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Richard Dickinson and Margaret Cooper

Richard DICKINSON. [PC W2-10-17-1].
Born in 1377 at Kenson Manor, L, England; son of William DUYONSON [F32137248].

He married Margaret COOPER in 1399 at Hull, Yorkshire, England. He died in 1441.

Margaret COOPER. [PC W2-10-17-1].
Born about 1379 in Hull, Yorkshire, England; daughter of Thomas Cooper [F32137250].

CHILDREN of Richard DICKINSON and Margaret COOPER:
  1. Thomas DICKINSON. [PC W2-10-17-1]. Born in 1400 at Kenson Manor, L, England. He married Margaret LAMBERT in 1430 at Oulton, Yorkshire, England. He died in 1475 in England.