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Elias Giffard and Berta de FitzRichard

Elias GIFFARD. Elias (Helias) "The Boy" Giffard, Lord of Brimpsfield.
Born (about 1095)(in 1100) in Brimsfield, Gloucestershire, England; son of Elias GIFFARD (I).

According to Burkes Landed Gentry" Vol. II, pp.370, Giffards were formerly of Rushall. (S2).

Succeeded his father in 1130; He was called “the Boy,” probably to distinguish him from his father. As “the Boy” he is named with wife Berta and son Walter in the time of Abbott Hamelin, who was abbott from 1148 to 1179. He grants the church of Boyton to the monks for the soul of Berta, his wife. [NEHGR 75:57ff Geneal Res in England, by Moriarty]. (S2).

In 1130-1031, he rendered account of 100 marks of silver for the relief upon his father's land, rendered account of 25 marks scutage for his 12 1/2 knights' fees, gave the church of Boyton and the land of Craneham to the monastery of St. Peter of Gloucester, of which he apparently became a monk towards the close of his life. (S2).

He married (Berta-S1)(Bertha-S2)(Clifford-S1)(FitzRichard-S2) about 1126.

He died in 1159 in Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire, England. (S2).

Berta de FitzRichard. (S2). (Berta-S1)(Bertha-S2)(Clifford-S1)
Born (about 1105)(about 1115) at (Ofbronllys Castle, Breconshire, Wales)(Brimsfield, Gloucestershire, England); daughter of Richard FitzPons, Lord of Bychan, and Maud FitzWalter. (S2).

Sister of Walter de Clifford. (wikipedia).

She died in 1167 at Brimsfield, Gloucestershire, England.

  1. Elias GIFFARD. (S1,S2). Lord of Brimpsfield. (S2). Born about 1145. He married Maud FitzHarding de Berkeley. He died in 1190. (S2).
  2. Walter GIFFARD. (S1,S2).
  3. Gilbert GIFFARD. (S1,S2).
  4. Matilda (Maud) Giffard, mistress of King John Lackland. (S2).
  5. Berta Giffard. (S2).
  6. Richard Giffard. (S2).
  7. William Giffard. (S2).


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