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Maurice de Drummond, 1st Seneschal of Lennox

Maurice de Drummond, 1st Seneschal of Lennox
Born about 1030 in Scotland. (S1).

Despite the fanciful legend, he was not a son of Prince Gyorgy of Hungary. According to the traditional story, Maurice accompanied Edgar Atheling from Hungary to England in 1068. See David Malcolm, Genealogical memoir of the most noble and ancient house of Drummond (1808). (S1).

It's chronologically impossible for "George of Hungary" to have been a younger son of King Andrew, and to have been the father of Maurice "the Hungarian" Drummond who was slain in battle in 1093 and an adult by 1067. (S2).

He died in 1092 in Alnwick, Northumberland, England. (S1).


CHILDREN of Maurice de Drummond, 1st Seneschal of Lennox:
  1. Malcolm de Drummond, 2nd Seneschal of Lennox.


Maurice de Drummond, 1st Seneschal of Lennox
Malcolm de Drummond, 2nd Seneschal of Lennox
Maurice Drummond, 3rd Thane of Lennox
John Drummond, 4th Thane of Lennox 
Malcolm Drummond II, 5th Thane/4th Senechal of Lennox
Malcolm Beg Drummond (the Little), and Ada of Maldwin
(Sir) Malcolm Drummond and Margaret Lindsay
(Sir) John Drummond and Elena Stewart
(Sir) Malcolm Drummond and Margaret Graham
(Sir) Malcolm Drummond and Amanda Graham
(Sir) John Drummond, 11th of Lennox, and Mary Montifex
  |                                                       |
John Drummond and Elizabeth Sinclair          Annabella Drummond and King Robert III Stuart
Walter Drummond and Margaret Ruthven               (see separately)
Malcolm Drummond and Mariota Murray
John Drummond and Elizabeth Lindsay
 |                                                                                 |                                 | 
Annabel Drummond and William Graham                            Eupheme Drummond and John Fleming   William Drummond and Isabel Campbell
     ______________|________________________________           Malcolm Fleming and Janet Stewart   Walter Drummond and Elizabeth Graham
    |                                              |                               |               David Drummond and Lilas Ruthven
    |                                              |                               |               Jean Drummond and John Graham
Helen Catherine Graham and Humphrey Colquhoun   William Graham and Janet Keith     |                    | 
John Colquhoun and Agnes Boyd                   Robert Graham   --   and   --  Margaret Fleming         |
Alexander Colquhoun and Margaret Helen Buchanan John Graham       ------     and       ------      Jean Drummond        
    |                                           John Graham and Margaret Ruthven                  
John Colquhoun     ----    and     ----    Katherine Graham
                         William Colquhoun/Cahoon md Deliverance Peck
                         Joseph Cahoon  md  Elizabeth Scranton
                         Ebenezer Cahoon md  Mary Reynolds (step sister of Reynolds Cahoon)
                         William Cahoone  md  Elizabeth Vaughan	
                         William Cahoon md  Mary Smith
                         Mary Cahoon md David Elliott	
                         Peter Mack Elliott  md   Charlotte Alvord
                         Harriett Louisa Elliott  md  James Newberry Morris  
                         Eli Ray Morris md Tina Matilda Kunzler	
                         LeGrand Elliott Morris md Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten
                         Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy