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Eystein Glumra

EYSTEIN Glumra. (Eystein Ivarsson)(the Clatterer)(The noisy). Jarl (Earl) of Oppland and Hedmark in Norway.
Born about 830AD in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway; son of IVAR Halfdansson and Eysteinsdatter.

The Heimskringla Saga states that Eystein Glumra was the father of Rognvald Eysteinsson and Sigurd Eysteinsson. And, that he was grandfather of Guthorm Sigurdsson and Torf-Einarr. Although the Saga does mention a few Ivars, none are said to be Eystein's father.

The first earl in the Orkney Islands was called Sigurd, who was a son of Eystein Glumra, and brother of Ragnvald earl of More. After Sigurd, his son Guthorm was earl for one year. After him Torf-Einar, a son of Ragnvald, took the earldom, and was long earl, and was a man of great power. According to the Orkneyinga Saga, Eystein the noisy was the son of Ivar the Uplanders’ earl, and grandson of Halfdan the Old. He was also father of Rognvald The Wise.

Heiti, Gorr’s son, was father of Sveiði the sea-king, the father of Halfdan the old, the father of Ivar the Uplanders’ earl, the father of Eystein the noisy, the father of earl Rognvald the mighty and the wise in council.

Orkneyinga Saga makes his grandson Hrolf identical to Rollo, conqueror of Normandy, and hence ancestor of William the Conqueror and the resulting Royal Families of England, although the connection is viewed skeptically by scholars.


  1. RAGNWALD Eysteinsson. (Rognvald Eysteinsson).
  2. Sigurd Eysteinsson.