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DYFNARTH ap Prydain

DYFNARTH ap Prydain. (Dyfnarth-S2,S5,S6)(Dynarth-S3)(Dyfnarth-S4)(Cynfarch-S3,S4,S6) Ruler (Duke)(Dux) in Cornwall.
Son of PRYDAIN ap Aedd.

Born about (510BC-S5)(270AD-S4).

There appears a lot of uncetainty as to the spelling of his name. Some sites list him as Dyfnarth (S2,S5,S6) and some as Dynfarth (S4). Dyfnarth appears to be most accepted. Dyfnarth appears also in connection with the name Cynfarch, which would seem to go rather with Dynfarth, but this does not appear to be the case. So far we have not seen the primary documents connected with him, so until we do, and pending further information, we will use Dyfnarth.

He is referred to in Dwnn's Heraldic Visitations of Wales volume 2 page 334, who says: Enyd ap Kowryd ap Kyrdon ap Dyfnfrath ap [extra generations, Haedd mawr ap Antonius ap Seiriol ap Grwst ap Riwallon ap Kynedda ap Henwyn ap Bleyddyn ap Asser ap Kyngain ap Dyfnwal hen ap Gwrbonion ap Kamber ap Brytys ap Sylviys].


  1. CRYDON ap Dyfnarth.


ADAM (0-930AM) md  EVE
SETH (130-1042AM)
ENOS (235-1140AM)
CAINAN (325-1235AM)
JARED (460-1422AM)
ENOCH (622-1048AM)
LAMECH (874-1651AM)
NOAH (1056-2006AM)
SHEM (1548-2159AM)
ARPHAXAD (1659-2097AM)
SALAH (1694-2127AM)
EBER (1724-2188AM)
PELEG (1758-1997AM)
REU (1788-2027AM)
SERUG (1820-2050AM)
NAHOR (1850-1998AM)
TERAH (1878-2083AM)
ABRAHAM (1948-2123AM) (Abram). 
ISAAC (2049AM-2229AM) = Rebecca
JACOB (Israel)(2109AM-2256AM)
JUDAH.  He married TAMAR
ZERAH (Zeus).  He married  ELECTRA
(descendant of)
DARDANUS (Darda).  He married  BATES  [Dardanus is a descendant of Mahol and Zerah]
ERICHTHONIUS .  He married Astyoche Ilium
TROAS, King of Dardania.  He married and Callirhoe Illium
ASSARACUS, King of Dardania
CAPYS, Prince of Troy, and THEMISTE
ANCHESES, Prince of Troy, and FETJUIR
AENEAS, King of Latium, and CREUSA
IULUS ASCANIUS ap Aeneas, King of Alba Longa
SYLVIUS ap Iulus Ascanius (Silvius)
BRUTUS ap Sylvius.  [Geoffrey of Monmouth, in Historia Regum Britanniae, says explicitly, Brutus is the grandson, rather than son, of Ascanius].
CAMBER ap Brutus
DYFNWAL HEN ap Gorbonian
CYNGEN ap Dyfnwal
ASSER ap Cyngen
HENWYN ap Bleiddud = RHAGAW verch Llyr (King Lear)
CUNEDDA ap Henwyn	
RHIWALLON ap Cunedda
GWRWST ap Rhiwallon
SEISYLL ap Gwrwst
ANTONIUS ap Seisyll  (about 1300BC)
(descendant of)
AEDD MAWR  (living about 300BC)
PRYDAIN (Brydain) ap Aedd (c300BC-?)
Dyfnarth ap Prydain  (c260BC-?)

Dyfnarth ap Prydain  (c260BC-?)
Crydon ap Dynfarth  (c230BC-?)
Cerwyd ap Crydon  (c200BC-?)
Eneid ap Cerwyd (170BC-112BC)
Manogan ap Eneid  (c135BC-72BC)
Beli Mawr  (c110BC-c72BC)
Affleth ap Beli Mawr  (c80BC-?)      
Afallach  (c30BC-?)
Enddolen ap Afallach  (c20AD-?)
Endos ap Enddolen  (c50AD-?)
Enied ap Endos  (c80AD-?)
Endeyrn ap Enied  (c110AD-?)
Endicant ap Endeyrn  (c140AD-?)
Deheuwaint ap Endicant  (c170AD-?)
Rydeyrn  ap Deheuwaint  (c200AD-?)
Gwrtheyrn ap Rydeyrn  (c230-?)
Cyndeyrn ap Gwrtheyrn  (c260-?)
Rhuddfedel Frych ap Cyndeyrn  (c290-?)
Brydw ap Rhuddfedel Frych  (c320-?)
Pasgen ap Brydw  (c350-?)
Cadell Ddyrnllwg ap Pasgen  (c380-?)
Pasgen ap Cadell Ddyrnllwg  (c420-?)
Mawn ap Pasgen  (c450-?)
Cyngen ap Mawn  (c480-?)
Brochwel Ysgithrog ap Cyngen (c520-?). 
Cynan ap Brochwel Ysgithrog.  (c550-?)  
Cadell ap Cynan.  (c580AD-c616AD)
Gwnfyw Frych ap Cadell (c600-?)
Gywnnan ap Gwnfyw Frych (c620-?)
Gwriawn ap Gywnnan.  (c660-?)
Byordderch ap Gwriawn (c690-?)
Bywyn ap Byordderch (c720-?)
Gwaethgar Gwaeddgar ap Bywyn. (c755-?)
Gwrgant ap Gwaeddgar. (c790-?) 
Cadfarch ap Gwrgant. (c820-?)
Ynyr ap Cadfarch (c875-?) and Rhiengar
Tudor Trevor (c900-?) and  Angharad ferch Hywel Dda
Dyngad ap Tudor Trevor (c930-?)  and Sissely verch Seferys
Rhiwallon ap Dyngad.  (c965-1040)
Caragdog ap Rhiwallon. (c1000-?)
Breichiol ap Caradog (c1030-?)
Pyll ap Breichiol (c1060-?).
Meurig ap Pyll (c1095-?). 
Caradog of Penrhos. (Caradog ap Meurig) (c1125-?). 
Iorwerth ap Caradog (c1150-?)  and Alis ferch Bleddyn.
Adam Gwent  (Adam ap Iorwerth) (c1190-)
John ap Adam (Adam Fynchan) (c1220-?)
(Sir) John ap Adam (c1255-1311) and Elizabeth de Gournay
Thomas ap Adam (c1307-c1343) and Joan Inge
John ap Adam (c1330-c1376) married Millicent Bessylls
(Sir) John ap Adams (c1360-?)  (He added the "s" to the name,) md Clara Powell
Roger Adams (1392-?) and Jane Ellyott
Thomas Adams (1422-1452) and Marie Upton
John Adams (1452-1483) and Jane Rannelegh
John Adams (1482-1577) and Catherine Stebbing
John Adams (c1500-1543) and Margery Squire
Richard Adams (1530-1603) and Margaret Armager
Robert Adams (1550-1602) and Elizabeth Sharlon
Robert Adams (1602-1682) and Eleanor Wilmot
Elizabeth Adams (1641-1718) and Edward Phelps
Samuel Phelps and Sarah Chandler
John Phelps and Sarah Andrews
John Phelps and Deborah Lovejoy
Samuel Phelps and Margaret Nevins
Ebenezer Ferrin and Lydia Phelps
Samuel Ferrin and Sally Clotilda Powell
Lydia Powell Ferrin and George William Washington Williams
George William Williams and Harriett Thurston
Minnie Williams and Clive Vernon Tenney
Mildred Ella Tenney and Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris