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Ed, Prince of Magyars

Ed ? [The Hungarians].
Ed is possbily either the son of MAGOR, or at least a descendant of Magor, from whom descend the Magyar Hungarians.

Ed, source not given, is said to be the father of Ugyek. (S1). Source (S1) lists his name with a question mark, but does not state if the question is the name spelling, or that it is questioned that he is the father of Ugyek.


  1. UGYEK.


Our Hungarian ancestors, from the time they left the Scythian plains to inhabit the area of modern Hungary until today.  [see Hungarian History]   
Hunor and Magor were legendary twin patriarchs of the Huns and Hungarians, respectively. Magor and Hunor married the two daughters of Dula, King of the Alans. Of these, Magor is the ancestor of the Magyar Hungians. | (descendants) | (Ed?) | Ügyek (Egyek), descendant of Magog. He married Emese (Gesta Hungarorum), daughter of Eunedubelian (Önedbelia of Dentumoger), Prince of Scythia. | Elod. Chief of the Magyars. He married Emese (Vienna Illuminated Chronicle) | Almos, Grand Prince of the Magyars. (c. 820–c. 895). Became overlord of the seven Hungarian Etelköz tribes. | Árpád, Second Grand Prince of the Magyars (c.845 – c.907). | Zoltan, Third Grand Prince of the Magyars (Hungarians) | Taksony, Grand Prince of the Hungarians (died before 973) | Mihaly (Michael), Duke of Hungary. Md. Adelajda, sister of Mieszko I of Poland. | VAZUL, Duke of Hungary | BELA I, King of Hungary | GEZA I, King of Hungary. | ALAMOS, Duke of Hungary. | Béla II, King of Hungary. | GEZA II, King of Hungary. | Béla III (Béla)(Belo), King of Hungary. | Andrew II, King of Hungary. | Béla IV, King of Hungary. | Stephen V, King of Hungary. | Marie of Hungary. Born about 1257. She married Charles II, King of Naples. | Margaret (Marguerite) of Naples. She married Charles, Count of Valois. | Jeanne of Valois. She married William III, The Good, Count of Holland and Haunault. | Philippa of Hainault. She married Edward III Plantagenet, King Of England. | _____|___________________________________________________ | | | JOHN of GAUNT, LIONEL, EDMUND of Langley (Duke of Lancaster) (Duke of Clarence) | | | | Joan Beaufort Philippe = Edmund de Mortimer | Anne Neville Roger de Mortimer | Margaret Stafford Anne de Mortimer - She married -Richard, Earl of Cambridge John Dunham Richard, Duke of York John Dunham II Edward IV, King of England John Dunham III Elizabeth md Thomas de Lumley Ralph Dunham Sybel de Lumley Thomas Dunham William Hilton John Dunham Sr. Mark Roger Hilton John Dunham Jr. Rebecca Hilton Mary Dunham Ann Roberts Elkenah Hamblin Joseph Philbrick Sylvanus Hamblin Ester Philbrick Barnabus Hamblin Anne Rand Isaiah Hamblin Sarah Shannon | Jeremiah Leavitt Jacob Vernon Hamblin -- He married -- Sarah Priscilla Leavitt Ella Ann Hamblin Clive Tenney Mildred Tenney Deborah Lee Handy