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Hugh de Dutton and Muriel le Despencer

Hugh de Dutton. Fifth Lord of Dutton.
Born in 1176 in Runcon, Dutton, Cheshire, England; son of Hugh de Dutton and Isabell de Massey. (S1).

He married Muriel le Despencer. (S1).

Hugh extended the Dutton holding by purchasing the township of Little Leigh, half of Barnton, and Preston nigh Dutton. (S3).

During his lifetime, in the year 1216, there took place one of the most colourful events, not only in the history of the Duttons, but also in the history of Cheshire. It would appear that Randle de Blunderville, earl of Chester was besieged by the Welsh in the castle of Rhuddlan. He despatched a messenger to his Constable of Chester, one Roger de Lacy, to come with all haste to his assistance. At that time there was a large fair taking place in Chester. Roger gathered together not only his own men at arms, but also every fiddler, player, minstrel, lout and raggamuffin that he could find. He then lead this motley army out of Chester towards the Welsh border. When the Welsh saw the great multitude heading in their direction they raised the siege and fled. In gratitude, the Earl of Chester gave Roger de Lacy control of all fiddlers, shoemakers and vagrants in the county. Roger transferred control of the fiddlers to Hugh Dutton and his heirs. The custom gradually became one of licensing the musicians in the county. No minstrel could exercise his art unless granted a license by the Dutton Court, held annually on the feast day of Saint John the Baptist in Chester. The last court for this purpose was held in 1756. (S3).

Muriel le Despencer

CHILDREN of Hugh de Dutton and Muriel le Despencer
  1. Hugh de Dutton. Born about 1212 at Dutton, Cheshire, England. 6th Lord Dutton. This Hugh gave to John, his brother, the third part of all the Town of Bolinton in Maxfield Hundred, which Thomas le Dispenser gave in Free-marriage Hugoni Putri meo cum Muriela Matre mea; which Deed was made about the Year of Christ, 1234. This Hugh de Dutton died without issue, and Thomas, his brother, succeeded Heir. Hugh de Dutton purchased land in Aston which adjoined his estate at Dutton. There in 1236 he built a chapel of ease. It was situated between the River Weaver and Dutton Park at a place called Poos-eye. Poos-eye means literally Ďa poole by the riverí. The Prior of Norton promised Hugh Dutton that he would provide a chaplain to officiate and keep a lamp burning at divine worship. In 1315 Hugh de Dutton (IX) sued the Prior of Norton for failing to provide a priest. We do not know exactly where Poosey Chapel stood. In 1660 it had fallen into decay, and all trace of the building has subsequently disappeared. Hugh de Dutton (VI) died without issue and the estate passed to his brother Thomas. VII. Thomas extended the Dutton estate in 1244 when he purchased the hamlet of Clatterwigge in Little Leigh. He appears to have found it a drag going all the way to Poosey Chapel, because he was responsible for building another chapel close to his manor house at Dutton. He died in 1234, d.s.p.
  2. Thomas de Dutton. 7th Lord Dutton. He married Philippa de Standon.
  3. John de Dutton.
  4. Adam Dutton.
  5. Geoffrey de Dutton. of Nether Tabley.


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