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John Elliott and Deborah Aldrich

John ELLIOTT. [Familytree].
John was born (about 1710-S1)(31 May 1714-S2,S4) at (Oxford-S2,S4) (Uxbridge?), Worcester County, Massachusetts; son of Daniel ELLIOTT and Sarah PROVENDER.

He married Deborah ALDRICH on 2 October 1736 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

John was taxed in Beekman and Pawling from 1763 through 1779, and was assesses 2 pounds during the entire period. He settled in the Wingdale area of the Beekman Patent in lot 8 and he was next to Samuel waldo and Benjamin Elliott. According to Frank Doherty {S2a}, Benjamin is said to be John's brother, but it is more likely that this is his nephew. {S2}.

1765: He had an account at the MERRITT store from 1765 on. On 24 July 1767 his wife bought "a skain of silk." He made purchases in 1769 in Jun and Sep and in 1771 and 1772. His account in 1772 included the notation on 29 Jun "to 1 loaf of sugar pr son Jonathan." The credit side of the ledger for 12 May reads, "By work at father's to this day, 4/2/4," implying that John ELLIOTT worked for the MERRITT family. In 1775 he was at the store only on 15 Aug when he bought sugar. (S4).

On 2 October 1766: John ELLIOT and about 37 other men petitioned the NY Colony for a patent of land of 1,000 acres each on the west side of the Connecticut River, west of Topsham. (S4).

On 23 September 1770: John ELIOT took a new lease for lives of himself, Abel HOAG & Philip HOAG. Farm now divided, ELLIOT has part of it, HOAG now has 193 acres & 36 roods, rent 20 bushels. (S4).

On 25 September 1770: John ELLIOT leased land, beginning at the great swamp river in the line between lot no. 7 & lot no. 8 then running west 32 chains & 56 links then North 5 degrees East 32 chains & 50 links to Samuel WALDO's land then east 4 chains to the highway then north 93 links then south 82 degrees East 41chains & 60 links to the great swamp river then running southerly by the river to the place of beginning, containing 116 acres & 40 roods of land, for lives of John ELLIOT, Jonathan ELLIOT and Gideon ELLIOT. Rents were 14 bushels. No fowls or riding. Wheat to mill within 20 miles. (S4).

On 27 June 1774: He was probably the John ELLIOT Sr. who was at the MABBETT store. (S4).

In 1786: John ELLIOT's farm was noted in the division of Margaret LIVINGSTON's estate. He was on a farm in lot 8 of 116 acres with rentals of 14 bushels. His farm was valued at 230 and the comment noted: "A Midling farm, indifferent." (S4).

In the 1790 Census, John was in Kingsbury, Washington County, New York. He was apparently there with his brother David, and with his sons Benjamin and Gideon. John ELLIOT was living in Kingsbury Town, Washington Co., NY, 1-0-1, between Benjamin ELLIOT (probably his son), and Gideon ELLIOT, another son.

John Elliott of Kingsbury sold land to his well beloved son Benjamin on the same place on 6 April 1793. Benjamin sold the land on 23 January 1794 to Benjamin Bently of Kingsbury.

John Elliott was most likely deceased by June 1798 when his son Jonathan wrote his will and mentioned his father. {S2}. He probably died in Kingsbury, Washington County, New York.

In 1800: A John ELLIOT was on a back rent list and owed 34 bushels and 8 fowles at that time.

Deborah ALDRICH. [Familytree].
Born on 31 May 1714 in Mendon, Worcester County, Massachusetts; daughter of Peter ALDRICH and Hannah HAYWARD.
Deborah's birth record: ALDRICH Deborah-born 31MAY1714 vital records.

She married John ELLIOTT on 2 October 1736 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

  1. Amphelia ELLIOTT. Born on 14 March 1736-1737 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts. She married Benjamin ELLIOTT, son of Benjamin ELLIOTT and Elizabeth WALLIS. She died in october 1800 in Pawling, Dutchess County, New York.
  2. John ELLIOTT. Born on 24 June 1743 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts, and died (before 1747-S1)(before 1748-S2).
  3. Peter ELLLIOTT.
  4. Jonathan ELLIOTT. Born about 1744 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He married Catherine. On 14 August 1772 he gave bond for 28, and assumed the leased farm of his brother David ELLIOT. Jonathan ELLIOT of Pawling wrote his will on 9 June 1798. He mentioned his mother, his wife Catherine and daughters Olivia, Deborah, Rachel, Catherine and Abigail. Executors Isaac GOODSELL and Pelatiah WARD. Wits.Thomas SHELDON, Foster PECK, a nephew and Caleb SHELDON. His will was proved on 8 November 1798.
  5. John ELLIOTT. Born on 27 November 1748 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts.
  6. Deborah ELLIOTT. [Familytree]. Born on 4 August 1751 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts. She married her cousin David ELLIOTT in 1770. After David died in 1793, Deborah Elliott appears to have moved west with her sons David & Peter, sometime before 1810, as the sons can be found on the 1810 Cayuga County Census records as well as the History of Cayuga County. Deborah lived with David, her son and his family in the 1830 census for Yates County New York. She is buried in the Segar Cemetery, Steuben County New York. (S3).
  7. Gideon ELLIOTT. (S1).
  8. Benjamin ELLIOTT. Born on 20 June 1754 in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He was with his father in Kingsbury, Washington County, New York in 1793. Benjamin sold land on 23 January 1794 to Benjamin Bently of Kingsbury. Benjamin was in Cayuga County, New York in 1833, when he applied for his War Pension. He died in 1839.


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