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Richard Dickinson and Elizabeth Bagnell

Richard Dickinson.
Born (in 1520-S3)(in 1521-S2)(about 1526-S1) at Bradley Hall, Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England; son of William Dickinson and Rachel Kinge.

He married Elizabeth Bagnell (S1,S3) in 1540. (S3).

Bradley Hall was owned by the Richard Dickinson family of Staffordshire, England, from 1526 until 1547, with his wife Elizabeth Bagnell. (S1,S3).

He died (on 17 August 1560-S3)(in 1605-S1,S2) at Bradley Hall, Staffordshire, England.

The history of the Dickinson Coat of Arms goes back to the London Heraldry Office. This particular arms was given to the Dickinsons of Bradley Hall. It is thought that it was first petitioned in 1565, by Richard Dickinson of Bradley Hall. His application was, at this time rejected for the reason that only he and his father, William Dickinson used the arms. (S3). Given this date in 1565, he would not have died in 1560.

Elizabeth Bagnell.
Born in 1536 at Bradley Hall, Staffordshire, England; daughter of Simon Bagnell .

She died (also on 17 August 1560-S3)(about 1605-S2) at (Ely, Cambridge, England-S2)(at Bradley Hall, Staffordshire, England-S3). She was buried on 29 Aug 1560 in England. (S4).

BAGNELL Simon-c1500 CHILDREN of Richard Dickinson and Elizabeth Bagnell:
  1. Symon Dickinson, of Bradley Hall. (S1).
  2. Thomas DICKINSON. . [PC W2-10-17]. Born in 1547. (S2,S3). He died in 1590. (S2). Thomas Dickinson was of Ely. (S1).
  3. John Dickinson. (S1).
  4. Elizabeth Dickinson. Married Mr. Bowker. (S1).


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