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Thomas Eyre and Elizabeth Rogers

Thomas Eyre.
Born about 1550; son of Robert Eyre and Jane, widow Tourney.

Mayor of Salisbury in 1589.

Thomas married Elizabeth Rogers of Poole, England.

Owner of land in Wimborne, Dorset, England and later purchased South Newton and Chilhampton in Wiltshire, England.

Thomas was the M.I. of St. Thomasís church in Salisbury.

Held land in Winborn, County Dorset, England.

He died in 1628; and was buried on 10 September 1628 at St. Thomas Church in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

Elizabeth Rogers

CHILDREN of Thomas Eyre and Elizabeth Rogers:
  1. Robert Eyre.
  2. Giles Eyre
  3. Elizabeth Eyre
  4. Catherine Eyre
  5. Christopher Eyre
  6. Thomas Eyre
  7. William Eyre
  8. Rebecca Eyre
  9. Anne Eyre John Ayer . Born in England in 1592 and came to Salisbury, Massachusetts, in 1637; perhaps from Norwich, co. Norfolk. He received land in Salisbury in the first division of land in 1640 and also in 1643. November 4, 1645, he was sworn a freeman, and in 1646 a tax list showed him to have taxable property of ú160, second highest on the list. About 1647 he moved to Haverhill, selling his house, land and commonage to John Stevens. In 1652, he received a share in the second division of plough-land. He could write and thus was a man of some education. He served on the grand jury in 1649 and 1652, and in 1654 due to his age was freed from all military training.
    His wife Hannah is thought to have been the sister of John Everard alias Webb who left a legacy to the children of John and Hannah. John Sr. died in Haverhill, March 31, 1657, and his will of March 12 was prov. October 6 of that year. His widow Hannah died October 8, 1688, "aged", in Haverhill.


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