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Born about 1640 (S2,S3) in Scotland (S2,S3).

The "Loren S. Elliott" papers claim that he was born in 1630. (S4). It has further been proposed by some descendants that he could be a Daniell Elliot born 1636 in Ides, Devon, England, who married Dorcas Pope in 1659 in Ides (S4), but they admit that there is no proof for this assertion, and it is only conjecture. One possible "evidence" that is suggested is the fact that his son Daniel reassigned his mill in Framingham to his sons Ebenezer and James, then went a short distance up steam and settled at the Pope farm (S6b), thinking that this Pope family might somehow be a relative.

It has been suggested that he was related to William Elliott. William Elliott was from New Sarum (which is Salisbury), Wiltshire, England. He was scheduled for transportation to New England in the ship Mary & John, for which he apparently took the Oathe of Supremacy & Alleigeance on 16 April 1634, (giving rise to the oft-quoted report that he arrived on this date) but was held back for transport on the ship Hercules, John Kiddey, Master. This was not the ship Hercules of the same year with John Witherley as Master. The correct Hercules, with Mr. Kiddey as master, departed London on 24 March 1634, and Southampton on 18 April 1634, for New England. After arrival, William apparently settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts. William and twenty-one out of twenty-three passengers died in a shipwreck on 14 August 1635 near Thatchers Island (Cape Ann), Massachusetts. Their party had set out for Marblehead, but encountered a ferocious storm, "so mighty a storm, as the like was never known in New England since the English came, nor in the memory of any of the Indians." Of this event, John Greenleaf Whittier wrote the poem, The Swan Song of Parson Avery. His death having occurred so soon after his arrival in New England, it is not likely that he married or had descendants. (S5,S6,S7,S8,S9).

Neither of these conjectures for either of them being a parent or close relative to Daniel Elliott appear correct. Until further evidence is found, we assume it most likely that he was born about 1640 and that he did come from Scotland. Pending further evidence, it is assumed that he is the father of Daniel Elliott of Salem and then Framingham.

According to Savage (S4), Daniel lived in Sudbury (or Marlborough). (see also S2). In the General Court records for Sudbury and Marlborough, Mr. Elliot was living in Marlborough in 1661. He was one of the signers of a petition asking that taxes should be suspended until such time as a town could be established. He was still at Sudbury (Marlboro), Massachusetts in 1687. {S2}.

In 1690 a Daniel Elliot was killed by Indians, along with a George Ingersoll and others, at Casco Bay. (S4 supplemental).

Mrs. Elliott.
Born about 1638, probably in Massachusetts. She married Daniel ELLIOTT. The death of a Mrs Daniel Elliot was reported in the "Salem Area" about 1680 (S4). It is presumed that this was the wife of this Daniel.

  1. Daniel ELLIOTT. [Familytree]. Born about 1665, probably at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married Hannah CLOYCE in 1685 or 1686 in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.