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Jan (Willemsen) de Dutcher and Grietje Cornelisse

Jan (Willemsen) de Dutcher. (Duitscher).
Bron in 1642 in Einigen, Brabant, Netherlands; son of Willem Janszen Dutcher and Leentje Martens.

He was commonly referred to as Jan Willemsen. (S1).

NYG&BR by Walter Griffen. In part it reads: Jan appears as "ye duitcher" in Ulster County and took the Oath of Allegiance to the English. "Jan Willemszen" with Aert Petersen Tack on August 5, 1660 purchased of Johanna de Laet, widow of Jan de Hulter, and wife of Heironymus Ebbings of Hamburg, 48 morgens, 2 rods of land at Esopus, for 600 guilders, payable in three annual instalments in grain and beavers (Pearson's Rensselaerwyck, 276-7). (S1).

He married Grietje Cornelis in 1660 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York. S(S1).

Jan Willemszen made his mark. Tack, 14 Aug., 1661 (K., 7), appears in Kingston, and "Jan Willemszen" the same year (1897, Holl. Soc, 131). Bur/tan's Genealogy, p. 2, mentions an unconfirmed statement of the late Jonathan W. Hasbrouck that in 1663 "Jan Willemszen and his wife" in court at Kingston referred to Jacob Burhans as capable of testifying to their good character, as he came from their town Einigen in Brabant. 18 Sept., 1663, "Jan Willemszen" was fined for venturing outside the Kingston stockade, without a guard, in violation of the decree made after the Indian massacre of 7 June, 1663. 14 Sept., 1673, "Jan Willemszen" was lieutenant under Capt. Matheis Mathysen at Kingston (N. Y. State Hist. Rept., 1-383), and 1686-7 "Jan Willemszen" was corporal under the same captain, with "rullof Johnson" as a private (id. 2-451), and in 1687 "John Williamson" with "Barend a holender" (? Batent de Duytscher, 11), were "fottmen" in Capt. Tomes (Thomas) Gersones' Co. (id. 2-449). (S1).

He died on 1 September 1689 in Marbletown, Ulster County, New York. (S1).

Grietje Cornelisse. (Cornelis-S1)(Margariet).
Born about 1642 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York; daughter of (father unknown) and Teetje Marten. (S2).

She died in 1681 in New York. (S1).

CHILDREN of Jan (Willemsen) de Dutcher and Grietje Cornelis:
  1. Willem. b. 22 Jan., 1662 (K.., 13); wit.: Jacob Barentszen (Cool) and Marretjen Simons (his wife); Saertje Jelles (i. e. Sarah Giles).
  2. Cornelis de Duytser. b. circa 1667; m. before 1692, Leonora de Hooges.
  3. Roelof Dutcher. He married Grietje Cornelisse.
  4. Cornelia Jans (de Duytser) Duytser. (Cornelia Jansen de Duytser). m. Jan., 1689, Jan Wels.
  5. Catharina de Duytser, b. at Vlecke Bos, Ulster Co., N. Y.
  6. Barent (Duytzer) Duyscher.
  7. Dirrick de Duytser.
  8. David DeDuyster.