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William Eastow and Mary Smythe

Born 1594-1597 at Ormesby, Norfolk, England; son of George EASTOW.

He married Mary SMYTHE (S4) on 15 July 1623, Ormesby, Norfolk, England.
The first we know of William was his marriage to a widow, Mary Moulton at St. Margaret's on 15 July 1623. (S6).

In 1630 John Winthrop led a large group of immigrants to Massachusetts to establish his 'Shining City on a Hill'. (S6).

In 1637 Robert and Lucy Page, along with their children and servants boarded a ship in the Suffolk port of Ipswich and sailed for New England. Mary Estow's son William was one of Robert Pages Servants. A year or so later. William and Mary, along with their two youngest children joined the Pages in New England. They left behind Mary's children, John, Abigail and Anne. She would never see them again. (S6). Is this really the same William Eastow?

The plantation of Newbury was begun in 1638. William Estow was one of the first settlers. He was made a freeman on 12 December 1638. He was given a house lot of ten acres. (S6).

The Estow family did not remain long in Newbury, choosing to move and settle permanently in Hampton in the the province of New Hampshire. Not only did the Estow's move to Hampton, so did many of the Ormesby immigrant, the Pages, Moultons, Marstans and Nudds. (S6).

William served as selectman, served on juries and also was the deputy to the General Court. He was obviously a competent man. He performed his military duty until 1654 when we was allowed to stand down from training. (S6).

On 16 October 1655, William, feeling his age, wrote his last will and testament. His wife Mary was not mentioned, the most likely explanation for this is that she had already died. He left the largest part of his estate to his daughter Sarah Hobbs and her husband who lived with William. Mary was left a bequest valued at about 60 pounds. Money was also given to the four children of William Moulton. (S6).

The Will of William Eastow of Hampton, 1655. (S5):
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In the name of God Amen ye (16th) of ye (8th) mo in ye yeare of or Lord god 1655 : I William Estow of ye towne of Hampton in ye County of Norfolke being of whole minde & in good and perfect memory laud & prayse bee unto Almighty god maker & redeemer. This my prsent testament concerning herein my will in manner & forme following that is to say I commend my soule unto Almighty god My maker & Redeemer, & my body to ye grave, I bequeathe unto my sonne-inlaw moris Hobbs & my daughter Sarah my house wherin hee dwelleth and the Lott therunto belonging wth two shares of Cow com'ons and one of ye Oxe Com'mon with all privilidges that belong to ye two shares of ye Cow Com'on, also an acre of sault marsh more or less at ye severals Item tenn acres of land more or less to my two daughters equally to bee divided betwixt them Sarah to have the south side toward Christopher Palmer wch land joyning to ye house Lott : It : one share of the Cow Com'on to my daughter Mary. It : twelve acres of upland more or less liing in ye Mill field equally to bee divided betwixt my two daughters with ye Swamp att ye end of it Sarah to lie on ye west side Item I bequeathe unto my daughter Mary eight acres of Salt Marsh & to my daughter Sarah nine acres this Parcell to be equally divided for quallity according to quantity : ye marsh of Christophers on ye East It : twelve acres of fresh meadow I give unto my two daughters equally to bee divided betwixt them it Joyning to Christopher Palmers on ye southest Item to my Daughter Sarah Hobbs fower Oxen & two cowes wch is old gentle & blackish & one yearlin heifer : And I give unto my grandson John Hobbs one heifer of two years old, & the said Jno Hobbs to give unto his sister Sarah ye second calfe that this heifer shall bringe & I give unto him my gunn : Item I give to my daughter Mary Marston al ye rest of my cattell wch is 3 Cows wch is old brown, old cole & young gentle & 1 heifer.2 : year old & 1 bull & 3 calves Item I give unto my daughter Mary Marston seven bushells of wheat : It : I give unto ye childeren of Willi : Moulton forty shillings wch is tenn shillings to eatch of them to bee payd in fower yeare the eldest to have ye first tenn and ye rest according to their age yerely : Item I give unto my daughter Sarah Hobbs all ye rest that is not in my will and farther more I give unto my Sonne-inlaw Tho : Marston the farthermost stack of Salt Marsh hay that stands in ye marsh & two good loads of fresh hay. And farthermore this is my will that my Son-in law Morris Hobbs shall pay wt debts I am indebted to any & to have & receive what is due to mee from any Revoking & annulling all other & every other former Testamts wills Legasies bequests by mee in anywise before this tyme made named willed, or bequeathed any other tyme that is properly mine et :
Willi: Estow
Read sealed & delivered in ye prsence of us :
Abraha: Pirkins
willi: Moulton :
[Norfolk County, Mass., Deeds, vol. 1, p. 52. A copy is found in the New Hampshire Probate Files.]

This will was proved on 8 April 1656.

[On the back of the New Hampshire copy :]
the 12 Acres in ye mill feild formerly one ye east was tho: Philbrick
one ye west Moses Cooke butting on ye Roode which gooes to ye beach
Leften Smith one ye weste or westrly bounded on ye river notherly and Christephe Palmer on the South east the nine and eight acres of Salt marsh
Christopher Palmers one the east buttted one John brounes one ye north the river one ye west or westrely
[Inventory of the estate given to his daughter, Mary Marston; amount, 60.7.0; and of that given to his daughter, Sarah Hobbs; amount, 143.13.0. Debts to be paid to the children of William Moulton, 2.0.0, and to John Redman, 0.2.6.]
[Norfolk County, Mass., Deeds, vol. 1, p. 53.]

William died on 23 November 1655 at Hampton, New Hampshire.

Thomas Marston of Hampton presented to the court at Salisbury the will of William Estow, desiring the appointment of a committee to divide and set out the land given in the will, and according to the order of the court. The court appointed William Sanborn and Nathaniel Weare as such committee Nov. 14, 1676.

Born about 1580 in England; daughter of Henry Smythe and Brydegett.

She is said to have married (1) Robert MOULTON on (1595-S?)(15 MAY 1612) at Ormsby, St. Margaret, Norfolkshire, England. This has been disputed, and it is now said that Mary actually married Benjamin Moulton by 1615. They had two children; William and a daughter Hannah. It is not known when Benjamin died. (S6a).

She married (2) William EASTOW on 15 July 1623 at Ormesby, Norfolk, England.

She died between 1633 and 1655, probably at Ormsby, St Margaret, Norfolkshire, England.

  1. Sarah EASTOW. Born about 1624. She married Morris Hobbs about 1643. 2. Mary bp. 8 June 1628 at Ormesby, m. Thomas Marston 1648, she was living in 1700.
  2. . She was christened on 8 June 1628 at Ormesby. She married Thomas MARSTON in 1648.


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