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Eochu ua Domnaill

Eochu ua Domnaill. (Echu, Euchu)(Eochaidh Crook-Nose of Argyll)(Eochaid of Argyll).
Born about 658-660 AD, of Argyll; son of Domangart mac Domnaill and the daughter of Aintech of Northumbria. (DOMANGART II).

He married Spondana, the daughter of Entfidich, of the Scots (Picts).

King of Dál Riata.

In the king lists of Dál Riata, Eochu is placed with an epithet "Rianamhail" (or variants) between the two Cenél Loairn kings Ferchar Fota (d. ca. 697 [AU, s.a. 696]) and Ainbcellach mac Ferchair (expelled and captured ca. 698 [AU, s.a. 697], d. 8 September 719 [AU, s.a. 718]) [e.g., "... & Fercar Foda & Eocho Rianamhail & Anbcellach mac Ferchair & ..." in the shorter version of the Synchronisms, Boyle (1971), 175].

As pointed out by Marjorie Anderson, the supposed epithet of Eochu is in fact a mistake for another king of Dál Riata, Fiannamail ua Dúnchada (d. 700 [AU (s.a. 699)]), confirmed by the annals, but whose name had gone missing from the lists through corruption [KKES, 46, 68, 105].

Eochu was killed in about 697 ["Echu nepos Domnaill iugulatus." AU, s.a. 696]. He is given a reign of two years by the Duan Albanach [as Eochaidh, Duan Albanach 130-1] and 3 years in most of the "Latin Lists" of the kings of Dál Riata [KKES, 253 (Poppleton MS), 270 (List F), 282 (List I), 286 (List K), 290 (List N); the exception is List D, which gives 22 years, ibid. 265]. The confusion in the king lists is probably due partly to overlapping reigns which are clearly indicated in the annals, due in part to the rivalry between the septs of Cenél nGabráin in the south (of which Eochu was a member) and Cenél Loairn in the north. Eochu appears eighty-fifth in the list of guarantors of the Cáin Adomnáin, the "Law of the Innocents" proclaimed in 697 by Adomnán, abbot of Iona, for the purpose of protecting non-combatants in battles ["Euchu ua Domnaill ri", Ní Dhonnchadha (1982), 181, 212]. The names Eochu (genitive Echach, Eachach) and Eochaid (genitive Echdach, later Eochada) were often confused (in medieval as well as modern times), but the former seems better attested in this case [e.g., AU and the guarantor list, above].

He was killed in 697-698.

Spondana. (S1c).
the daughter of ENTFIDICH, of the Scots (Picts).

CHILDREN of Eochu ua Domnaill:
  1. Eochaid mac Echach. (EOCHAID III). Of Argyll. He died in 733 A.D.