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William Elston and Elizabeth Cole

William ELSTON.
Born (before 1660)(about 1660) in Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey (in England-S?); son of John ELSTON and Joan Clapp (S3,S4)./ or of William Seanier Elston (S2).

He was a tanner.

He was a resident of Staten Island, New York and Woodbridge, New Jersey.

A survey of 88 acres of woodland upon the south side of Fresh Kill on Staten Island, 21 Dec. 1680 laid out for William Elston (Calendar of Land Papers 1643-1803, p.22).

He married Elizabeth COLE on (12 MAY-S1,S5)(20 AUG-S1,S5) 1682 in Staten Island, Richmond County, New York.

Abraham Cole deeded land to William and Elizabeth 20 Aug 1682.

A William Elston also urchased land in Woodbridge NJ in 1710 from Matthew Force and another near Peter Elston was purchased in 1715 from John Jaques. Other purchases and sales recorded later may be of this William or his son.

He was in the Militia in 1715.

He died in May 1727 in Woodbridge, Essex County, New Jersey. The administration of his estate was granted on 25 MAY 1727.

Elizabeth COLE.
She was born in 1664 at Staten Island, Richmond County, New York; daughter of Abraham Cole and Rebecca. She married William ELSTON. She died after 1727.

  1. William ELSTON. Born before 1690. He married Sary. He died 9 December 1749 in Middlesex County, New Jersey.
  2. Samuel ELSTON. Born before 1690 in Woodbridge, Essex County, New Jersey. He married Sarah SPENCER (SPENSER) (S3) or Charity Quimby (S2).
  3. Abraham ELSTON. He Martha Lee SPENCER. He died about 1751.
  4. Spencer ELSTON. Born in 1690 in Woodbridge, New Jersey. He married Mary. He died in 1755 in Woodbridge, New Jersey.


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