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Hugh fitzOdard de Dutton and Alice Pichard

Hugh fitzOdard de Dutton. Second Lord of Dutton.
Born (in 1086-S2,S3)(about 1096-S1) at Dutton, Cheshire, England; son ofOdard, Lord of Dutton.

He held his father's lands in Dutton. (S5).

He married Alice (Pichard-S1,S3)(Picard-S2))Pitchard) (about 1127-S1)(in 1127-S2) in Cheshire, England.

Hugh had Lands which he held in Capite, or immediately of the Earl of Chester, confirmed unto him by Randle the Second, sir-named de Gernoniis, Earl of Chester, about the latter end of Henry the First. (S2,S3). In a recital contained in a deed among the Dutton records, there is a description of the deathbed-scene of this Hugh Fitzodard. His cousin, "William Fitznigel, and the son of William Fitznigel, are there stated to have come to him on his deathbed at Kekewick, and to have solemnly confirmed to Hugh, the son of this Hugh, the lands which the dying father held under Fitznigel, and on the occasion Hugh gave to William Fitznigel, his war-horse and his coat of mail, and the son, Hugh, gave to the younger, William, a palfrey and a sparrow-hawk." (S2).

Has to be Henry I, or he would have "flourished" almost 100 years after his father flourished, him having being part of the Norman invasion, in 1066. He was then ill, and dying, in the later part of Henry I's reign, which ended 1 Dec 1135. (S2,S6).

Hugh died (before 1 December 1135-S2)(about 1130-S1) at Kekwick, Cheshire, England. (S1,S2).

Alice Pichard.

CHILDREN of Hugh fitzOdard de Dutton and Alice Pichard:
  1. Hugh de Dutton. He married Alice Prescott.
  2. Adam de Dutton. Lord of Warburton. From whom the Warburtons of Arley are descended.


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