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David Elliott and Mary Cahoon

David ELLIOTT. [Familytree].
Born on (8-S8)(18-S13) November 1799 in Charleston, Montgomery County, New York; son of Peter ELLIOTT and Phoebe HOLLEY.

He was a cousin to Mr. Gray of Little Valley, New York. (S10).

He was a blacksmith.

He moved to Ithaca, New York.

He married (1) Almirah HOLLIDAY in 1821.

He married (2) Margery QUICK on 3 March (1823-S13)(1821-S?) in Ithaca, Thompkins County, New York.

He was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 2 (JAN)(JUN-S10) 1831, just about 9 months after the church was organized. This was said to have been at Palmyra, New York. He read the “Golden Bible.” He had to put a deposit on it so they knew he would bring it back. Therefore, he read the book of Mormon before it was published.

David Elliott is in the 1830 Census at Ithica, Tompkins County, New York. (S16).
Males Under 5: 2.
Males 5 thru 9: 1.
Males 15 thru 19: 1.
Males 20 thru 39: 3.
Females 5 thru 9: 1.
Females 20 thru 29: 1.

His wife Margery died on 17 March 1831.

He married (3) Mary CAHOON on 21 May 1831 in (Kirtland)(Willoughby-S13), Lake County, Ohio.

John M. Burke was one of the five "prominent citizens" who had joined the church in 1830-31. On Aug. 31, 1831 he was called to go to Independence with David Elliot and Erastus Babbitt. There he was baptized by Oliver Cowdery in February 1833. {S14}.

In the Journal History of the Prophet Joseph Smith, he records on Sunday, 21 April 1833 in a letter to the Brethern in Zion, “Bro. Elliott was here yesterday and showed me a letter from Bro. Philops. We were well pleased with the spirit in which it was written. The probability is that he (Elliott) will not go to Zion at present, as he has bought lands in Chagrin.”

On 23 July 1833 the cornerstones of the Kirtland Temple were laid, according to the command of the Lord given to Joseph Smith in D&C 88:119-120 to build a house unto the Lord. Twenty four Elders, along with their special positions at the time, laid the cornerstones according to the order of the Holy Priesthood. David was the 24th Elder listed by George A. Smith in his "Journal History". (S9).

On 4 October 1833 President Joseph Smith was preparing to travel east and to Canada with Freeman Nickerson. David Elliott requested the Prophet to call upon his brother-in-law, Peter Worrin at St. Katherine, Upper Canada.

On 10 October 1833 the Prophet Joseph Smith and his companions continued their journey, arriving at Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York, near the shores of Lake Erie, where there was a branch of the church. On this day a meeting was held at Kirtland, Ohio and a letter written from there to the Saints in Missouri. It stated, “Dear Brothern: It is a long time since we have received any intelligence from you, save a letter received by Bro. Elliott from Elder John Whitmar (Whitmer ?), which informs us that he had written four letters since Elder Oliver Cowdery left, but not received any of them. When you receive this letter, I wish you to write immediately and direct your letters to David Elliott, Chagrin, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Put this mark X on the back of it, if you don’t want it broken open, and he will forward it to us.”

In 1834 David marched with Zion’s Camp. He took his ten-year old son Bradford with him.
On 8 June 1834 the Prophet Joseph Smith records in his journal that they had sword practice and David Elliott shod their horses.

Upon return to Kirtland after Zion's Camp was disbanded, he testified in behalf of the Prophet against the accusations from Sylvester Smith.

A meeting was held on 14 February 1835 at which the Twelve Apostles were chosen at Kirtland, with President Joseph Smith presiding. This was also a memorial occasion, and among those belonging to the Camp of Zion, David Elliott was included.

He was ordained a seventy in February 1835 and became a member of the First Quorum of Seventy.

On Thursday, the 29th of October 1835 President Joseph Smith records that he was then called to appear before the High Council which was setting to give my testimony in an action brought against Br. David Eliot for whiping his Daughter unreasonably. My testimony was in favour of Bro. Elliott from conversation with the parents earlier and also with the girl at their house in Chagrin.

After attending to other matters, he was recalled later in the day. He says, I was solicited to take a seat with the Presidency and preside in a case of Sister Eliot's. I did so. My Mother was called as testimony and began to relate circumstances that had been brought before the Church and setteled. I objected against such testimony. The complainant, Br. William Smith, arose and accused me of invalidating or doubting my Mother's testimony, which I had not done, nor did I desire to do. I told him he was out of place and asked him to set down. He refused [so] I repeated my request. He become enraged. I finally ordered him to set down. He said he would not unless I knocked him down. I was agitated in my feelings on the account of his stubournness and was about to leave the house, but my Father requested me not to. I complyed.

The house was brought to order after much debate upon the subject and we proceded to business. Br. Eliot and his wife were both cleared from the charges prefered against them. He also stated, I was satisfied the girl was in fault and the neighbors was trying to create a difficulty. The complant was not with foundation because he had brought disgrace upon himself, his daughter, and church for he should have trained his child in a way that she would not have required the rod at the age of 15 years. Bro. Elliott made his confession and was forgiven. Sis. Elliott confessed her wrong and promised to do better and both were restored to fellowship.

David received his first Patriarchal Blessing in Kirtland, Ohio, probably in 1836, from the hand of Joseph Smith Sr. It said the following: “Thou hast a father but he is not as yet pertaken in faith. I seal a fathers blessing that thou mayest not be an orphan. Thou art blessed of God, because thou didst take thy life in thy hands and go up to assist thy brethern and had to confere against many foes in getting away. God hath accepted thy offering. Thou didst see thy brethern fall on the right hand and on the left because of the displeasures of God whom they had offended and the transgressions of the Camp. But thy life was sealed so that thou didst not lose it. Thou hast witnessed thy love for thy breathern in being willing to suffer for them. Thou shall have means to go and proclaim the Gospel. Thy mind shall be enlarged and thy understanding brightened and thy faith confirmed so that thou canst go forth in the power of God. No power shall be able to stay thee and all thine enemies shall be confounded and thou shall be delivered from their hands by the power of God. Thou shall be able to quinch the evidence of fire. Floods shall not drown thee. Winds and waves shall obey thy voice and the elements shall be subject unto thee thro faith and thou shall bring thy thousands as seals of thy minestry. Thou shall have the blessings of time and eternity both temperal and spiritual and thou shall be able to set thy house in order and stand at the head of thy family. Thou shall do all that thy heart desired to do. Thou shall be numbered among the 144 thousand on Mt. Zion. Thou shall have power to save thy friends by the priesthood which thou hath received.”

David married (4) Miranda REYNOLDS on 11 March 1838 in Lake County, Ohio.

He married (5) Miranda PRATT (S13,S17) on 11 March 1838 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. (S17).

“July 9, 1838 following the minutes of the 12th Far West conference at 7:00 o’clock in the morning, the Kirtland Camp began to move, passed thro the village of Aurora thro the corner of the Streets borough to Hudson, and Hanson village on which is situated the Western Reserve College, stopped at one o'clock near the south line of that town. David Elliott broke his wagon down near Streelsborough.

Sept 4, 1838 left Daton, Ohio and came up to Kirtland camp and the Counsel admonished people in the camp to repent and to pray often. We came thro Cumberland village, two miles through Plainfield in Guilford township of Hendricks Co. and stopped at noon in Liberty. We camped late in the evening 3 miles west of Bellville. David Elliott left the camp this morning. The distance from Kirtland was 396 miles.”

Sept 18, 1838 Historian of Kirtland Camp records as follows, “In the night David Elliott, whom we had left in Putnam Co., Indiana came up on horseback having arrived with his family within 15 miles of us and left us again to hasten on his team that he might overtake us in Louisville, Missouri.”

He settled in Springfield, Illinois after the expulsion from Missouri.

David Elliott is in the 1840 Census at Sangamon (County?), Illinois. (S19).
Males 5 thru 9: 1.
Males 10 thru 14: 3.
Males 40 thru 49: 1.
Females under 5: 1.
Females 5 thru 9: 1.
Females 10 thru 14: 1.
Females 30 thru 39: 1.

On 10 August 1842 David Elliott wrote a letter from Springfield, Illinois to the High Council in Nauvoo, Illinois, which is recorded in the Journal of the Prophet Joseph Smith. David gives to the High Council the following testimony. Brother A. Babett told me I had better stay in Springfield for the scourge would fall on Nauvoo before long and there was no need of moving about by every whim, for people would be driven from Nauvoo within 1 year.

On 21 June 1845 David received a Patriarchal Blessing at Nauvoo from William Smith. On 27 NOV 1845 he received a Patriarchal Blessing at Nauvoo from John Smith. They are the same except for this addition. “Because thou hast been a man of sorrow and aquanted with grief, thy spirit has been humbled. None under the canapy of heaven can claim a higher title to the Royal stock and of the seed of Abraham. The names of many of thy forfathers shall be revealed unto thee and thou shalt administer unto them.”

He received his Endowments on 6 January 1846.

He married (6) Margaret STRAWAY on 12 March 1848 at Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. (S18).

David Elliott is in the 1850 Census at Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. (S9).
David Elliott. Age 51. Born about 1799 in New York.
Household Members:
David Elliott. Age 51.
Margaret Elliott. Age 24.
Peter Elliott. Age 19.
Nancy Elliott. Age 15.
Orson Elliott. Age 9.
David Elliott. Age 3.
Eliza Elliott. Age 1.

David Elliott is in the 1852 Iowa Census at Center Township, Henry County, Iowa. (S9).

On 15 JUL 1853 David Elliott arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was sealed to his parents in the Endowment House on 17 July 1853, and also to his wives, Mary CAHOON [F69], Margaret STRAWAY, and Miranda REYNOLDS. He lived in the 9th Ward.

He died on 2 December 1855 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah and was buried there.

WIFE (1) of David ELLIOTT [F68]:
She was born about 1800. She was of Salon, Onondaga County, New York.

Children of David Elliott and Almirah HOLLIDAY:
  1. Lucena ELLIOTT. Born on 3 August 1822 in Italy, Yates County, New York.

WIFE (2) of David ELLIOTT [F68]:
Margery QUICK.
She was born about 1803. She was of Ithica, Thompkinson (Thompkins) County, New York. she married David ELLIOTT [F68] on 3 March (1823-S13)(1821-S?) in Ithaca, Thompkins County, New York. Margery died on 17 MAR 1831 in Ithaca, Thompkins County, New York.

Children of David Elliott and Margery QUICK:
  1. Bradford White ELLIOTT. Born on 12 January 1824 at Ithica, Tompkins County, New York. He marched with Zions Camp to Missouri in 1834. He married Ann Eliza DUNLAP on 19 December 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock county, Illinois. He was endowed 17 December 1845. He died 19 April 1852 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.
  2. Sarah ELLIOTT. Born 23 October 1826 at Ithica, Tompkinson County, New York. She was baptized DEC 1852. She married James Arzo WADE.
  3. Edward (E) ELLIOTT. Born 23 December 1827 at Ithica, Tompkinson County, New York. He married Alice Francis SCARLETT.
  4. William (W) ELLIOTT. Born 12 January 1830 at Ithica, Tompkinson County, New York. One source said he was born in 1832 at Ontario, New Hampshire. This is not possible however since his mother died in 1831. He was baptized 16 January 1853. He married (and was endowed) to Nancy Ann (LOY-S13)(LOG) on 17 JUL 1857 . She was born about 1830 at Raudalfue, Indiana. He died on 5 January 1886.

WIFE (3) of David ELLIOTT:
Mary CAHOON. [Familytree].
Born on 11 July 1810 at West Albany, Albany County, New York; daughter of William CAHOON and Mary SMITH.
She married David ELLIOTT on 21 May 1831 in (Kirtland-S?)(Willoughby-S13), Lake County, Ohio.

Children of David Elliott and Mary CAHOON:
  1. Peter Mack ELLIOTT. [PC M3]. Born on 5 April 1833 at Willoughby, Lake County, Ohio. He died on 31 October 1885 at Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah.
  2. Jane ELLIOTT. Born about 1834 at (Kirtland-S?)(Willoughby-S?), Lake County, Ohio. She died, unmarried, in 1850.
  3. Nancy Elizabeth ELLIOTT. Born in 1835 at Willoughby, Lake County, Ohio. She married (1) Edwin GARDNER. She married (2) Reese McCamish CAMERON. [NOTE: Source 13 reverses the order of her husbands. She died on 23 January 1895.

WIFE (4) of David Elliott: Miranda REYNOLDS. She was born 16 December 1810 at Smyrna, Chenango County, New York; daughter of John REYNOLDS. She died on 30 Novewmber 1846 in Mount Pleasant, Henry county, Iowa.

Children of David Elliott and Miranda REYNOLDS:
  1. Caroline M. ELLIOTT. Born on 23 December 1838 in Missouri. She died on 16 July 1839 in Missouri.
  2. Orson Hyde ELLIOTT. Born on 28 JAN 1842 at Springfield, (Clark-S?)(Sangamon-S13) County, Illinois. He was baptized 6 NOV 1853. He married Maria Teressa GIBBONS. He died after 1899.
  3. John D. ELLIOTT. Born on 13 February 1844 in Illinois. He died on 7 April 1844.
  4. Jerome B. ELLIOTT. Born on 15 June 1845 in Illinois. He died on 27 June 1845.
  5. David Solomon ELLIOTT. Born on 24 November 1846 at Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. He died in August 1864.

WIFE (5) of David ELLIOTT [F68]:
Margaret STRAWAY.
She was born on 8 December 1823 at Salford, Muskingum County, Ohio; daughter of Hutchinson STRAWAY and Naomi. She was baptized in 1852. She married (1) David ELLIOTT on 12 March 1848 at Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. They were sealed on 17 JUL 1853. She married (2) George Sloan BAILEY on 22 November 1857. She died on 24 March 1901 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah; and was buried in the cemetery there.

Children of David Elliott and Margaret STRAWAY:
  1. Eliza Lucretia ELLIOTT. Born on 24 MAY 1849 at Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. She married [probably 22 NOV 1857, the same time as her mother] to (1) George Sloan BAILEY. She was baptized on 28 September 1861. She was endowed 18 JUL 1863. She married (2) --?-- BROWN. She died on 12 February 1922.
  2. Ephraim ELLIOTT. Born on 1 January 1854 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.

WIFE (6) of David ELLIOTT:
Miranda PRATT.
Born about 1799.

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David Elliott and Mary Cahoon (half sister of Reynolds Cahoon)
Peter Mack Elliott and Charlotte Alvord
Harriett Louisa Elliott and James Newberry Morris
Eli Ray Morris and Tina Matilda Kunzler
LeGrand Elliott Morris and Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten
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