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FORTUN Garces, King of Pamplona, and Oria

FORTUN Garces, King of Pamplona from 882 to 905. (Arabic: Fortoûn ibn Garsiya). (the One-Eyed; Arabic: al-Anqar) (the Monk). [Familytree].
Son of GARCIA Íñiguez, King of Pamplona.

He was the eldest son of King García Íñiguez, himself the son of king Íñigo Íñiguez Arista, the founder of the kingdom, and Fortún was to be the last king of the Arista dynasty. (S3).

Prince Fortún was taken prisoner by the Moors in 860 during the invasion of Emir Mohammed I of Córdoba and kept for the next 20 years. While a prisoner in Córdoba, his daughter Onneca Fortúnez married Abdallah ibn Mohammed, who would later succeed his father as Emir. He was released from captivity in 880 and returned to Pamplona, apparently accompanied by his daughter. He succeeded upon the death of his father at Ayhar in 882 in a battle against Emir Mohammed I. (S3).

Little is known of the remainder of his reign except the manner of its ending. In 905, an alliance of King Alfonso III of Asturias, and count Raymond I of Pallars brought about a successful coup in favor of the latter's nephew, Sancho Garcés, son of García Jiménez of "another part of the kingdom", forcing Fortún to retire as a monk to Leyre. (S3).

Fortun Garces died after 925. (S3).

Oria. [Chart A11].
Daughter of Lupo (Lubb) ibn Musa and Ayab al Bulatiya. (S4).

CHILDREN of FORTUN Garces, King of Pamplona, and Oria:
  1. Onneca Fortunez. [Familytree]. Born about 848. She probably went with her father into captivity. She married (1) Abdullah ibn Mohammed, Emir of Córdoba. She married (2) Aznar Sanchez, Lord of Larraun. Onneca died after 890.
  2. Íñigo Fortúnez
  3. Aznar Fortúnez
  4. Blasco (Velasco) Fortúnez
  5. Lope Fortúnez.


FORTUN Garces, King of Pamplona, and Oria
Onneca Fortunez and Aznar Sánchez, Lord of Larraun
Toda Aznárez and Sancho I, King of Pamplona
Garcia Sanchez I, King of Pamplona, and Andregoto Galindez
Sancho II Garcés Abarca of Pamplona and Urraca Fernandez
García Sánchez II of Pamplona and Jimena Fernández
Sancho Garces III of Navarre and Muniadona Mayor
Ferdinand I, The Great, and Sancha of León
Alfonso VI, The Brave, and Constance of Burgundy
Raymond Count of Burgundy and Urraca I Princess of Castile and Leon
Alfonso VII, Emperor of Spain, and (1) Berenguela of Barcelona; and (2) Richeza of Poland
    |                                                                    |
FERDINAND II, King of León, and and Urraca                     Sancha married Alfonso II, The Chaste, King of Aragón
                                                             Alfonso II, Count of Provence, and Gersenda II of Sabran 
Alfonso IX and Berenguela of Castile                         Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence, and Beatrice of Savoy
Ferdinand III and Elizabeth of Hohenstaufen                  Eleanor of Provence and Henry III, King of England              
Alfonso X, King of Castile, and Violante of Aragon           Edward I, King of England, and Eleanor of Castile 
Sancho IV, The Brave, and María de Molina                    Edward II, King of England, and Isabella of France
Ferdinand IV, King of Castile, Constance of Portugal          Edward III, King of England, and Philippa of Hainaut 
Alfonso XI of Castile XI and Maria of Portugal                Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, and Elizabeth de Burgh 
Pedro The Cruel and María de Padilla                          Philippa Plantagenet and Edmund de Mortimer 
Isabella of Castile and Edmund of Langley                     Roger de Mortimer and Eleanor de Holand 
Richard, Earl of Coinsburgh,      ----      and     ----      Anne de Mortimer
Richard, Duke of York and Cecily de Neville
Edward IV, King Of England and Elizabeth Lucy
Elizabeth Plantagenet and Thomas de Lumley                   
Sybel Lumley and William Hilton
William Hilton and Margaret Metcalfe
(Capt) Mark Roger Hilton
Rebecca Hilton and Thomas Roberts
Anna Roberts and James Philbrick
Joseph Philbrick and Tryphena Marston
Ester Philbrick and Amos Rand
Ann Rand and Thomas Shannon
Sarah Shannon and Jeremiah Leavitt
Jeremiah Leavitt and Sarah Sturtevant
Sarah Pricscilla Leavitt and Jacob Vernon Hamblin
Ella Ann Hamblin and Warren Moroni Tenney
Clive Vernon Tenney and Minnie Williams
Mildred Ella Tenney and Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris