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Hugh de Dutton and Alice Prescott

Hugh de Dutton. Third Lord of Dutton.
Born (about 1128 to 1130-S1)(about 1128-S4,S6)(in 1128-S3) at (Dutton, Runcon-S3)(Dutton-S2,S3), Cheshire, England; son of Hugh fitzOdard de Dutton and Alice Pichard. (Pichard-S1,S4)(Picard-S2,S3)(Pitchard-S6).

He married (1) Alice Prescott. (S1,S3,S4,S6).

He married (2) Margaret Risley. (S3).

He married (3) Catherine. (S6).

Hugh de Dutton, Son of Hugh, Son of Hodard, had the Lands which his father Hugh held of the Baron of Halton, confirmed unto him by William, son of Nigell, Constable to Handle the Second, and by William his son, on that day when the said William the Father, and William the son, did visit Hugh, the son of Hodard on his Death-bed at Kekwick; at which time Hugh, the son of Hodard, gave unto William the Father his Coat of Mail and his Charging-Horse; and Hugh, the son of that Hugh, gave unto William the son, a Palfrey and a Sparrow-hawk. This was about the end of the Reign of King Henry the First. (S3,S5).

Before c. 1178 Hugh of Dutton confirmed the gifts made by his own father, Hugh, as part of the foundation endowment of Norton Priory at Runcorn, and additionally, gave a bovate and a dwelling in Preston, with common land in Crewood." (S3).

He died (after 1154-S1,S3)(about 1154-S6) (at Runcorn, Cheshire, England-S3).

Alice Prescott.

CHILDREN of Hugh de Dutton and Alice Prescott
  1. Hugh de Dutton. (S1,S3,S6). 4th Lord Dutton. (S1-quoting (Cope:13, Ormerod:643). He married Isabel de Massey. (S4,S5,S7).
  2. Adam Dutton. (S1,S3,S6). Born 1157 in Dutton, Cheshire, England Lord of Warburton of Arley m. Agnes Fitzalured, Dtr/Heir of Roger Fitzalured; assumed the surname Warburton; time of Henry II (Cope:13, Ormerod:643) (S1). from whom the Warburtons of Arley are descended. (S3). Married Agnes FitzAlured in 1178.
  3. Geffrey de Dutton. (Geffrey-S1)(Geoffrey-S3,S6). Born 1152. Assumed the surname Chedill m. Agnes d/o Hamon Massy III and Agatha, whose lands eventually were inherited by Richard Brereton of Lea-Hall (Cope:14, Ormerod:643) (S1). from whom the Duttons of Chedill in this county were propagated, who assumed the sirname of Chedill, and continued to the reign of Edward the Third, till Sir Roger de Chedill, the last of that family, dying 1 Edward III. 1327, left his inheritance to be shared by his two daughters and heirs, Clemence and Agnes." (S3). Married Helen de Lacy. (S4). (of Rochsavage-S6). * Roger Dutton. (S3). Born 1150 in Dutton, Cheshire, England * Alice Dutton. (S3,S6). Born 1152 * Thomas Dutton. (S3,S6).Born 1156 in Dutton, Cheshire, England. [Son of Hugh de Dutton Lord of Dutton (II) and Margaret Risley. ].


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