 8, 1654. m. William Arms. d. November 22, 1729.
  8. Eleazer HAWKES. b. December 20, 1655 Hadley, Hampshire County, MA. He married Judith SMEAD Marriage: 30 APR 1689. d. 22 MAR 1726/27 Deerfield, Franklin County, MA.
  9. Sarah HAWKES. b. September 29, 1657 at Hadley, Hampshire County, MA, d. December 17, 1751 at Deerfield, Franklin County, MA (Unknown) HAWKES.
  10. Gershom HAWKES. b. August 12, 1659. d. ABT 1659.