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Nathaniel DICKINSON and Anna, widow Gull

Nathaniel DICKINSON.
Born about 1601; son of John DICKERSON and Elizabeth. (S3,S4).

The records of Russell Snow Hitchcock (S5) and others state that Nathaniel is the son of William Dickinson and Sarah Stacy. William Dickinson was born, married, and died in Ely, Cambridge, England. However, it is noted that it is apparent that our ancestors are of the Lincolnshire branch of the family, and not of the Cambridge branch of the family; and thus are descendants of John Dickinson and Elizabeth. John was born and died in Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England. The descendants of John and Elizabeth, our ancestors, are all from Billingborough.

Nathaniel was christened on 3 May 1601 at Billingsborough, Lincolnshire, England.

He married Anna, widow GULL on (16 JAN 1630-S1,S2)( 27 November 1623-S3,S4) at Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England.

Little is know of Nathaniel's activities in England. He was no doubt educated, signing the Billingborough bishop's transcript of 1633-1634 with a firm hand. He was accordingly appointed town clerk both in Wethersfield and Hadley. A facsimile of an original letter of Nathaniel Dickinson, written in 1666, is reproduced in Henry R. Stiles, History of Ancient Wethersfield. (S4).

Nanthaniel arrived in Wethersfield, Connecticut (S3,S4), between 26 June 1636 (when his daughter Hannah (Anna) was baptized at Billingborough), and July 1638 (when his son Samuel was born at Wethersfield). It is difficult to say what influences led Nathaniel to emigrate. Perhaps he heard the Puritan doctrines from Rev. Simon Bradstreet, vicar of Horbling from 1596 to 1621. Rev. Bradstreet's son Simon went to Massachusetts in 1630 and rose to prominence in the government of the Bay Colony. Twelve miles to the east of Horbling and Billingborough, Rev. John Cotton expounded his Puritan views from the pulpit at Boston until he fled to New England in 1633. Nathaniel apparently spent little if any time in Massachusetts Bay Colony, and he was not among the Watertown contingent that settled Wethersfield in 1635. (S4).

Nathaniel held many positions of trust in the communities of Wethersfield and Hadley. He served on the jury of the Particular Court in 1642. After several years as de facto town clerk of Wethersfield, he was officially appointed to the office in 1645. He held this position until 1659, when he moved to Hadley, Massachusetts. Nathaniel Dickinson served as deputy to the Connecticut General Court from 1646 to 1659. He was elected selectman of Wethersfied in 1646. His homestead consisted of a house, barn and three acres of land in March 1649. In May 1653 he was a member of the committee to direct a contemplated expedition against the Dutch, and in October 1654 nathaniel was one of the commissioners appointed to consult with the constables on the various Connecticut tows about "pressing men for the expedition into the Ninigret country." He was also active in church affairs, being a deacon of the Wethersfield church. (S4).

When dissension arose in the congregatons at Wethersfield, Hartford and Windsor, Nathaniel Dickinson and his son John were active in the organization of a new settlement under the leadership of Rev. John Russell. Nathaniel was one of the 59 men who signed the agreement to settle Hadley, Massachusetts, on 18 april 1659. He was selected to survey the original 59 home lots of eight acres each. In Hadley Nathaniel was again chosen town clerk in 1660. He took the freeman's oath on 26 March 1661, and the same year was a member of the committee to erect a meeting house. (S4).

Soon after the establishment of Hadley, settlers began taking up land on the west side of the Connecticut River. On 21 January 1660/1 Nathaniel was a member of the committee appointed to lay out home lots on the west bank. Twenty-eight lots were surveyed for the original propietors, among whom were sons Nathaniel, Samuel, and Obadiah, and stepson William Gull. These four were also among the petitioners for a separate township in 1667. The town of Hatfield was established in 1669. In his later years, Nathaniel, Sr., settled briefly in Hatfield but returned to Hadley shortly before his death.

Nathaniel was an original member of the Hampshire Troop, organized in March 1663/4 under Capt. John Pynchon. During King Philip's War, 1675-77, Nathaniel lost three sons - John, Joseph, and Azariah. Another son, Obadiah, was captured by the Indians and taken into Canada but escaped and returned in 1679. Nathaniel served as selectman, assessor, and school trustee at times and was a deacon in the Hadley church.

He wrote his will on 29 May 1676, ten days after his son John was killed in the Turner's Falls battle.

I Nathll Dickenson Senr late of Hadfeyld now of Hadley in ye County of Hampshire upon Connecticutt do make and ordane this my Last will & testement as followeth.

Impr making a full surrender of myself Soul & Body unto ye handes of God my Creator & Jeus Christ my alone Saviour & Redeemer relying on him for all ye I need & hope for in this world & yt which is to Come & leaving my body to decent Buriall in hope of a Blessed Resurrection I doe Bestow yt Portion of Outward estate which ye Lord in his fatherlie mercy hath Blesed me with in manner following my debtes & funerall expences being first payd I doe give unto my son Nehemiah my house & Barn & homelott with all the preveledges & Appurtenances thereto belonging as alsoe one half of my meadow land in Hadley (except what is after accepted [excepted]) with the preveledgs and Apputenances thereto belonging to be to him & his heirs forever besides what was Thomas Websters.

I give to my Daughter in Law Dorcus Widow to my son Azariah fur acres & a half of meaddow Land Bounded by my son Thomas his Land East, Francis west, John Hubbard North & ye highway South to be her & her heirs for Ever. Further I give or abate to her all yt was my due for ye Rent of the rent of my Land from her & Also Doe give her yt money yt was due to me for my oxen, and also three Pounds yt was Due for a barrell (unpayd) of pork, all & every of ye premises I give to ye sd Dorcus as her own to be her & her heirs for Ever.

The rest of my meaddow in Hadly I doe give to be equally Divided betweene all my sons (except Nehemiah) and my Daughters Francis Dickenson and Hanah Clary which my executors shall either equally divide to all my aforesayd Children or else pay to Each their proportion of ye syd Landes as it shall be Prized on Country Pay within too yeares after my Decease to ym and their heirs for Ever.

To my son Thomas I give my house & Lot I Bought of Mr. Wattson he paying to Mr. Wattson ye thirty pound[s] yt is yet Due for ye same or if like it not on those termes then it shall be Cast in among my Devidable Estate to my Children.

I give to my son Samll my house & homelott in Hatfeild to be to him & his heirs for Ever togher wth ye Preveleges & Appurtenances thereto belonging.

To my son Obadiah I give all ye Rest of my land in Hatfeild wth ye preveleges & Appurtenances thereto belonging to be to him & his heirs for Ever. And my meaning & will is that these my two sons Samuel & Obadiah shall be instead of it.

To my son William Gull I give yt three poundes wch he oweth me for a barll of Pork. All ye Rest of my estate I give to be equally devided amongst allmy sons, my Daughters Francis Dickinson & Hannah Clary having herein equall shares with there Brethren.

I do herby make & ordane my two sons Thomas & Nehemiah Executors of this my Last Will & testement hereunto as my Last will & testement have subjoyned my hand & seal this present 29 May 1676.

Nathaniel Dickenson
In the presence of Joseph Kellog [and] John Russell, Jur
The Desire of ye testator is yt ye share given unto Francis Dickenson may if she see meete be given to Samll Gilits Children. (S4).

Nathaniel died on 16 June 1676 at Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. (S3,S4).

The will was proved the following 26 September, and an inventory of his estate, totaling 502 2s 6d, was taken on 22 December 1676. (S4).

Anna (Anne, Ann), widow GULL.
Born in 1603 or 1608. She was of Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut. (She was the widow of John GULL-S3).

She and John Gull had at least one son, William Gull.

She married Nathaniel DICKINSON on (16 January 1630-S1,S2)(27 November 1623-S3).

CHILDREN of Nathaniel DICKINSON and Anna GULL:
  1. John Dickinson. Born about 1630 in England. He married Frances Foote in 1648 at Wethersfield, Connecticut. He died on 19 May 1676 in the Fight at Turner's Falls. Frances Foote was born about 1629 in England. She was living on 28 March 1678.
  2. Joseph Dickinson. Born about 1632 in England. He married Phebe Bracey about 1665 in Hadley, Massachusetts. Joseph died on 4 September 1675 in the Fight at Northfield, Massachusetts.
  3. Thomas Dickinson. Born about 1633 in England. He married Hannah Crow on 7 March 1667-1668 at Hadley, Massachusetts. He died in 1716 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Hannah Crow was born on 13 July 1649 in Hartford, Connecticut.
  4. Hanah Dickinson. (Anna). Born about 1636 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. She married (1) John Clary in January or 16 June 1679. John Clary died on 15 August 1688. Hanah married (1) Enos Kingsley, of Northampton, Massachusetts.
  5. Samuel Dickinson. Born in July 1638 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. He married Martha Bridgman on 4 January 1668 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Samuel died on 30 November 1711 in Hadfield, Massachusetts. Martha Bridgman was born on 20 November 1649. She died on 16 July 1711.
  6. Obadiah DICKINSON.. Born on 15 April 1641 at Wethersfield, Connecticut. He married (1) Sarah Beardsley of Stratford, Connecticut on 18 January 1668. Sarah died in 1677. Obadiah married (2) Mehitabel Hinsdale in 1690. Obadiah died on 10 June 1698 at Wethersfield, Connecticut. Mehitabel was born on 18 October 1663. She died before 1702. Nathaniel DICKINSON. Born 16 August 1643 at Wethersfield, Connecticut. He married (1) Hannah BEARDSLEY on 25 December 1662 at Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Hannah died on 23 February 1679. Nathaniel married (2) Elizabeth (widow Gillet>) in 1680. Nathaniel married (3) Elizabeth Burt (widow Wright?) of Northampton on 16 or 26 September 1684. He died 11 October 1710 at Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
  7. Nehemiah Dickinson. born about 1644 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. He married Mary Cowles in 1670. Nehemiah died on 11 October 1710.
  8. Hezekiah Dickinson. Born in February 1645-1646 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. He married Abigail Blakeman (Blackman) on 4 December 1679-1680 at Straftford, Connecticut. Hezekiah died on 9 September 1723 at Hadley, Massachusetts.
  9. Azariah Dickinson. Born on 4 October 1648 at Wethersfield, Connectciut. He married Dorcus. He died on 25 August 1675 at the Fight at Whately, Massachusetts. Dorcas was born about 1654. she died on 15 August 1723.
  10. Jane Dickinson.
  11. Francis Dickenson