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Alexander Emerson and Jenett Hornsey

Alexander EMERSON.
Born (in 1550-S1)(about 1550-S3)(1564-S2)[1550 is most likely correct]; son of George EMERSON and Alice WYATT. He was of Howsham, Cadney, Lincolnshire, England. (S?) He was of Sereby, Lincolnshire, England. (S?)

He married Jenett HORNSEY.

He was a yeoman. He had lands in Sereby, Howsam, Cadney and Glamford Briggs, all in Lincolnshire, not far east of Scrooby from which many of the Mayflower company originated. His will was made 10 APR 1604, and was proved on 10 FEB 1605.

Jenett (Jennett-S2,S3)(Jenyett-S2) HORNSEY. (Hornsley).
Born in (1566-S2)(1565-S3); daughter of John HORNSEY. She was of Bonby, Lincolnshire, England. She married Alexander EMERSON. Her will was dated 24 MAY 1612, and was proved 19 JUN 1612.

CHILDREN of Alexander EMERSON and Jenett HORNSEY:
  1. Thomas EMERSON. Born about 1591 at Howsham, Cadney, Lincolnshire, England. He married Margaret FROE on 10 August 1612 at Cadney, Lincolnshire, England. He died 23 December 1657 at Howsham, Cadney, Lincolnshire, England.
  2. Michael EMERSON. Born about 1582.
  3. Robert EMERSON. Born about 1586.
  4. James EMERSON.
  5. John EMERSON. Born about 1580.
  6. George EMERSON. Born about 1578. He died before his fathers will was written in 1604.
  7. Anne EMERSON. Born about 1584.


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