Richard Fettiplace and Elizabeth Bessiles

Born about 1460 at Shefford, Berkshire, England; son of John FETTIPLACE [F241820] and Jane FABIAN [F241821]. He married Elizabeth BESSILES [F120911] about 1483. He died in 1511 in Bessiles-Leigh and was buried before May 1511.

Elizabeth BESSILES.
Born about 1465 in Bessiles Leigh, Berkshire, England; daughter of William BESSILES [F241822] and Alice HARCOURT [F241823]. She married Richard FETTIPLACE [F120910]. She died in 1511.

CHILDREN of Richard FETTIPLACE [F120910] AND Elizabeth BESSILES [F120911]:
  1. John FETTIPLACE. Born about 1484 in Shefford, Berkshire, England. He died on 6 Oct 1524 in East-Shefford, BRK, England. He married Dorothy DANVERS. (b: ~1485 d: after 5 Feb 1558/59 in E. Shefford, BRK, ENG. Mother: Anne STRADLING Father: John DANVERS)
  2. Anthony FETTIPLACE. Born about 1486 in Shefford, BRK, ENG. He married Alice DONE.
  3. Susan FETTIPLACE. Born about 1488 in Shefford, Berkshire, England. She married John KINGSTON.
  4. Jane FETTIPLACE. Born about 1490 in Shefford, Berkshire, England. She married John DARREL.
  5. Mary FETTIPLACE. Born about 1492 in Shefford, Berkshire, England. She married James GATE.
  6. Elizabeth FETTIPLACE. Born about 1494 in Shefford, Berkshire, England.
  7. [F60455]. Anne FETTIPLACE. Born 16 JUL 1496 at Shelford Parva, Berkshire, England. She married Edward PUREFOY [F60454]. She died (16-S?)(3-S) AUG 1567-1568.
  8. Eleanor FETTIPLACE. Born about 1498 in Shefford, Berkshire, England.
  9. Bridget FETTIPLACE. Born about 1514. She married John HUNGERFORD.