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Sir John Giffard and Lucy de Morteyn

(Sir) John GIFFARD.
Born in 1300-1301 at Twyford, Buckinghamshire, England; son of (Sir) John GIFFARD le BOEF and Alexandra de GARDINIS. He was of Twyford, England.

He married (1) Lucy de MORTEYN.

He married first LUCY DE MORTEYN, who was He married (2) ALICE ---- , who was living 30 July 1379 (Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1377-1381, page 323.

From his maternal grandfather, Sir Thomas de Gardinis, he inherited large estates, namely, the manorial estates at Somerton and Fringsford and the Coggs lands in Oxfordshire, which, with the messuage at Leisdon, co Kent, came down from the Arsic family, and the manor of Ixning, which came from the De la Haye family. (S2).

His father died about 1330, and he inherited the Giffard lands. (S2).

On 22 July 1334 he was styled Sir John Giffard, when he witnessed an enrollment grant (Calendar Close Rolls, 1333-1337, page 326). (S2).

On 26 Mar. 1338 he was to array in co. Bucks 10 men at arms, 20 armed men, and 40 archers for the French War (ib., 1334-1341, p. 55). (S2).

In 1340 he had licence to build an oratory in his house at Twyford (Lipscombe's History of Buckinghamshire), in the same year he was assessor of taxes in Oxfordshire (Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1340-1343, pag 25), and he served frequently on commissions of ayer and terminer with William de Shreshull, the famous judge (ib., 1340-1343, pages 87, 554, 582, 583). (S2).

He was one of the knights who accompanied Edward III to France, and he was in the King's division at the Battle of Crecy, 1346 (Wrottesley's Crecy and Calais). (S2).

He appears to have had a brother Edmund, with whom he committed a trespass at Grendon, 4 Nov. 1347 (Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1345-1348). (S2).

In 1349, 1351, and 1361 he was commissioner of the peace in co. Bucks (Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1350-1354). (S2).

On 14 Mar. 1360 he was one of the commissioners of array in co. Bucks, for the French War. (S2).

In 1368, with Reynold de Grey of Ruthyn, he was again commissioner of array (ib., 1364-1367, page 431). (S2).

He died 25 January 1368-1369.

Lucy de MORTEYN.
Daughter of (Sir) John de MORTEYN and Joan de ROTHWELL.

She married (Sir) John GIFFARD.

She was living on 8 March 1361. (S2).

CHILDREN of (Sir) John GIFFARD and Lucy de MORTEYN:
  1. Richard GIFFARD. m. JOAN ---- , and with her levied a fine on the manor of Helidon, 7 Richard II [1383-4].
  2. John Giffard, IV.
  3. Nicholas Gifford.
  4. Gilbert Giffard.
  5. Thomas Giffard of Twyford. He married Elizabeth de Missenden
  6. George Giffard.
  7. Alice Giffard.


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