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Ralph Farnum and Elizabeth Holt

Ralph FARNUM. (Ralf)
Born in 1633 in England; son of Ralph FARNUM [F15700] and Alice [F15701]. He came from London with his father and mother, and they sailed from Southhampton on 6 APR 1635 in the Brig James, and landed at Boston, Massachusetts on 3 JUN 1635. His fatherís family lived first at Ipswich, then at Andover.

He married Elizabeth HOLT on 26 OCT 1658.

Elizabeth HOLT.
Daughter of Nicholas HOLT and Elizabeth SHORT. She married Ralph FARNUM on 26 OCT 1658. She died on 14 OCT 1710.

CHILDREN of Ralph FARNUM and Elizabeth HOLT:
  1. Mary FARNUM. Born 24 MAR 1666 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married William LOVEJOY on 29 November 1680. She died 25 DEC 1739 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.


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