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EOCHAIDH. (Eochaid Muinremuir mac Oengus). King of Dalriada
Born about 380 in Dalriada, Ireland; son of ANGUS. / son of Aengus Fert mac Feideilmid, King of Dalriada. (S1).

He died in 439 in Ireland. He was drowned by his grandson Muirchertach MacErcae (S1).

The Dal Riata, the people from which the Scottish kings are descended, were originally settled on the north east coast of Ireland. Perhaps as early as the third century, and no later than the fifth century, they began to settle on the west coast of what is now Scotland. It is in the late fifth century that the names in the genealogy begin to take on some historical credibility. In any case, the ruling dynasty of the Dal Riata had established itself in the area corresponding to modern Argyll by the late fifth century. The most important information for this period is the text, probably first written in the seventh century, known as the _Senchus Fer nAlban_, or 'History of the Men of Scotland.' (S1).


  1. ERCA. / Erc mac Echach. King of Dalriada. Born about 400 AD. He married (1) Marca ingen Eochaid. He married (2) Mist Ingne Muriedaig. He married (3) Erca ingen Loarn. Erc had twelve sons. Six of them took possession of Scotland. Erc died in 474 AD in Ulster, Ireland.
  2. (daughter)(by another mother). She married Muireadhach of Tir-Eoghain.
  3. Erca ingen Echdach. Born about 398 AD. She died in 511 AD. (S1).
  4. Lodham mac Echdach.
  5. Olchu mac Echdach. Olchu, son of Eochaid Munremar, had eleven sons who live in Murbolc in Dal Riata, Muredach Bolc, Aed, Dare, Oengus, Tuathal, Anbolmaid, Eochaid, Setna, Brian, Oinu, Cormac. (S1).
  6. Muirecht. (S2).