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Zebulon Ferren and (1) Alice Tucker; Desire Hemingway

[F976]. Zebulon FERREN.
Born 18 SEP 1727 at Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; son of Jonathan FARREN [F1952] and Sarah WELLS [F1953]. His signature on New Hampshire records was "Zebulun Ferren", and his descendants in New Hampshire have since used the spellings "Ferren" and "Ferrin." The descendants of his second marriage used the spelling "Farren."

He was baptized 28 SEP 1740 at the Amesbury Second Church, now in Merrimac, Massachusetts.

He married (1) Alice TUCKER [F977] on 9 JUL 1747.

In 1748 and 1749 his name appears on a petition with his father, Jonathan Farren, asking to be set off from South Hampton, New Hampshire and annexed to Newtown, New Hampshire. In 1749 he and his wife Alice renewed their baptismal covenant in the Amesbury Second Church. In 1755 he signed a petition at Newtown, New Hampshire for opening Highways.

Sometime before 1761 he moved to Sandown, New Hampshire. On 23 FEB 1764 the town votes to Zebulon Ferren all the common land on the upper end of his land. At the same meeting he is one of three names acknowledging receipt of full satisfaction for a highway going through their land. They were probably members of the Congregational Church in Sandown. The Congregational Society was organized in 1759, although the Meeting House was not built until 1774.

There is no trace of Zebulon after 1764 on any New Hampshire records. He undoubtedly left New Hampshire at least by 1767 when his wife Alice died. In FEB 1768, when his father died, his father gives only a modest bequest to "his well beloved son Zebulon" but leaves land in Sandown to Zebulon's three sons.

Zebulon married (2) Desire HEMINGWAY on 3 MAR 1768 at East Haven, Connecticut. They were married by Reverend Nicholas Street.

Zebulon died 3 DEC 1805 at East Haven, Connecticut. He is buried in the Hemingway family lot in East Haven Cemetery.

WIFE (1):
[F977]. Alice TUCKER.
Born 24 March 1721 at Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; daughter of Benjamin TUCKER [F1954] and Alice DAVIS [F1955]. She married Zebulon FERRIN [F976] on 9 JUL 1747. She died, about 1767, possibly in Sandown, New Hampshire.

CHILDREN of Zebulon FERRIN [F976] and Alice TUCKER [F977]:
  1. [F488]. Enos FERRIN. Born on 3 March 1749, probably at South Hampton, New Hampshire. He married Mary CURRIER [F489]. He died 3 March 1811 at East Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire.
  2. Sarah FERRIN.
  3. Mary FERRIN.
  4. Ebenezer FERRIN.
  5. Francis FERRIN.
  6. Alice FERRIN.
  7. Dolly FERRIN. (twin).
  8. Miriam FERRIN. (twin).
  9. Zebulon FERRIN.

WIFE (2):
Born 19 FEB 1741-2, probably in East Haven, Connecticut; daughter of Samuel HEMINGWAY and Mehitabel DENNISON of East Haven, and the granddaughter of Samuel HEMINGWAY, one of the early settlers of East Haven and probably the richest and most influential man in the town. She married 3 MAR 1768 to Zebulon FERRIN [F976]. She died 14 JUN 1807 and is buried in the Hemingway family lot in East Haven Cemetery.

CHILDREN of Zebulon Farren [F976] and Desire HEMINGWAY:
  1. Jacob FARREN.
  2. Sarah FARREN.
  3. Mehitable FARREN.
  4. Lorinda FARREN.
  5. Abraham FARREN.
  6. Eli FARREN.
  7. John FARREN.
  8. Samuel FARREN.
  9. Major FARREN.