Tristram DODGE

[F2126]. (Tristram-S3)(Trustaram-S3) DODGE.
He was born (1607-S10)(1612-1619-S1,S10)(in 1620-S20)(about 1626-S8)(1628-S16) in (New Shoreham, Suffolk, England-S1)(of Suffolk, England)(of Devon, England); possibly the son of John DODGE [F4252]. (S1,S10). It has not been proven definitively that he is the son of John. He is also said to be a brother or cousin of William and Richard Dodge of Salem, Massachusetts. If John is his father, then it appears they are indeed brothers.

Tristram married (1) Anne MANSFIELD (S1) (before 1644-S1). He is said to have married (2) Mary ENOS (INNIS)(S1), but this is most likely in error. Mary is, in fact, probably the wife of Tristram’s son John.

He was in Newfoundland.

Tristram Dodge, the ancestor of the well-known Dodge family of New Shoreham and of the Dodges of Connecticut, was beyond all doubt from Devonshire, where the name Tristram Dodge occurs at a somewhat earlier period. He was evidently one of the Devon captains who were engaged in the Newfoundland fisheries, and in 1647 he was residing at Ferryland in that Island [cf. Aspinwall, pp. 126, 127] . He was engaged by the first settlers to come from Newfoundland to the Island, in order "to teach them the art of fishing", the town records state. The Island Dodge descend from his three sons John, Tristram, and William. A fourth son, Israel, removed to New London and was the ancestor of the Connecticut Dodges. he may have had also another son, Thomas, who appears in the New Shoresham records in 1680. He probably died young, leaving no issue [cf. Austin, op.cit. and "The Dodge Genealogy"].(S14).

“His adhesion to tolerant Rhode Island with the other settlers, and early founding the Baptist Church -- the only Church on the Island -- show them to have been a company of Baptist Dissenters from England..." (S5).

There is also given evidence that Tristram attended meetings in Roxbury, Massachusetts, at the house of Dr. Alcock in 1660.(S12).

"They neither joined the exclusive church in either colony, Salem, Boston, Lynn, or Plymonth, held office, nor received grants of land therein; but exiled by the persecutions of Church and State in England, they sought refuge in their own independent domain of Block Island, where they established a pure democracy of true civil and religious liberty."(S12).

Tristram (Trustaram) Dodge was with the first group of settlers to Block Island, Rhode Island.

In 1695, a faithful town clerk, Nathaniel Mott, copied from an earlier parchment volume, the fact that Tristram Dodge was one of 16 purchasers and original settlers -- in April, 1661. (S12).

They left Braintree, Massachusetts in April of 1661 (to Taunton, presumably).(S1,S3,S7).

He sailed in April 1661 from Taunton, Massachusetts with the original fifteen settlers and their families and settled on Block Island, Rhode Island.(S5,S7).

Tristram Dodge was one of the passengers in the shallop which sailed from Taunton in1661.(S6). Tristram Dodge and his four sons were part of a party of 15 who sailed on board the Shallop from Taunton, Massachusetts for Block Island, April 1661.(S7, S12).

Surveyors were sent ahead in September of 1661 and the remainder of the settlers, including Tristram, embarked from Taunton, Massachusetts in the spring of 1662.(S1,S3).

"The allotment of land, known for generations as the "Dodges' Lands," was mapped by surveyors; but their map is no longer extant on the island, and we find it described, at the time of the voluntary partition after his death, between his four sons, by their releases of 1720-3."(S12).

Although he was not among the first purchasers, he was among the earliest settlers. (S3,S6).

He was not one of the first purchasers of the Island, but like several others who came with him he occupied lands obtained of some of the sixteen proprietors. (S1,S7).

The following statement by the warden Simon Ray is taken from the records of New Shoreham (Block Island), Rhode Island. (S2,S7):
'To All Persons to Whom This Testomony Shall Appear:
'Know Ye, I, Simon Ray of Block Island, being eighty-one years of age and now upon oath doth testify and declare that on ye first erecting and settleing of s'd Block Island there was some undivided land reserved by ye first purchasers for to accommodate fishermen for promoting of a fishing trade, and Tristram Dodge Sr. a fisherman came from Newfoundland and ye freeholders willing for to settle him on s'd Island, gave unto him said Tristram Dodge three acres of land unto him and his heirs forever which land ordered by freeholders for to be measured unto him said Dodge situated and being on ye South East of ye Harbor that is now joining to the land of John Rathbon.

'And unto ye truth of this testimony I set to my hand,
'Simon Ray, Warden.
'Block Island, Feb. 28, 1718-19.'

Rhode Island did not have any custom of recording births, deaths, marriages, grants of land, etc. In this way, they differed from the rest of New England. In 1856 records started being kept, but it "was left as an almost voluntary requirement without adequate penalty."(S12).

I just had to include this report:
Family Record of the Dodges Family / compiled by Henry F. Dodge, Feb. 11, 1878. Begins: "The first Dodge came from England. He came over in a ship. [How else?]. The said ship was wrecked and he swam ashore on Block Island. And these are the descendence of the said Dodge."(S18).

He was admitted Freeman on 4 MAY 1664. (S2,S3,S7).

In 1665, Tristram purchased from "the Province of New York (by the N.Y. -- his license dated April 14, 1665) the island of 500 acres, yet called "No Man's Land," lying two leagues south-west from Martha's Vineyard."(S12)

His sons followed him in 1667.(S1). They came from the north of England near the river Tweed (S1), so presumably so did Tristram. [This is not possible if they came with him in the original shallop to Block Island in 1661-2].

A New England memoir of 1668 said, "In ye Jurisdiction of Rhode-Island is one Blocke-Island, which was first inhabited about 7 yeares agoe, there is excellent fishing for Codd round about it only wants a Harbour."(S17).

His four sons were made Freemen July, 1670, and of course were then of age." (S2).

Mr. John Price having been appointed to survey the books and accounts of Mr. John Croad, deceased, and to draw up an inventory of what estate they could fine, and make return to this court, the account was brought in. There seeming to be a considerable estate indebts owing gfrom several persons, court 27:4:1671, ordered that if any of the creditors or other meet person, come into the next Salem court desiring administration, it may be granted them. Ordered that this be put up at the meetin house in Salem. Salem Quarterly Court Records, Vol 5, leaf 38. An inventory of the debts and scredits of Mr. John Croade as found upon his books: Mr. John Croad's debts due him: .........Trustram Dodge, 2li. 15s. (S15). Though the date of this inventory is 1671, that does not tell us what the date of the debt was.

He was made a Sergeant in 1676. (S2).

"In 1684, a list of the Freemen of new Shoreham was entered on the town records, which shows a considerable augmentation of the population by the arrival of certain new comers. This list was printed in 1859 in The Register [vol.XIII, p 37] by J.D. Champlin, Jr., Esq., of Stonington. " The list while containing numerous repetitions, does contain names of several Dodge members, namely: John Dodge, Tristram Dodge Sr., William Dodge, Tristram Dodge Jr, as well as others who intermarried with the DODGE families: Edward BALL, John Rathbone, Samuel George,Tormet Rose, Alexander Enos [misread by Mr Champlin as "Alexander Junior" pg 335.] pg. 343: States that the early settlers of Block Island were landsmen, except for Tristram Dodge, however over the next 2 generations developed a race of seamen and fishermen. (S14).

He died intestate, (in 1683-S10,S16)(DEC 1686-S10)(before 1720-S7)(in 1720-S1,S2,S20) at New Shoreham, on Block Island, Rhode Island. (S1). He was buried 1683 on Block Island, Newport, RI.(S1). His grave was not marked. (S4).

[F2127]. Anne MANSFIELD.
Born (in 1617-S19)(about 1619-S1) in New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island. [Block Island was not even settled yet]. Anne married Tristram DODGE [F2126]. She died (after 1686-S1)(in 1686-S19), probably at Block Island, Rhode Island.

CHILDREN of Tristram DODGE [F2126] and Anne MANSFIELD [F2127]:
  1. John DODGE. Born (in 1644-S1,S7)(near River Tweed in England-S7). He married Mary GARDNER.(S1,S7). They had six children.(S7). He married Mary ENOS INNIS on 24 May (1676-S1)(1696-S7). They had two children.(S7). Made a Freeman in JUL 1670.(S7). Bought land in Block Island Oct. 1, 1720, from his brother Israel of New London.(S7). Sold land in Block Island Feb. 1, 1724/25.(S7). In 1691, John Dodge leased 4 acres of the "Minister's Land", land set aside to support the minister. "In that year, (1691) was made the following town record, as a lease to Mr. John Dodge, leasing to him 'the whole use of all the minister's share of uplands and meadow upon this Island, excepting the five acre meadow lott in Edward Ball's improvement; and he hath promised to pay to the town council for the use and benefit of this Island, the sum of forty shillings to be pay in current pay equivalent to money by the middle of next December ensuing." (S7). He died (in 1729-S1,S7) at Block Island, Rhode Island.
  2. Israel DODGE. Born 1646.(S1). He married Hannah.(S1). He died in 1745 in New Shoreham, Rhode Island.(S1). Israel is on record as purchaser and settler of land in 1694, in the North Parish of New London, Connecticut (now Montville), where he died in 1745."(S1). Freeman, July, 1670, in Block Island.(S7). Oct. 1, 1720, Israel Dodge of New London, late of Block Island, sold dand located in Block Island, formerly belonging to his father Tristram, to his brothers John, Tristram and William of Block Island.(S7). He was on a farm in North Parish (Montville), New London, Conn., in 1694.(S7). In 1705 the Queen's Court reported him settled there on Indian Fields. As the New London records were burned by Benedict Arnold Sep. 6, 1781, it is difficult to give dates concerning his family. . . . He appears to have disposed of all his real estate before his death. In 1707 he bought land in Montville of Samuel Rogers. In 1719 he and wife Hannah gave his son John a part of this land. In 1725 John sells same land to his brother Israel for 40 pounds. Israel Sr. gave some of this land to his sons William and Samuel, and they sell sixteen acres of it in 1725 to their brothyer Israel. In 1727 Israel Sr. gives more of this land to son Samuel, 'all of his own farm except improved part,' latter to fall to Samuel when Israel Sr. and wife die. In 1722 Israel gave some of this Montville land to son Thomas, 'near John's portion,' deed made out at Norwich. In 1724 Israel gives son Israel more of this land. In 1730 Samuel Dodge sells land in Montville 'where Israel Dodge now lives' (probably brother Israel) to Gideon Comstock for 42 pounds, and this was doubtless after the death of his father and mother when the homestead had fallen to him, 'said land beginning at the highway that goes to Colchester.' "(S7).
  3. Tristram DODGE. Born (1647-1648-S1,S7). Tristram married Dorcas DICKENS on 7 Jan 1680 in New Shoreham, Rhode Island.(S7). He died 18 Aug 1733(S1) at Block Island, Rhode Island.(S7). Freeman, Block Island, July, 1670; m. Jan. 7, 1680, Dorcas Dickens, b. 1664, d. Feb. 18, 1737, dau. of Nathaniel, d. 1692, and Joan Dickens, who was widow Tyler. Will dated July 26, 1733, proved Block Island June 7, 1735, names wife Dorcas and following children [listed above]. Tristram and wife are buried New Shoreham, Block Island, where their gravestones may still be seen (ancient slate from England)."(S7).
  4. William DODGE. Born 1651. He married Sarah GEORGE, daughter of Peter George and Mary, on 24 Apr 1694 in New Shoreham, Rhode Island. He died (after 16 Dec 1731-S1)18 Aug 1733 at New Shoreham (Block Island), Rhode Island. Freeman, July, 1670.(S7). The marriage date of April 24, 1694 may have been a second marriage.(S7).
  5. Amy DODGE. Born about 1652.(S11). [could this really be daughter Ann?]
  6. Margaret DODGE. Born (1658-S1). She married (John Rathbone-S1). [This is not impossible, but unlikely, since he was about 30 years older]. She died in 1702.(S1).
  7. [F1063]. Ann DODGE. Born (about1660-S1). She married John RATHBUN [F1062] on (11 NOV 1686-S7) in North Kingstown Rhode Island. It has been speculated that she may have been the widow of Thomas DODGE, but no basis has been shown for this.(S9,S11). She died (in 1723-S1)(after 25 OCT 1725-S?) at New Shoreham, Rhode Island.