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Robert Emerson and Ann Grant

Born about 1630 in England; son of Thomas EMERSON [F7508] and Margaret FROE [F7509]. On 3 MAR 1655 he received an allotment of land from the town of Haverhill, Massachusetts. His brother, Michael Emerson [F7514], was granted land at the same time.

He married Ann GRANT [F3755] on 4 January 1658 at Rowley, Massachusetts. He joined his brother Michael in 1661 in the purchase of a large farm in Haverhill from Robert SWAN.

On 29 April 1668 he became a Freeman of the colony, indicating that he was also then a member of the church.

On 17 MAY 1669 he bought an acre and a half of meadow of Obadiah Ayer.

He was a selectman in 1671 and again in 1676, 1678, and 1687. On 29 OCT 1673 he bought one acre of meadow from Elizabeth Linfurth. He also bought 20 acres of land by the Fishing river from John Williams on 12 JUN 1674. He was elected as the town constable in 1679. He bought 3 acres of meadow on 28 JAN 1679 from Peter Ayer. On 22 FEB 1686-7 He “openly moved for to know by whom the bridge over the Fishing river at his house is to be made. In answer to it the selectmen are ordered to take effectual care about the matter proposed.”

He made his will on 3 JUN 1694 and he died the same month on 25 June 1694 at Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.


I being weake of body but in my right mind & of a good and perfect memory I thinke good to mak my last will and tastement I give and bequeath my sole to god yt gave it & my sperit I commit into ye hands of my blesed savier and redeemer yt has died for me and my body to return to dust from whance it came: and for my worly d goods I disposeth of as foloeth vedalisit I give unto my son Thomas on half of my right and intrast of uplands & madow in my farm by mares crike pond and three akers of madow at hakes madow yt I bought of Peter Ayers to him and his Aires for ever and ye other half of my farme both of upland and madowe I give to my sone Joseph and to his Aires for ever and I give unto my sone [...] my four Aker of land [...] yt ioins to Peter [...] and also on common right and I also give unto my two yongest Sones Steven and baniamen my dweling house and barne and my upland and madow where my house stands be tween them unto them and thair Aires for ever alwais provided yt Steven & Beniamin do paye unto thaier mother three ponds a year and kepe her a cow and a hors when shee has a occasion for him and my wife shall have one end of ye house douring hare widowhode and thaye Steven & beniamen shall find hare fire wood and eke three pounds a yere to be paied on halfe in whate and rye and the other half to be paied in inden corne at prise corent and if my wife doo marye yn shee shall have but forti shiling a yere yerliye douring har life time to be paid in graine further I give unto my dafter Elisabeth on cow and three shepe and unto my dafter Sarah on cow and three shepe and I give unto my dafter Ladey one cow and three shepe and I give unto my two yongest sones steven and beniamen on yoke of oxen betwixt them two and I make my wife and my sone Thomas Emerson my sole Executors for too reseve all detes & to paie all dets and what is undisposed of after my wifes deth to be aquilly devided amongst my children. This is my last will & [...] [Ju]ne 3: 1694.

his marke
Robert X Emerson
Witnes Steven Coffin
Joseph Johnson
Wiliam his marke Johnson

The will seems to have been penned by one of the witnesses, Joseph Johnson. It was proved in court 23 JUL 1694. The inventory, taken on 5 JUL 1694, mentions that Robert Emerson died 25 JUN 1694. It was presented by Anna Emerson and Thomas Emerson as executors on 23 JUL 1694. Both of them died before completing the settlement of the estate, and Joseph Emerson was appointed administrator.

[F3755]. Ann GRANT. (Anne-S3).
Born 21 December 1637 at Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts; daughter of Thomas GRANT [F7510] and Jane HABURNE [F7511]. She married Robert EMERSON [F3754] on 4 January 1658 at Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts. In 1700, upon the death of her brother, John, she received a share of her father’s estate. She made her will on 21 December 1708. She bequeathed all her estate, from her brother John as well as from her husband, to her children Elizabeth, Lydia, Joseph and Benjamin. She drowned on 28 July 1718. Her will was proved on 4 MAY 1719.

CHILDREN of Robert EMERSON [F3754] and Ann GRANT [F3755]:
  1. Elizabeth EMERSON. Born 29 MAY 1660.
  2. Thomas EMERSON. Born 4 JUN 1662 at Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married 26 MAY 1686 to Elizabeth GORDON. They resided at Haverhill. He and his wife and three children were killed by the Indians on 15 MAR 1696. Their son Thomas was carried into captivity. Mary was the only child saved.
  3. Sarah EMERSON. Born 23 APR 1665. She married 15 JAN 1684 to William WHITAKER.
  4. [F1877]. Lydia EMERSON. Born 11 AUG 1667, probably at Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married John MARSH [F1876] on 16 NOV 1688. She died 11 FEB 1719-20 at Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  5. Joseph EMERSON. Born 26 FEB 1669 at Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts. He was impressed and served in Andros’ expedition at Pemaquid in 1688-89. He married (1) 16 JUL 1690 to Martha TOOTHAKER. She died 14 JAN 1725-6. He married (2) 19 MAY 1726 to Hannah ROSS, dau. of Thomas ROSS and widow of Nathaniel PATTEN of Billerica. He resided at Haverhill. His will was dated 3 NOV 1749 and was proved 8 SEP 1755.
  6. Ephraim EMERSON. Born 25 AUG 1672.
  7. Stephen EMERSON. Born 17 DEC 1674 at Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married 27 DEC 1698 to Elizabeth DUSTON, dau. of Thomas DUSTON [3756] and Hannah EMERSON [3757]. They lived at Haverhill. He was appointed to read the Psalms at meeting of the North Parish Church. He was a constable for the West end in 1710. He was one of the Asnow-shoe men,@ military guards called in 1711 to ward off Indiand attacks. He had an allotment at Concord, New Hampshire at its settlement but did not move there. He died 20 APR 1758.
  8. Benjamin EMERSON. Born 8 JAN 1679 at Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married 14 JAN 1707-8 to Sarah, widow of PHILBRICK. They lived at Haverhill on the road to Chester, New Hampshire. He died 9 MAY 1734.


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