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Giles Gibbs and Katherine Carwithe

Giles (Gyles) GIBBS (GIBBES).
Born about 1595-1597, probably in Somerset, England.
Giles was almost certainly not the son of Capt. William Gibbes & Mary Newcourt, as many claim, but he may have been a grandson. see GIBBS FAMILY RESEARCH.
William's own will is in existence and clearly refers to his children. Giles is not named as one of them. It is also said that if he was not the son of William, then he must have been the son of one of William’s brothers, and thus the grandson of Anthony Gibbs. While this may be true, evidence is not available.

A Giles Gibbs was christened on 23 February 1606 in North Petherton, Somerset, the son of Hugh GIBBS and Deborah LEA. There is no evidence yet to establish that this Giles was our ancestor. This Giles was born too late to have married Helen Cary in 1617.

Giles is known to have been in the County of Somerset during the decade of 1610 to 1620. Marriage records show Giles Gibbs married Helen CAREY at St. Mary's Church in the Somerset village of Alford on 29 July 1617. Giles m. (1)____, (name unknown), July 29, 1617, Alford , Somerset. (Reference: Dwellys Transcripts of the Bishops Transcripts). Alford is a small village between Somerton & Bruton and there are no parish records there, earlier than the 1700 's.

Alford is a small village on the river Brue, 1˝ m. S.W. from Castle Cary. In the fields on the S. side of the road is a mineral spring, which once enjoyed a short-lived local popularity. The church stands in the grounds of Alford House. It is a 15th cent. Perp. building, and contains (1) some ancient benches, (2) old glass in one of the N. windows, (3) a slender Perp. screen, (4) a pulpit dated 1625, (5) piscina. Note massive corbels in chancel. The shaft of a cross with a modern head stands in the churchyard.

Giles and his new wife seem to have immediately settled in nearby Crewkerne, also in Somerset. We know this because of the record of their first child Mary, who was christened there in November of 1618. Mary only lived one year. Another daughter, Margaret, was christened in Crewkerne in 1620, but she too only lived one year. In 1623, a son Gregory was born in Crewkerne. He is the Gregory who later accompanied Giles to America.

By 1618 Giles was a follower of the Puritan preacher, Rev. John Warham. Reverend Warham was originally of Crewkerne, but was ordained and ministered in Devon. In 1623, upon the death of his father, he returned to Crewkerne and became the minister there and began preaching Puritanism. During his stay there he had a great effect on a number of families there. These included the families of Humphrey Pinney, William Gaylord, William Phelps, George Hull and Giles Gibbs. Warham's sister Magdalen married a George Gibbs in 1618, and it has been speculated that this George might be Giles' brother, but this in not proven.

Warham was removed from his parish at Crewkerne in 1627 by Bishop William Laud because of his non-conforming teachings. He relocated to the Devon community of Exeter, and obtained a living at St. Sidwell’s. Giles Gibbs followed him there.

Helen, Giles' first wife, died sometime between 1623 and 1629, probably in Crewkerne before his removal to Devon. At least all their children were born in Crewkerne.

Giles married (2) Katherine CARWITHE on 23 April 1629 in St. Sidwell's Church, Exeter, Devonshire, England; Rev. Warham presiding.

In 1630, Rev. Warham emigrated with a number of his Puritan followers aboard the "William & Mary" to the new Massachusetts Bay Colony, settling in Dorchester at the southern corner of Boston harbor. Many early genealogies have placed Giles with this initial 1630 emigration. He has also been suggested as a passenger on the “Mary and John” in 1630. However, his daughter Sarah is known to have been christened back in Exeter in 1631. Giles and his family most likely sailed aboard the LYON, which had left London about 23 August 1631, and landed in Nantasket on 2 November 1631. It is of course possible that Giles made both journeys, as this would not have been uncommon at the time. What is certain is that Giles was in New England by 1632, when he became a freeman on March 4. (S7,S12).

Giles Gibbs first settled in Dorchester, Mass. where he was granted land in 1633 and ordered to build a fence for his cow. This fence marked the line of an abbatis erected during the seige of Boston in 1776, which later became the boundary of Boston Street.

In 1634 he was one of the ten Selectmen chosen. He was once cited for "being defective in coming to the meetinghouse".

Early records show he was chosen as an Assessor. In 1635 he was granted two acres next to Thomas Stoughton. Soon afterwards he moved to Windsor, Connecticut.

Just after the Pequot War which opened up Connecticut for English settlers, that is, just after 1637, Giles and family moved to the just settled town of Windsor on the Connecticut River, just north of today's Hartford, CT --Windsor was the first town settled in Connecticut by the English, and many of its settlers were from Dorchester, MA, which itself had only just been settled a few years earlier. He joined the First Church at Windsor.

He died sometime between 18 and 21 MAY 1641, probably at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

He was buried on 21 May 1641 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

Giles Gibbs will mentions son Gregory; son Samuel; son Benjamin; daughter Sarah; son Jacob. In the will, Giles mentions that he wants his son Gregory to be apprenticed for 5 years. As boys were usually apprenticed until age 21, this validates that Gregory would have been born about 1625, and that he was born before Giles marriage to Katherine in 1629. A postscript to Giles' will, dated 18 May 1641, mentions an Elizaphatt Gregory.

1635 to 1650.
Page 504
Name: Gyles Gibbs
Location: Wyndsor
Know all men by these presents, that I, Gyles Gibbs, of Wyndsor, on Connecticutt, yeoman. being weake in body but of perfect understanding and memory, doe ordaine this my last will and testament as followth:
Impr. my will is that my sonne Gregory bee put forth an Apprentice to some Godly man for the space of five years at the discretion of my execut. and the overseers of this my last will; and if hee submit there vnto and stay out his time to the likinge of my overseers, I doe then bequeath vnto him my lott ouer the great River, to him and his heires forever; in case my overseers have any incouragement to judge him worthy, otherwise at their discretion, I bequeath him Ĺ“5 to bee paid him at the age of 21 yeares. Also, I give to my two sonnes, Samuel & Benjamin, Ĺ“20 apeece; to my daughter Sarah, Ĺ“20; to bee paid at the age of 21 years. And to Jacob, my sonne, I give my howse and lotts, meadows, home lotte, and great lott and lottes whatsoever, on this side the great Riuer, after his mothers life.

And to my wife I give all my lottes, howses, all my househould goods, Cattells, & Chattells, my debts being discharged; provided that in case my said overseers have no good incouragement concerning the disposition of my sonne Gregory, but doe judge him unworthy a fathers blessing vnder theire hands, my will is that my exceut: shall have the said lotte towards the Education of my children vntil my sonne Jacob shall attain the age of 21 yeares, and then my will is that my sonne Jacob shall have it to him and his heires for ever. And Executrixe, of this my last Will, I appointe Katharine my wife. And overseers of this my Will and Testament, I appointe the Deacons of the Church of Wyndsor, at all times in being. Blessed bee od.
Gyles Gibbs.
Witness: 18 May, 1641. John Warham Ephraim Huitt.
Postscript: I giue to Elizaphatt Gregory 10 bushells of Corne in case hee discharge the debt I gave my worde for him to Mr. Huitt. And to Richard Wellar I give 40s by 20s a yeare, beginninge from September next.
Witness: John Warham Ephraim Huitt.

WIFE (1):
Helen CARY. (CAREY).
She married Giles GIBBS [F2268] on 29 July 1617 in St. Mary's Church, Alford, Somerset, England.
It has been said than Helen and two of her daughters died during a single epidemic. (S6).

CHILDREN of Giles GIBBS [F2268] and Helen CAREY:

WIFE (2):
Born about 1604 Topsham, County Devon, England. The Carwithe name is also most likely of Somerset heritage. That surname, spelled in variations of the same, is found for generations in Somerset. One uncited source claims Katherine Carwithe to be the daughter of Roger Carwithe & Elizabeth Westcott.

She married Giles GIBBS on 13 April 1629 in St. Sidwell's Church, Exeter, Devonshire, England.

She died 24 October 1660 in Windsor, Connecticut. Her will mentions eldest son Jacob; second son Samuel; son Benjamin; daughter Sarah; son-in-law Gregory; and son Jacob's daughter Mary.

1650 to 1663.
Page 143-4-5
Name: Widow Katharine Gibbs
Location: Windsor
Invt. Ĺ“220-07-00.
Taken 21 November, 1660-1, by William Gaylord and John Moore.
Will dated 12 September, 1660:
In the Name of God, Amen. I, Catharine Gibbs. off Windsor, being sick & Weake off boddy But off perfect Memory, Doe ffor Dyverse Considerations Make & ordayne this my Last Will & Testament In Manner as ffollowing: Imprmis. I Bequeath My sowle unto God yt gave itt, hopeing With him to Inioy Eternall Rest & Pece; & secondly, my Boddy to Convenyent Cristyen Bewryall; & whereas, itt hath Plesed God to Bestow on Mee some part off this Worlds Goods, my Will Concerning yt is yt Itt be disposed off In Manner as ffolloweth, Namely: Ett ye end off 1/2 yeare affter my decese to enter Possession; I Give & Bequeath unto my Eldest sonne Jacobb my Dwelling Howse, Barne & Orchard, with ye Land Whereon they Stand, & all ye Land Adioyneing thereunto, Wich is my Proper Right By Purchas, With all vnmoveables thereunto belonging, wth ffence or ffences, viz., to him & his heares ffor ever. Provided he has An heir off his owne body Begotten yt lives to ye Age of twenty & one yeares, then the sd. Aeyre to Inioy ye sume affter the ffather's decese; Butt in Case he want such An heire, then affter his decese I give & Bequeath All the Aforesd. vnmoveables wth ffences or Licke Apertyneces unto my second sonne Samuell, & to his Owne Propper yowce; & unto my sonne Beniamin I Give & Grant & Sett over my Lott on ye other syde ye Great River, the which I Purchassed off Gregory Gibbs my son In Law ffor sattisffacktion off ye twenty pounds which his ffather gave att his Decees, viz., to his Owne propper yowce & Acct, only in Case he doth Ethere By ye yeare of ffor Terme off yeare Lett ye sd. Land or yt he sett ye sd. Land to Sale, then my Will is that my son Samuell have the ffirst tender & Refuse off ye same; & my Will ffurther is That in ye ffirst Place all Just Debts Be Payde & Sattisfyed according to ye Spesya, & yt Being Performed I dispose off my Moveables as ffoll: viz., I Give & Bequeath unto my Sonne Jacobb my Greate Chest; & to my daffter in Law his wife my hatts; & unto my sone Beniamin I Give & Bequeath the twoe Gilt Lether Cosyens yt are in ye Abovesd. Chest & whatt Else he hath Bestowed on Mee as ffore Gifft; & unto My sone Jacob's Daffter Mary I Give twenty Shill to be Improved ffor hir Advantage att ye Discresyen off my Exeeckters & to be Payde hir att ye Day of her meryadge or att ye Age off one & Twenty years In Case she Marry nott Before; But In Case she live nott to yt Age, then I Give & Bequeath ye Same unto My yongest sone & Xseckter Beniamin; & Concerneing ye Rest of my Estate my Will is that Affter An Inventory is taken & everything vallewed as equally as may Bee, thatt itt Bee Equally dyvided Between my thre yongest Children, only my Will is yt my sone Samuell's Part Bee in ye Plow & Cart Instruments unless he Refuseitt, & my daffter Sarah's Part Bee in or yt ffore her Part she have ye Refuse off my Aperell & part off howsehold stuff; & ffor ye Exsecketers off this My Last Will & Testament I Mack Choice off, ordayne & Appoynt my twoe sons Samuell & Beniamin, home the Lord dyreckt to Ackt ye up
sd. (Amen)
Witness: John Moore, Phillip X (Drake)?
Katharine Gibbs ls.
Court Record, Page 145--6 December, 1660: The Will & Invt. of Katharine Gibbs

CHILDREN of Giles GIBBS and Katherine CARWITHE:


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