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Asruth to Noah

Ancient genealogies give a conflicting ancestry for Asruth. The descent is the same, so it is aparent they are speaking of the same person and line, but the ancestry differs. In one, he is son of Ethan. In the other, he is son of Gaodhal. In the first version, he is named as Azariah or Easru, the son of Ethan. In the second version, he is named Asruth, the son of Gaodhal. The most telling thing here is the disparity in the number of generations between Asruth and Noah.

[see  CHART A2]
SHEM (1548-2159AM)                   
SALAH (1694-2127AM)
EBER (1724-2188AM)
PELEG (1758-1997AM)
REU (1788-2027AM)
SERUG (1820-2050AM)
NAHOR (1850-1998AM)
TERAH (1879-2084AM)
  |                                              [see  CHART A2]
  |                                                     |
Abraham.                                               Noah.
  |                                                       |
Isaac.                                                 Japheth. 
  |                                                      |
Jacob.                                                 Magog. (Some sources say through Gomer rather than Magog).
|                                                        |
Judah.                                                 Baoth. (to whom Scythia came as his lot).
|                                                        |
Zerah. (Zarah).                                       Phoeniusa Farsaidh. Fenius Farsa)(King of Scythia).
|                                                        |
Ezra. (Mahol).                                         Niul. (a governor in Egypt).
  |                                                      |
Ethan.                                                Gaodhal. (Gathelus).  
  |                                                      |
                            Asruth. (Azariah)(Easru).
                          [see  CHART A9]   
                          [see  CHART A10]