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John GIFFARD le BOEF. MP for Buckinghamshire.

Born (9 or 19 JAN 1232-S2)(about 1235-S1,S3) at Twyford, (Buckinghamshire-S3),(or Brimsfield, Gloucestershire-S2), England; son of Osbert GIFFARD and Isabel de BOKLAND (S1,S3). or son of (Helias IV Giffard and Alice Mautravers-S2).

He married Maud de CLIFFORD {S2}. [NOTE: This John of Gloucestershire who married Maud de Clifford is apparently a separate person, and is probably in error. RAM.].

A Knight of Twyford, Buckinghamshire, and other property in Oxfordshire, Devon and Northants. (S3).

Usually styled John Giffard the Younger, to distinguish him from his cousin, John Giffard of Brimsfield, who was a few years his senior. (S3).

He was Knight of the shire of Buckingham in 1296, supported Prince Edward at the Battle of Evesham in 1265, and was given the manors of Smetheton, Bulmere, Essex, and Finborough, co. Suffolk by the King as a reward for his service. (S3).

The original charter, renbdered about 1272,by which Robert, son of Nicholas, the King's steward, to whom the King had granted the manor of Twyford in 1246, conveyed to John Giffard two-thirds of the manor, witnessed by John Giffard of Brimsfield and Osbert Giffard, is preserved at Berkeley Castle. (S3).

M.P. for Buckinghamshire 1296. (S3).

He died about 1300 in Buckinghamshire, England. (S3).

Maud de CLIFFORD. {S2}.

CHILDREN of John GIFFARD le BOEF [F4530688a]:
  1. (Sir) John GIFFARD le BOEF. Born about 1270. He married Alexandra de GARDINIS about 1300. He died about 1330.


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