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Robert Eyre and Jane Tourney

Robert Eyre.
Born about 1519 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; son of John Eyre and Margaret Bitton.

Robert Eyre, married Jane, widow of George Tourney, in 1539. (S1).

Robert was a Member of Parliment for Salisbury (New Sarum) in 1557. (S1).

He was mayor of Salisbury in 1559. (S1).

Robert Eyre served as Churchewarden of the Parisshe Churche of seynt Thomas wtin the Citie of New Sarum. Churchwarden’s were elected by the Vestry with an obligation to serve or pay a fine, originally for one year and during his service this was changed to a period of two years. Robert Eyre came to the office in 1546, serving from the feast of Easter in the XXXVIIjth yere of the reigne of or sou’aigne Lorde Kinge Henry the VIIjth vnto the feast of Easter in the first yere of the reigne of Or souaigne lorde Kinge Edward the Vjth that is to sey for oone hoole yere, and he continued at the post upon the expiration of his first term, serving through 1552, and possibly later. (S1).

He died in 1577 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. (S1).

Jane, widow Tourney.

CHILDREN of Robert Eyre and Jane Tourney:
  1. Thomas Eyre. (Eyer). Mayor of Salisbury in 1589. Thomas married Elizabeth Rogers of Poole, England. Owner of land in Wimborne, Dorset, England and later purchased South Newton and Chilhampton in Wiltshire, England. Thomas was the M.I. of St. Thomas’s church in Salisbury. Held land in Winborn, County Dorset, England. He died in 1628; and was buried on 10 September 1628 at St. Thomas Church in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. (S1).
  2. Robert Eyre. Born in 1559. (S1).
  3. Melior Eyre. Born in 1570. (S1).


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