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David Elliott and Deborah Elliott

(Ensign) David ELLIOTT. [Familytree].
Born on 3 March 1744 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts; son of David ELLIOTT and Mehitable ALDRICH.

William ELLIOTT and Margaret BALLANTINE are sometimes said to be the parents of David ELLIOTT, but so far, I have seen no credible source for this.

He moved with his family to the area known as the Oblong, Dutchess County, New York by about 1757 (S4), or about 1758 or 1759 (S5).

His father was on the tax list of Beekman, Dutchess County, New York from 1761 to 1769. {S4}.

He married his cousin, Deborah ELLIOTT in 1770. (Beekman Patent papers). [NOTE: He did not marry Hannah Adams or Lucy Emery, widow Campbell. See the Research file David ELLIOTT and Hannah Adams.]

His father was on the tax list of Pawling Town, Dutchess County, New York from 1771 to 1774. (S4).

David and Deborah apparently stayed in Beekman. He is listed in Beekman Patent Papers as living with wife Deborah and son Peter.{S7}. The Beekman Patent, granted to Henry Beekman in 1697, was the second largest land holding in Dutchess County. In 1737, Beekman became an official Precinct and local government was erected. The year 1788 was the initial period of establishing towns and counties in the newly independent state of New York, but parts were removed subsequently to form other towns.

On 9 April 1777 Samuel Waldo assigned a farm to Jonathan ELLIOT, left by Henry BEEKMAN to David ELLIOT Jr. and his wife Deborah and son Peter for 75 acres & 28 rods, 7 Oct 1772, and assigned by David ELLIOT for L150 to Samuel WALDO 20 Feb 1774. Wits. Joseph and Deborah WALDO.

David Elliot was one of the Tax Collectors and Constables in Beekman in 1781. A Benjamin Elliott was also commissioner of highways in 1781. Son Benjamin was probably too young, so this must have been a relative to David.

David was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. {S8}. David Elliot was a Lieutenant and Ensign in the Beekman Company in Beekman, New York in 1786. {S5}. Lt. Col. James Vanderberg was the commander of the Beekman Company on 27 September 1786. The town of Beekman is in the southeast part of Dutchess County, to the west of Pawling.

David and his family moved to Washington County after 1786 when he served in the Beekman Regiment of Dutchess County.

He followed his father to Kingsbury after a raid on the Elliott Farm in Dutchess County by the soldiers. {S7}. Some of the troops (no doubt very hungry) descended on some of the local farms around Dover/Pawling. One of the farms belonged to our Elliot families. The soldiers killed the livestock, chickens, etc. and wasted the farm. Shortly after this incident, two Elliot families -- that of David and his brother John moved their household to Kingsbury, Washington County, New York.

By 1790 he is found in the 1790 census of Kingsbury, with 2 males over 16, 1 under 16 and 2 females.

He died on 3 August 1793 in Kingsbury, Washington County, New York (S3); and is buried in the Kingsbury Cemetery {S7}.

Deborah ELLIOTT. [Familytree].
Daughter of John ELLIOTT and Deborah Aldrich. {S7}.

Deborah Elliott appears to have moved west with her sons David & Peter sometime before 1810, as the sons can be found on the 1810 Cayuga County Census records as well as the History of Cayuga County.

Deborah is living with David, her son and his family on the 1830 census for Yates County New York.

She is buried in the Segar Cemetery, Steuben County, New York.{S7}.

  1. Sarah Elliot. It is not certain that she is the daughter of David and Deborah, but it is thought probable. She was born on 13 August 1769 in Dover, Dutchess County, New York. She married Thomas Parker in 1796. They bought neighboring parcels of land with Benjamin and Submita Elliot.
  2. Peter ELLIOTT. [Familytree]. Born (about 1771)(about 1778-S3,S4), probably in the Pawling or Dover area of Dutchess County, New York. He married (1) Phoebe HOLLEY on 3 November 1796 at the Ryders Corner Baptist Church in Charleston, Montgomery County, New York. He married (2) Irene Dalton (Phebe REEVES-S7). He married (3) Susan Dumont. Peter is listed in the Beekman Patent book. He was of Charleston, Montgomery County, New York.
  3. Hannah ELLIOTT.
  4. Gideon ELLIOTT.
  5. John ELLIOTT I.
  6. William ELLIOTT. (Did they have a son William?). [see at [William Elliott and Amanda Catlin/Keziah Catlin].
  7. David ELLIOTT. In the 1810 Cayuga County Census records as well as the History of Cayuga County, and on the 1830 census for Yates County NY. David Elliott married Mary Squiers (Squires) daughter of Heman and Keziah Squires, sometime before 1810 in Cayuga County, and had children John, Alanson (Lanson), Warren, David, Heman, Hester Ann, Deborah Ann, Mary "Polly" and Clarissa. {S7}.
  8. Benjamin ELLIOTT.
  9. John ELLIOTT II.


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