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(Dea.) Enos FERRIN.
Born 3 March 1749, probably at South Hampton, New Hampshire; son of Zebulon FERREN and Alice TUCKER. He was christened on 16 July 1749 at the Amesbury Second Church in Amesbury (now Merrimac), Essex County, Massachusetts.

In 1768, in the will of his grandfather, Jonathan FARREN [F1952], he is bequeathed one-half of three-quarters of 40 acres in Sandown, New Hampshire, but no record is known of its disposition. He appears on the Newtown (now Newton), New Hampshire tax lists in 1770 through 1774.

He married (1) in 1773 probably in Newtown, New Hampshire Mary CURRIER [F489]. His first child's birth is recorded there 19 NOV 1773.

On 18 MAY 1774 "Enos Ferren of Newtown, yeoman, buys of Jacob Tuxbury of Weare, N. H., 60 acres of land in said Weare for the sum of forty one pounds eight shillings." This land was in lot No. 41, range No. 1, and on the map of Weare, New Hampshire. It was in the southwest part of the town near the Francestown line. The old cellar hole was still seen in 1916.

Of his service in the Revolutionary War, the following has been found. His name is inscribed on a tablet in the Stone Memorial Building in Weare in memory of Weare men who served in the Revolution. In the "Town History of Weare, from a footnote on page 195, he was one of twelve men that Weare sent to Cambridge in 1775 for six weeks. This was in response to the alarm sounded by Paul Revere and others on 18 APR 1775, or shortly thereafter. He was one of eight men that Weare again sent to Cambridge for six weeks in 1776. On 7 APR 1777, a committee voted that "those who had paid out anything for the year should bring in their bills to this Committee who shall find out how much each should be allowed." Enos Ferren was allowed 1:7 for his services in 1775 and allowed __?__ dollars per month for his services in 1776. The "History of Weare" states that Weare men for the most part only saw camp service at Cambridge.

Enos remained in Weare about 5 years, and in OCT 1779 sold his land to Moses Eastman. Tradition says Enos removed to Chester, New Hampshire for a couple of years. This may mean "New Chester" which was the old name for Bristol, as some descendants relate that Enos walked from "Chester to Alexandria" searching for a place to build a house. He found a site on the hill road between Bristol and Alexandria, now known as the Atwood farm, and built a log house for himself and his family. It was the only house on this road. His wife Mary died about 1787 and was buried there, the first person buried in Alexandria. Her remains were afterwards removed to the Blake Fowler Place. Enos next moved to a part log house opposite the Henry Bailey place. When Enos first came here he had in his hand a willow cane cut by himself.

He put it in the ground just below the old Aaron Sleeper place on the right side of the road from Bristol to Alexandria. It sprouted and grew to be a large tree that was standing until recent times.

On 10 JUL 1781 Enos bought one third part of a lot of land of Jonas Minot in Alexandria, numbered 26 in the first division of lots. He lived in Alexandria, New Hampshire from 1781 to 1798. He was among those signing the petition of 10 JUN 1782 asking to be incorporated. On 23 NOV 1782 this request was granted.

He married (2) OCT 1788 at Alexandria, New Hampshire to Judith CORLISS, widow of David CROSS. They were married by Pastor Whipple. She had five children. Their children were about the same age and were brought up in the same household.

Enos appears often in the town records until 1798. On 4 JUL 1798 he swapped farms with William Crawford of Hebron, New Hampshire. From then until his death he appears in the Hebron town records. He is referred to from that time on as Deacon Enos Ferrin.

He died 3 MAR 1811 at East Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire; and was buried on his property there, with a common field stone to mark his grave. IN 1916 a bronze tablet was erected in his memory.

WIFE (1):
Born 6 APR 1757; daughter of Aaron CURRIER and Electa WELLS. She married in 1773, probably at Newtown, New Hampshire to Enos FERRIN. She died about 1787 in at their cabin near Alexandria, New Hampshire.

  1. Olive FERRIN. Born 19 NOV 1773 at Newtown, New Hampshire. She married Samuel JONES.
  2. Aaron FERRIN. Born 25 AUG 1775, probably at Weare, New Hampshire. He married 3 JAN 1798 to Phebe JACKSON. He died 22 OCT 1854.
  3. Ebenezer FERRIN. Born 4 September 1777, said to be at Hebron, but undoubtedly at Weare, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He married Lydia PHELPS on 26 November 1801. He died 9 March 1852.
  4. Timothy FERRIN. Born in 1779, probably at Weare, New Hampshire. He married 17 March 1808 to Abigail MORSE. He died 14 JUN 1864.
  5. Enos FERRIN. Born 25 MAY 1781 at Alexandria, New Hampshire. He married 3 NOV 1805 to Lucy BALL. He died 27 JUN 1854.
  6. Zebulon FERRIN. Born 29 MAR 1783 at Alexandria, New Hampshire. He married 22 AUG 1805 to Abigail BLAKE. He died 9 FEB 1871.
  7. Samuel FERRIN. Born 21 APR 1785 at Alexandria, New Hampshire. He married 9 JUL 1809 to Lydia RAYMOND. He died 14 MAY 1867.
  8. Polly FERRIN. Born 6 MAY 1787 at Newtown, New Hampshire. She married Robert WHITTAKER.

WIFE (2):
Born in 1757. She married (1) David CROSS. She married (2) Enos FERRIN [F488] in OCT 1788, probably at Alexandria, New Hampshire. After the death of her husband Enos in 1811 she remained at their farm in East Hebron, New Hampshire until 1816. She then lived with her son Jonathan and her daughter Sarah. She died 1839 at the Silver Cross place on the River Road at Bridgewater, New Hampshire and was buried there. Afterwards her remains were taken to the Town Cemetery at Bridgewater.

  1. Sarah FERRIN. Born 1791, probably at Alexandria, New Hampshire. She married 6 JUL 1815 to Abijah CROSS. She died 15 FEB 1872.
  2. Jonathan FERRIN. Born 7 APR 1798 at Alexandria, New Hampshire. He married Harriett WEBSTER on 18 NOV 1824. He resided in Alexandria between 1840 and 1865. He died 19 MAY 1882.


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