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William Eyre and Joanne Cokrell

William Eyre.
Born about 1474 at Wedhampton, England; son of Thomas Eyre.

One of the Wiltshire family, William Eyre of Wedhampton in Wiltshire, was chosen Prior of Christ Church in Hants, in 1502. (S1).

He married Joanna Cokrell about 1494. (S1).

Joanne Cokrell

CHILDREN of William Eyre and Joanne Cokrell
  1. John Eyre. Born about 1500 Wedhampton, Wiltshire, England. As a resident of Wedhampton, he was Knight of the Shire for Wiltshire in 1568, M.P. for Salisbury in 1571. John married (1) Margaret Bitton, (somtimes Button), daughter of John Britton of Alton, Wiltshire, about 1520. John married (2) Jane Cusse, daughter of William Cusse, in 1525 at Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire, England. Jane was born in 1504, the daughter of William Cusse who was born in 1478. He died in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; and was buried in Broughton, Gifford, Wiltshire, England. (S1).
  2. William Eyre. Prior of Canons at St. Augustine of Christchurch, Hants. William died 3 December 1520 and was buried beside his mother at St. Augustine. (S1).


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