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Ebenezer Ferrin and Lydia Phelps

Ebenezer FERRIN.
Born on 4 September 1777, said to be at Hebron by some, but undoubtedly he was born at Weare, Grafton County, New Hampshire where his family was living at the time of his birth. He is the son of Enos FERRIN and Mary CURRIER.

In 1779 his family moved to Alexandria, New Hampshire. In 1798 they moved to Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

He married Lydia PHELPS on 26 November 1801 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. They were married by Rev. Thomas Page.

In 1802 he received a deed from his father Enos for land in Hebron, near his brother Aaron. This was evidently on the East Hebron shore of Newfound Lake and likely part of his father's farm. However, he must have already owned land in 1799, since he appears on the Hebron tax list in 1799. He is on the tax lists until 1809. He is not on the lists in 1810 and 1811. Deed records show that for those two years he had sold his land in Hebron and moved to Orange, New York. He then sold the land in New York and moved back to Hebron. He reappears on the Hebron tax lists again from 1812 until 1815.

They then sold their land again in Hebron in 1815, and started in the fall by oxcart for New York. He first settled in Sardinia, near Concord (which is now Springville), Erie County, New York. They appear on the 1830 Federal Census in Sardinia. Western New York at the time was called The Burned Over District. {S2}.

Sometime before the 1840 Census they had moved a little further westward to Concord, New York, which is located near the village of Springfield. They were among the first settlers at Concord. He cleared a farm there, which was designated on the land records as Lot 52, range 6, township 7. He lived there until his death, which occurred on 9 MAR (1851-S3)(1852-S1) at Concord, Erie County, New York.

Born 9 March 1782 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire; daughter of Samuel PHELPS and Margaret NEVINS.

She married Ebenezer FERRIN on 26 November 1801 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

She died on 16 MAR 1853 at Concord, Erie County, New York.

CHILDREN of Ebenezer FERRIN and Lydia PHELPS:
  1. Alice FERRIN. Born 18 MAR 1800 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. She married Dana A. TRUESDALE. She died, and he married her sister Lodica.
  2. Francis FERRIN. Born 16 MAY 1803 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He married (1) Maria STANBRO in 1831. He married (2) Sarah Ann TOUSEY DOLLY about 1836 to. He married (3) Laura Etta RICHMOND. He died 22 APR 1885.
  3. Samuel FERRIN. Born 12 NOV 1804 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He married (1) Olive Phidelia (Fidelia) COON on 1 MAR 1825 at Concord, Erie County, New York. She died 9 JUN 1830 at Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York. He married (2) Salley Clotilda POWELL on 21 JAN 1833, possibly at Randolph, Cattaraugus County, New York. . He died 24 JAN 1890 at Pleasantview, Weber County, Utah.
  4. Jesse FERRIN. Born 1 MAY 1806 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He married Angeline A. TIMS. He died after 1883.Mary FERRIN. Born 1 AUG 1807 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. She married George BARRETT on 23 MAY 1807.
  5. Eunice FERRIN. Born 9 AUG 1810 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire.
  6. John Harvey FERRIN. Born 18 AUG 1811 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He married Angeline STANBRO. He died 10 MAY 1840.
  7. Lydia FERRIN. Born 19 JUL 1813 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. She married Liberty BARRETT. She died about 1863.
  8. Phillip FERRIN. Born 29 JUN 1815 at Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He married 11 FEB 1841 to Emeline STANBRO.
  9. Nathan Hoyt FERRIN. Born 12 JUL 1818 at South Erie, New York. He married (1) 5 MAY 1841 to Harriett Newall THOMPSON. He married (2) Saramirie THOMPSON. He married (3) Harriett L. LOOMIS. He died in Richmond, Virginia.
  10. Adna P. FERRIN. Born ON 12 JUL 1820 at Concord, Erie County, New York. He married Lucinda SAUNDERS, daughter of William Sanders of Erie County, in 1842. The Sanders family was previously of Connecticut. Thier son Augustine W. Ferrin was born in 1843. They moved to the town of Yorkshire, Cattaraugus County, New York about the year 1845; but returned to the family farm in Concord in 1851. He died in NOV 1854 on the family farm in Concord, Erie County, New York. Lucinda died in 1861.
  11. Aschah FERRIN. Born 1 FEB 1822 at Concord, New York. He died 5 APR 1822.
  12. Lucy FERRIN. Born 16 FEB 1823 at Concord, New York. She married __?__ BARRETT. She died 7 MAR 1849.
  13. Lodica M. FERRIN. Born 27 JUL 1825 at Concord, New York. She married (1) Dana A. TRUESDALE, widower of her sister Alice. She married (2) John RICE.


ANCESTORS OF Lydia Phelps:
ADAM (0-930AM) md  EVE
SETH (130-1042AM)
ENOS (235-1140AM)
CAINAN (325-1235AM)
JARED (460-1422AM)
ENOCH (622-1048AM)
LAMECH (874-1651AM)
NOAH (1056-2006AM)
SHEM (1548-2159AM)
ARPHAXAD (1659-2097AM)
SALAH (1694-2127AM)
EBER (1724-2188AM)
PELEG (1758-1997AM)
REU (1788-2027AM)
SERUG (1820-2050AM)
NAHOR (1850-1998AM)
TERAH (1878-2083AM)
ABRAHAM (1948-2123AM) (Abram). 
ISAAC (2049AM-2229AM) = Rebecca
JACOB (Israel)(2109AM-2256AM)
JUDAH.  He married TAMAR
ZERAH (Zeus).  He married  ELECTRA
DARDANUS (Darda).  He married  BATES  [Dardanus is a descendant of Mahol and Zerah]
ERICHTHONIUS .  He married Astyoche Ilium
TROAS, King of Dardania.  He married and Callirhoe Illium
ASSARACUS, King of Dardania
CAPYS, Prince of Troy, and THEMISTE
ANCHESES, Prince of Troy, and FETJUIR
AENEAS, King of Latium, and CREUSA
IULUS ASCANIUS ap Aeneas, King of Alba Longa
SYLVIUS ap Iulus Ascanius (Silvius)
BRUTUS ap Sylvius.  [Geoffrey of Monmouth, in Historia Regum Britanniae, says explicitly, Brutus is the grandson, rather than son, of Ascanius].
CAMBER ap Brutus
DYFNWAL HEN ap Gorbonian
CYNGEN ap Dyfnwal
ASSER ap Cyngen
HENWYN ap Bleiddud = RHAGAW verch Llyr (King Lear)
CUNEDDA ap Henwyn	
RHIWALLON ap Cunedda
GWRWST ap Rhiwallon
SEISYLL ap Gwrwst
ANTONIUS ap Seisyll  (about 1300BC)
AEDD MAWR  (living about 300BC)
PRYDAIN (Brydain) ap Aedd (c300BC-?)
DYFNARTH ap Prydain
CRYDON ap Dyfnarth
CERWYD ap Crydon
ENEID ap Cerwyd
MANOGAN ap Eneid
Beli Mawr
Affleth ap Beli Mawr
Afallach ap Affleth
Enddolen ap Afallach
Endos ap Enddolen
Enied ap Endos
Endeyrn ap Enied
Endicant ap Endeyrn
Deheuwaint ap Endicant
Rydeyrn  ap Deheuwaint
Gwrtheyrn ap Rydeyrn
Cyndeyrn ap Gwrtheyrn
Rhuddfedel Frych ap Cyndeyrn
Brydw ap Rhuddfedel Frych
Pasgen ap Brydw
Cadell Ddyrnllwg ap Pasgen
Pasgen ap Cadell Ddyrnllwg
Mawn ap Pasgen
Cyngen ap Mawn
Brochwel Ysgithrog ap Cyngen
Cynan ap Brochwel Ysgithrog
Cadell ap Cynan
Gwnfyw Frych ap Cadell
Gywnnan ap Gwnfyw Frych
Gwriawn ap Gywnnan
Byordderch ap Gwriawn   
Brwyn (Bywyn)  ap Byordderch
Gwaeddgar ap Brwyn
Grwgant ap Gwaeddgar
Cadfarch ap Gwrgant
Ynyr ap Cadfarch
Tudor Trevor
Dyngad ap Tudor Trevor (c930-?)  and Sissely verch Seferys
Rhiwallon ap Dyngad.  (c965-1040)
Caragdog ap Rhiwallon. (c1000-?)
Breichiol ap Caradog (c1030-?)
Pyll ap Breichiol (c1060-?).
Meurig ap Pyll (c1095-?). 
Caradog of Penrhos. (c1125-?). 
Iorwerth ap Caradog (c1150-?)  and Alis ferch Bleddyn.
Adam Gwent  (Adam ap Iorwerth) (c1190-)
John ap Adam (Adam Fynchan) (c1220-?)
(Sir) John ap Adam (c1255-1311) and Elizabeth de Gournay
Thomas ap Adam (c1307-c1343) and Joan Inge
John ap Adam (c1330-c1376) married Millicent Bessylls
(Sir) John ap Adams (c1360-?), md Clara Powell
Roger Adams (1392-?) and Jane Ellyott
Thomas Adams (1422-1452) and Marie Upton
John Adams (1452-1483) and Jane Rannelegh
John Adams (1482-1577) and Catherine Stebbing
John Adams and Margery Squire
Richard Adams and Margaret Armager
Robert Adams and Elizabeth Sharlon
Robert Adams and Eleanor Wilmot
Elizabeth Adams and Edward Phelps
Samuel Phelps and Sarah Chandler
John Phelps and Sarah Andrews
John Phelps and Deborah Lovejoy
Samuel Phelps and Margaret Nevins 
Lydia Phelps and Ebenezer Ferrin

Ebenezer Ferrin and Lydia Phelps 
Samuel Ferrin and Sally Clotilda Powell 
Lydia Powell Ferrin and George William Washington Williams 
George William Williams and Harriett Thurston 
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