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Sir Robert Erskine, 1st Lord Erskine and Lady Elizabeth Lindsay

(Sir). Robert Erskine. 1st Lord Erskine. [PC M3-17-5-3].
Son of Thomas Erskine.

Robert, Lord Erskine, was a co-heir with Lyle, of Duchal, of the ancient Earls of Mar. (S2).

The records clearly note that in the mid 1400s Robert, Lord Erskine claimed half of the Earldom of Mar while Robert, Lord Lyle of Duchal, who died about 1433, at the same time claimed the other half. (S3).

While the eleventh (by some counts) holder of the title of Mar, Isabel Douglas, Countess of Mar, was alone at the Kildrummy Castle, Alexander Stewart entered it and forced her to sign a charter on 12 August 1404 yielding the earldom to him and his heirs. She revoked the charter later that year, but on marrying him, she gave him the earldom for life with remainder to her heirs. The King confirmed her last action the next year. In 1426, Stewart resigned the title so that he could be granted a new one by the King, the new title being more "legitimate". The King did so, but specified that the earldom and associated lands would revert to the Crown upon the death of the Earl. In 1435, the Earl died, and Robert, Lord Erskine claimed the title, but the King claimed its lands under the specifications of reversion made in the patent. The issue remained unresolved until 1457, when James II obtained a court order declaring the lands as crown possessions. (S4).

Robert died in 1453. (S4).

Elizabeth Lindsay. [PC M3-17-5-4].
Born in 1407; daughter of David Lindsay, 1st Earl of Crawford.

CHILDREN of Sir Robert Erskine, 1st Lord Erskine and Lady Elizabeth Lindsay:
  1. Christian Erskine. [PC M3-17-5]. She married Patrick Graham.
  2. Jean Erskine. Sir John Colquhoun succeeded his brother Robert as eighth of Colquhoun and tenth of Luss. He bound himself, between 25th July, 1392 and the 23rd of April, 1411, by letters patent, sealed with his seal, to Duncan, seventh Earl of Lennox, that he would marry Margaret, daughter of that Earl, within the term of two years. Whether Sir John implemented this engagement does not appear. He married Jean Erskine.