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Roger Dudley and Susanna Thorne

(Captain) Roger DUDLEY.
Born (about 1535-S5,S11)(1535-1550-S10)(1542-S6)(before 1545-S1,S8)(about 1550-S1,S2,S3)(1552-S1,S12) (perhaps in the fortress at Boulogne-S1)(London, England-S3,S10)(Cannons, Ashby, England-S11).

POSSIBLE PARENTS OF Roger DUDLEY: Various couples are proposed as the possible parents of Roger. Henry Dudley and miss Ashton are probably correct, but so far evidence is only circumstantial. Since there is much confusion, other choices are listed here pending further proof.

He may be the Roger Dudley who was matriculated as pensioner at Christ college, Cambridge University, in 1566, but left without degree. (When Capt. Henry Dudley was in financial difficulty).

Marshall K. Kirk (S?) suggests that Roger made his home after his father's death with Peter Grey, "Queen's servant", whose manor of Segenhoe was two miles from Lidlington in Bedford, where Roger was later married. Any relationship of Peter with Roger's presumed grandmother Cecily Grey has not been established.

He married Susanna THORNE on 8 June 1575 at Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England. Susanna is the daughter of Thomas Thorne, Gent., of Yardley-Hastings, Northampton, England and Mary PUREFOY, daughter of Edward PUREFOY, of Shalston, Buckinghamshire. The will of John Purefoy in 1579 mentions Thomas Dudley."

As noted below under Research, this marriage is the only record of Roger in Bedford, and the suggestion is made that he may have been hiding there. Perhaps this was for his religeous views.

He was known as Captain Roger Dudley.

Most histories indicate that he died in France in the Huguenot support of Henry IV, King of France, but the dates given for his death vary. Most say that he died at the Battle of Ivry, but not all give the correct date, nor do all concur that this was the correct battle.

Rev. Cotton Mather of Boston wrote that "Thomas Dudley's father was Capt. Roger Dudley, who was slain in the wars, when this, his son, and one only daughter were very young". (S1).

The Battle of Ivry, which was fought on 14 MAR 1590, was a battle in which the Huguenots under Henry IV of France defeated the Catholics under the duke of Mayenne. However, this date brings up to a dilemma. The will of Thomas Dorne of Yardley Hastings, Gent., dated 29 Oct 1588, bequeathed "to the children of Susan Dudley, my Daughter, widow, £10 to be equally divided". (S1,S11). Therefore, he was apparently dead by the time of the will of his father-in-law, which was written in 1588, which eliminates the time of the Battle of Ivry as a possibility.

It is probable that Roger was slain in an earlier battle, and not at the Battle of Ivry. Here is a simplified summary of some of the events of the time, called the Wars of Religions in France:

It is apparent that Roger DUDLEY was in one of these waves of English volunteers, probably part of the larger group sent in 1585. Though some say he was killed in the Battle of Ivry, this is proven by his father in law's will to be impossible. It is most probable that he died at the Siege of Zutphen in 1586; having followed a relative, Robert DUDLEY, who was a principle figure in that battle. Zutphen (old spelling: Zutfen) is a municipality and a town in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands.

However, It is also possible that none of these battles on the continent are correct, as he is said to have died in battle at Okley, Northamptonshire, England.(S10,S11). [Date?]

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> I was pleased to find your website. Since you said on the site to email you if related to ANY Dudleys in Bedford, I ventured to try. I am trying to find information on Roger Dudley who married Susanna THORNE on 8 JUN 1575 at Lidlington, Bedford, England. In fact, this marriage record in Bedford is the only solid thing I can find about Roger. That makes me think that the next step would be to investigate further in Bedford. Do you have any suggestions. I know many better researchers than I have tackled this same problem, but this is my attempt. I am inclosing what I have below so you will know what state my research is in and where I am stuck.

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Capt Dudley's marriage to Susan is the ONLY reference in Bedford there is. It is supposed by some that Capt was hiding (for whatever reason..there are many) in Bedford. There is no death date recorded there, and no other records currently exist.
Sorry I could not be of more help.
Rev Gary

Susanna Thorne. (Susanna-S1)(Susan-S1)(Susannah-S3). (DORNE). [Familytree].
Born (christened-S11) (5 March 1559-1560-S1,S11)(before 1560-S2)) in Yardley-Hastings, Northhamptonshire, England; daughter of Thomas THORNE and Mary PUREFOY.

She married Roger DUDLEY on 8 June 1575 at Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England.

The will of Thomas Dorne of Yardley Hastings, Gent., dated 29 October 1588, bequeathed "to the children of Susan Dudley, my Daughter, widow, L10 to be equally divided". This tells us that Susanna died after 29 October 1588. (S12).

CHILDREN of Roger DUDLEY and Susanna THORNE:
  1. Thomas Dudley. [Ancestors]. Born (christened?) 12 OCT 1575-1576 in Yardley-Hastings, Northampton, England. Cotton Mather also stated that Thomas Dudley was aided in obtaining his education by Mrs. Purefoy (sister-in-law of John Purefoy) "a gentlewoman famed in the parts about Northampton for wisdom, piety and works of charity". (S1). Thomas died (buried?) 31 JUL 1653 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He married (1) Dorothy YORKE. He married (2) Catherine DEIGHTON.
  2. Mary DUDLEY. Christened on 16 OCT 1580 at Yardley Hastings/at St. Dunstan’s W., London, England.(S9) ("daughter of Mr. Dudley"). (sister of Thomas?). (born before 16 Oct 1580 in St. Dunstan's W., London, England and was christened 16 October 1580 in St. Dunston's, London, , England-S11) She died after 1586 in England.
  3. Richard DUDLEY. Born about 1583 at St. Dunston’s, London, England (in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England-S11). He died on 20 AUG 1602-1603 in England.
  4. Dorothy DUDLEY. Born 21 (31-S11) MAR 1585 at St. Dunston’s, London, England.(in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England-S11). She died in England.


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