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[F7850]. Ralph FARNUM. (Ralf)
Born in 1633 in England; son of Ralph FARNUM [F15700] and Alice [F15701]. He came from London with his father and mother, and they sailed from Southhampton on 6 APR 1635 in the Brig James, and landed at Boston, Massachusetts on 3 JUN 1635. His fatherís family lived first at Ipswich, then at Andover.

He married Elizabeth HOLT [F7851] on 26 OCT 1658.

[F7851]. Elizabeth HOLT.
Daughter of Nicholas HOLT [F15702] and Elizabeth SHORT [F15703]. She married Ralph FARNUM [F7850] on 26 OCT 1658. She died on 14 OCT 1710.

CHILDREN of Ralph FARNUM [F7850] and Elizabeth HOLT [F7851]:
  1. [F3925]. Mary FARNUM. Born 24 MAR 1666 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married William LOVEJOY [F3924] 29 NOV 1680. She died 25 DEC 1739 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.