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Daniel Elliott and Sarah Provender

Daniel ELLIOTT. (ELIOT-S2). [Familytree].
Born on 17 August 1686-1687 at (Salem, Essex-S1)(Framingham, Middlesex-S2,S6), Massachusetts; son of Daniel ELLIOTT and Hannah CLOYCE.

He married Sarah PROVENDER on (3-S1,S2,S8)(12-S6) February 1707-1708 in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Both were of Framingham. (S8).

His home lot was on Town Plain, on the east side of the eight-rod wag, H. 139. He was part owner in the mill given to Jonathan Provender, who was a brother of his wife, Sarah Provender. He sold his whole estate in 1716 and removed to Sutton. {S6}.

Daniel Elliot Jr. from Framingham, Massachusetts sold real estate in Sutton, Massachusetts in 1716. {S2}.

Daniel ELLIOTT died in 1737 at New Milford, Connecticut. This is probably not the correct Daniel.

A history of Dutchess County claimed that some of Washington's troops (no doubt very hungry) descended on some of the local farms around Dover/Pawling. One of the farms belonged to one of our Elliot families. The soldiers killed the livestock, chickens, etc. and basically "wasted" the farm. Shortly after this incident two Elliot families -- that of David and his brother John moved their household to Kingsbury, Washington County. {S7}.

Sarah PROVENDER. [Familytree].
Born (about 1687)(in 1689-S6)(in 1691-S5), (probably in Massachusetts)(in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts-S6); daughter of John PROVENDER [F2178].

She is the sister of (John)(Jonathan-S6) PROVENDER of Framingham, Massachusetts. {S2}. She married Daniel ELLIOTT on 3 February 1707-1708 in Framingham, Massachusetts.

    Peter Elliott. Born on 25 Nobember 1704 in Framingham. (S9).
  1. Hannah ELLIOT. Hannah, d. of Daneill and Sarah, [was born] Nov. 4, 1709. (S9).
  2. Mary ELLIOT.
  3. Benjamin ELLIOT.
  4. David ELLIOTT. [Familytree]. Born 3 March 1716 in Sutton (Uxbridge-S3), Worcester County, Massachusetts. He is found in Beekman Patent papers, removing to Dutchess County New York once the Indian wars had decreased. Fought in the Rev war. He married Mehitable ALDRICH on 20 December 1739 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He died 1 MAY 1788 in Kingsbury, Washington County, New York; and was buried in Kingsbury.
  5. John ELLIOTT. [Familytree]. John was born (about 1710-S4)(on 31 May 1714-S5) at (Oxford-S5) (Uxbridge?), Worcester County, Massachusetts. He married Deborah ALDRICH on 2 October 1736 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts. John Elliott was most likely deceased by June 1798 when his son Jonathan wrote his will and mentioned his father.
  6. Lydia ELLIOT.


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