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Knut Folkesson (Folkungaštten)

Knut Folkesson (Folkungaštten) (Count Knut of Flanders).
Born about 1124 at Gavere, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium (Flanders); son of Folke The Thick, Earl of ÷stergŲtland and Ingegerd af Danmark. (S1).

Note: The dates don't work with his father. It seems there must have been another generation in between.

Han var gift med en syster till Ragnhild, Inge den yngres gemŚl. (S1).

He died in 1167 in Flanders. (S1).


CHILDREN of Knut Folkesson (Folkungaštten)
  1. Baudouin (Baldwin) of Flanders and Lady de Huntington (Crawford).


Knut Folkesson (Folkungaštten)
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