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John Fearn and Susanna

John and Susanna FEARN or FERN of Lynn, Massachusetts were fined in 1695 for fornication in connection with the birth of their son. It appears that Jonathan FARREN was that son born to them, though exact evidence is still required.

Susanna. (Susan).

Possible Children of John and Susanna FEARN or FERN:
  1. Jonathan FARREN Of Amesbury, Massachusetts. Jonathan FARREN was born circa 1695, location & parents unknown, and died 5 May 1770 in Newton, NH, where he is buried in the Old Town Cemetery. On 10 December 1719, he married Sarah WELLS, grand-daughter of Rev. Thomas Wells, in Amesbury. The earliest known record of him is dated 30 March 1719 when Jonathan's house was referenced in a description of a lot of land granted to a Mr. WEED in the Children's Land Division. Evidence suggests he was probably apprenticed or indentured to Thomas Beadle of Amesbury.