[F1150]. Joshua FULLER.
Born on (2)(16) APR 1654 at Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; son of John FULLER [F2300] and Elizabeth COLE [F2301].

Joshua married (1) Elizabeth Ward on 7 May 1679 in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Joshua Fuller was a well-to-do landowner and a man of strong character. In addition to his own four daughters, he brought up ten boys-grandchildren and other relatives.

Joshua married (2) Hannah GRIGGS [F1151] about 1695 in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Priscilla R. Ritter and Thelma Fleishman s Newton, Massachusetts, 1679-1779: A Biographical Directory (Boston, 1982), 36-37, fails to include Hannah among the wives of this Joshua Fuller, though she is so noted by Savage, Genealogical Dictionary, and Paige, History of Cambridge.

He married (3) Mary BUCKMINSTER on 19 Jul 1742 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Joshua's death is recorded on 27 June 1752,aged 98, at Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. (Newton VRs, 449). Buried in Newton, MA

The will of Joshua Fuller of Cambridge, yeoman, made 15 Jan. 1741/2, left 5 each to Elezr. Ward, Jonathan Shepard, Nath ll Shepard, Joshua Child and Joshua Gearfield "whom I brought up & lived with me," 40 shillings each to Nath ll. Pond, Isaac Danee, and Jonathan Morse "who lived with me" (all to be paid in bills of credit), left "to Edward Ransford a Copper Kettle, & to David Ransford a Silver cup which they each of them have already Received," and directed the balance of his estate be divided in equal shares, one each to "my beloved Children & Grandchildren hereafter named, viz., my daughters Elizabeth Allen, Hannah Cook, Experience Child, Abigail Gearfield and Ruth Chennery, and to the surviving children of my beloved daughter Sarah Parke. also my grandchild Eliz h. Cady the daughter of my beloved daughter Mercy Cady, dec d." He named Samuel Jackson, Esq., of Newton and "my sons-in-law Stephen Cook & Joseph Gearfield" as executors, but on 3 Dec. 1742 substituted Thomas Sparrowhawk, Esq., "instead of Sam Il. Jackson, Esq., this day dec d." (Middlesex Co. Probate #8765).

WIFE (1):
Elizabeth WARD.
Born on 18 Jun 1660 at Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; Daughter of John WARD and Hannah JACKSON. She married Joshua FULLER on 7 MAY 1679 in Newton. Elizabeth died 17 August 1691 at Newton, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Joshua FULLER [F1150] and Elizabeth WARD:
  1. Elizabeth FULLER was born 22 Feb 1680 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died in 1761.
  2. Hannah FULLER was born 8 Jul 1682 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died in 1772.
  3. Experience FULLER was born 5 Nov 1685 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died in 1770).
  4. Mercy FULLER was born 11 Mar 1689 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

WIFE (2):
[F1151]. Hannah GRIGGS.
Born on 23 OCT 1659 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts; daughter of John GRIGGS [F2302] and Mary PATTEN [F2303]. She was christened 23 Oct 1659 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Hannah married (1) David RAINSFORD (Raynsford) about 1683 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA. She was his second wife. He had married Abigail about 1674 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He died 1691 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

She married (2) Joshua FULLER [F1150] about 1695, but at least by 1697 when the first of their daughters was born. On 2 Oct. 1706 Joshua Fuller of Cambridge conveyed to his "loving brother, Jeremiah Fuller of Newton," for 60, land "of our hon d father John Fuller, late of Newtown, dec d.," and Hannah Fuller surrendered her dower right (witnessed by Joseph Fuller and John Staples, recorded 30 June 1712, Middlesex Deeds, 16:216). Hannah also joined in two deeds Joshua Fuller made 18 Feb. 1714/5 to Benjamin Dana of Cambridge (both recorded 13 April 1722, ibid., 22:60, 66), and in one made 6 Sept. 1716 to Gershom Beals of Newton (recorded 14 Sept. 1720, ibid., 21:186). On 19 April 1706 Joshua Fuller and Hannah his wife and Edward Raynsford and Abigail his wife, all of New Cambridge, Middlesex Co., deeded to Deborah Man of Boston, widow, for 62-10s. land "at the end of Boston" bound east on land formerly belonging to Elder Edward Raynsford, dec d., and northwest on land of the widow Silence Eliot. Joshua and Hannah Fuller (she signed by mark) acknowledged 19 Sept. 1706 while Edward and Abigail Raynsford acknowledged 24 April 1707. On 12 Oct. 1712 Edward and David Raynsford of Newton, weavers, sold Henry Wright of Boston, bricklayer, for 110, land in the south end of Boston bound on Essex Street, and lands late of Edward Taylor, dec d., Joseph Elliot, dec d., and Solomon Raynsford, dec d. Edward s wife Abigail relinquished her dower rights, and all acknowledged same date (Suffolk Co. Deeds, 23:115, 26:253).

She died 28 Nov 1739 in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Joseph FULLER [1150] and Hannah GRIGGS [F1151]:
  1. Abigail FULLER. Born about 1697 and died 23 Apr 1774.
  2. Sarah FULLER. Born 5 Oct 1695 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Sarah married Richard PARK on 17 Jul 1717 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died 20 Mar 1737 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  3. Priscilla FULLER was born 1 25 Oct 1700 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.
  4. [F575]. Ruth FULLER. Born on 14 NOV 1702 in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She married Ebenezer CHINERY [F574] on18 JUL 1724.
  5. Stephen FULLER was born 1, 2 about 1704 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.

WIFE (3):
Born about 1667, of Cambridge, Massachusetts; daughter of Zachariah Buckminster (18 Dec 1625-) & Sarah Webb (ca 1634-27 Jun 1704), at Cambridge, MA. She married (1) Benjamin DANA.

She married (2) Joshua FULLER on 19 Jul 1742 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. The entry notes that Joshua was in his 88th year, his bride in her 75th year, and that she was then widow of Benjamin Dana (Vital Records of Cambridge, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850 [Boston, 1914-1915], 2:154). Mary died at Cambridge, MA, on 13 Feb 1754.