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(Sir) John GIFFARD le BOEF and Alexandra de GARDINIS

(Sir) John GIFFARD le BOEF. MP for Buckinghamshire.
Born (about 1267-S2)(about 1270-S1,S3) at Twyford, Buckinghamshire, England; son of John GIFFARD le BOEF.

He married Alexandra de GARDINIS about 1300. (S3).

Summoned from Devonshire on 24 June 1301 to the muster at Berwick on Tweed, to perform military service against the Scots. (Parliamentary Writs, vol. 1, page 632). (S3).

He had lands at Helidon. His lands at Helidon are mentioned 23 Aug. 1312 (Calendar of Close Rolls, 1307-1313, page 548). (S3).

In June of 1314, he was in prison at Aylesbury for trespass of vert and venison in the forest of Bernewode. (S3).

A Knight of the shire for Buckingham in 1315. (S3).

In 1316 he was certified as lord of the vills of Twyford, Charndon and Pounden in co. Bucks. (S3).

Age was given as 50 years and more on 1 Dec 1317. (S3).

He held the Twyford lands (i.e., two part) of Ralph Pipard (Feudal Aids, vol. 1, page 109). In Oxfordshire he held lands in Begbrooke (ib., vol. 4, page 30) and also lands in Astwell. On 26 Mar. 1316 he appears as commissioner to raise soldiers for the Scotch War (Parliamentary Writs, vol. 2, page 918), and on 5 Aug 1316 his orders to select footmen in co. Bucks for the Scotch War were countermanded (Calendar of Fine Rolls, vol. 2, page 297). On 30 May 1322 John Giffard of Tywford, Knight, was summond from Oxfordshire to the Great Council at Westminster (Parliamentary Writs, Vol. 2, page 918). On 20 June 1322 John Gifford, a knight or baneret of co. Beds and co. Bucks, was returned as ill and unable to serve in person against the Scots (ib.), and on 24 June 1322 John Gifford le Boef, man at arms, was summoned from Northamptonshire to serve against the Scots (ib.). On 31 Oct. 1322 he was returned as a man at arms between the ages of 16 and 60 years, and was called a knight accustomed to arms but gouty and incapable of acting. (S3).

In 1322, the sheriff reported that he was very ill and unable to perform military service against the Scots without endangering his life. Later that year, it was reported that he was a knight accustomed to arms, but was gouty and incapable of acting. (S3).

In 1325 John, son of Osbert Giffard (9, i), sued him to recover lands in Accott, Devonshire, which Osbert formerly held. (S3).

He was living in 1329. (S3).

He died (on 13 MAR 1328-S2)(about 1330-S1,S3) at Twyford, Buckinghamshire, England. In 1330 King Edward III granted John Mautravers the honour of Elston (in Orcheston St. George), Wiltshire, formerly held by John Giffard,2nd Lord Giffard. {S2}.

Alexandra de la Haye GARDINIS.(Jardins).
Born about 1270; daughter of Thomas de GARDINIS of Oxfordshire, a descendant of the baronial house of Arsic. (S3).

She married (Sir) John GIFFARD le BOEF.

She was dead in 1328. (S3).

CHILDREN of (Sir) John GIFFARD le BOEF and Alexandra de GARDINIS:
  1. (Sir) John GIFFARD. Born about 1300-1301 at Twyford, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Lucy de MORTEYN. He died on 25 January 1368-1369.
  2. Edmund GIFFARD le BOEF. (Edmond). a knight, who, with John Giffard of Twyford, comitted trespass at Grendon, 4 Nov. 1347 (Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1345-1348), and was probably of Stanlak in Oxfordshire in 1361 (Calendar of Close Rolls, 1360-1364, p. 194). (S3).
  3. Thomas Giffard. He was born about 1305, said to be of Twyford, Buckinghamshire, England.


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