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Thomas Doggett and Elizabeth Humphrey

Thomas DOGGETT. (Daggett).

Born (about 1602-S3)(about 1607-S1,S4) at (Wendover, Bucks-S3), England (S1,S4); son of John Doggett and Hepzibah Brotherton. (S2,S3).

He came to New England in 1637. (S1)

Thomas was a passenger in the Primrose on 27 July 1635. (S2).

He married Elizabeth HUMPHREY [F7187] in 1643 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. (S1,S3,S4).

He was of Marshfield, Massachusetts, where he was a Selectman.

He was a Captain in the militia.

His wife Elizabeth died in 1652.

Thomas is said to have married (2) Joanne Chillingsworth on 17 May 1654 at Marshfied, Massachusetts. (S5).

He died on 18 August 1692, (probably in Middleborough-S1)(Edgartown, Dukes County-S3), Massachusetts; and was buried in the First Burial Groud, in Middleborough. (S3).

Geni (S6) says:
In 1637 He came from England on the Marey Anne -------------------- He emigrated from Great Yarmouth, England in 1637 and during his lifetime served in a number of offices in Marshfield and elsewhere in the new Plymouth Colony. Since he left from Great Yarmouth and was listed as servant to Thomas Olliver, a "calender" from Norwich, and there is an entry in the minutes of Norwich recording a payment to "Doggett" it is likely he was from East Anglia (not Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England as commonly assumed) (S6).

Elizabeth HUMPHREY. (FOSTER?).
Born in 1602 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England (S2); in England; daughter of Jonas HUMPHREY and Frances Cooley.

She married (1) William Frye about 1628 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England. (S2).

William was born about 1606 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England; son of William Fry and Sarah Hill. William died on 26 October 1642 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. (S1).

She married (2) Thomas DOGGETT [F7186] in 1643 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. (S1,S2).

She died in 1652 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. (S1S2).


Note: it is said by some (S7) that she was Elizabeth Foster rather than Elizabeth Humphrey.
S7 gives this:
Thomas Foster was born probably about 1580 in Turville, Buckinghamshire, England probably around 1580; son of Peter Foster. He married Elizabeth Seamer on 10 November 1606 in Turville, Buckinghamshire, England. Thomas died before 2 March 1617-1618; and was buried on 2 March 1617-1618 at Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England. In his will, written on 23 February 1617-1618 at Wendover, he names his wife Elizabeth, his son Thomas, and daughters Christian, Elizabeth and Susan. He gave his occupation as fuller.

It further says of Elizabeth:
Birth date unknown. She married (1) Thomas Foster on 10 November 1606 in Turville, Buckinghamshire, England. She married (2) Jonas Humphrey. Jonas was born circa 1587 in or near, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England. Jonas died 9 March 1661-1662 in Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony, at 74 years of age.

Elizabeth Seamer and Jonas Humphrey had son (Deacon) Jonas Humphrey, born in England circa 1620. He married Martha about 1648 in Massachusetts. Jonas died February 1698-1699 in Weymouth, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Seamer and Thomas Foster had children:
1. Thomas Foster. Born about 1607.
2. Christian Foster. Christened on 27 November 1608 at Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England.
3. Elizabeth Foster. Born about 1610.
4. Susannah Foster. Christened on 15 July 1616 at Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England. She married Nicholas White.


NOTE: Jonas Humphrey is also said to have married Frances Coley on 11 June 1607.

CHILDREN of William Fry and Elizabeth Humphrey:
  1. Elizabeth Fry born Oct 20, 1639, Watertown, MA, married Feb 26, 1665, in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA, Nathan Fiske. Elizabeth died May 15, 1696, Watertown, MA.
  2. Mary Fry born Nov 9, 1641, Weymouth, MA, married Oct 3, 1661, in Dorchester, MA, Thomas Pierce. Mary died Mar 22, 1704, Dorchester, MA.

CHILDREN of Thomas DOGGETT and Elizabeth HUMPHREY:
    John Doggett. Born about 1642. It is said by some that John was born of a previous wife of Thomas.
  1. [F3593]. Hannah DOGGETT. Born in 1646. She married Samuel BLANCHARD [F3592] on 24 JUN 1673. She died 25 JUN 1724 at Andover, Essex County, Massaachusetts.
  2. Sara Doggett. born c. 1650, Weymouth, MA, married c. 1673, in Marshfield, MA, Samuel Sherman. Sara died Marshfield, MA.
  3. Samuel Doggett. Born in 1652 in Edgartown, Dukes County, Massachusetts. He married Bathshea Holmes on 21 January 1691 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He died on 26 February 1718, of Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.