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George EASTOW.
[Two people named George Eastow are apparently being mixed together, and need to be sorted out.]

Born (about 1567-S2, S5)(about 1570-S1, S4) at Ormesby, Norfolk, England; son of:
William Eastow and Margery. (S1)

William Eastow and Rose Harriet. (S2,S4,S5).

William Estow, the reputed father of George Eastow, was born about 1517, most likely in or near Ormesby. He was a farmer, as were his sons and his grandsons. He did not own his land but rather rented it from the Lord of the Manor, Sir Edward Clere. Sir Edward's family seat was the beautiful Blickling Hall in Norfolk. The Blickling Estate had once been owned by Thomas Boleyn and his daughter Ann was born there in about 1507. Clere inherited it from his uncle Sir James Boleyn. Clere was one of the largest land owners in the country, he served as the High Sheriff of Norfolk and was a member of Parliament. His vast income came from men like William Estow who rented land to farm. (S6)

In 1587, William Esto [sic] testified that he was a servant of Edward Clere and of his father before him. He gave his age as seventy. On February 26 1589/90, William wrote his will. His wife Margery was to get all of his property, cattle, supplies and household goods for life. After her death it would go to his son George. His son John got forty shillings. George was also given the lease on some land, that his father held from Sir Edward Clere. William, in his will, referred to himself as Esto alias Cooke, it would be interesting to know what that was about. On 30 May 1592, George probated his father's will. (S6)

Margery Estow, widow, wrote her will on 20 June 1599, it was proved on 6 July of the same year. she followed her husband's wishes and left her house, tenement and orchards to her son George. If George died without an heir, all would go to his brother John. In this will we find that George and John have a sister named Margaret. She is married and her eldest daughter seems to be married. Named without explanation are Robert, William, Edmond and Elizabeth Estow. (S6)

George had two older brothers, that were not mentioned in his father's will. The oldest was William Jr. He was dead by 28 November 1578. He too called himself alias Cock. He had no children and left the bulk of his estate to his brother James. In his will are the surnames of many of those families who migrated with William Estow; Palmer, Marston, and Nudd. James died in 1609 and left legacies to the children of his brother George; Robert, William, Edmond, Elizabeth and Mary. These are the children named in their grandmother's will in 1589, except for Mary, who must not have been born. (S6)

The children are all identified as minors. If Robert were the eldest the William could not have been older than 19 in 1609 which means he was born after 1589. For the four oldest children to have all been born by 1599, when Margery wrote her will, he had to have been born no later than 1594.The only child who baptism record can be found is Mary, she was baptized at St. Margaret's on 20 August 1603. Nothing else is know about George, we do not know the name of his wife or when either of them died. (S6)

He died before 1608 at Ormesby, Norfolk, England. (S?).


  1. William EASTOW. Born 1594-1597 at Ormsby, Norfolk, England. He married Mary SMYTHE on 15 July 1623 at Ormsby, Norfolk, England. He died 25 November 1653 at Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  4. MARY ESTOW. (S5).