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FULK I, Count de Anjou

FULK I, Count de Anjou.
Called the Red,' (Latin: Rufus) (French: Le Roux).
Not to be confused with Fulk, King of Jerusalem.
Born about 870; son of INGELGERIUS (Ingelger d'Anjou), Count de Orleans & Anjou and Adelaide de Amboise de Gastinois.

He married Rosalie de Loches. (S1).

He rulled the territory of Anjou, first as Viscount in 898, and then increased it until it became a Viscounty in 929 and he was its first Count. He ruled it as Viscount until his death. (S1).

In 899 he became Viscount of Tours and in 905, Count of Tours. (S1).

During his reign he was permanently at war with the Normans and the Bretons. He occupied the county of Nantes in 907, but abandoned it to the Bretons in 919. (S1).

Fulk I the Red rid the country of the Normans and enlarged his domains by taking part of Touraine. (S3).

He died (in 938)(around 942) in Tours, and was succeeded by his son Fulk II. (S1).

Rosalie de Loches. (Roscille).
daughter of Warnerius (Widone), Seigneur de Loches, de Villentrois, & de la Haye, and his wife Tecandra. (S1).

She married Fulk I, Count of Angou.

  1. Ingelger de Anjou. He died before 927. (S1,S2).
  2. Guy de Anjou. (Gui) (Wido), Bishop of Soissons. (évêque de Soissons). He died in 970. (S1,S2).
  3. FULK II. (Foulques II). Succeeded his father as Count of Anjou. He married Gerberge du Maine. (S1,S2).
  4. Gilbert de Toulouse. (S2).
  5. Roscille de Anjou. [BOYD Family Chart]. She married Alain II of Bretagne. (S2,S3).