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Edward GILMAN.(Gyllman-S2).
Born about 1500 in Caston, Norfolk, England.

Sources 2 says: (from http://www.spacestar.net/users/skives/html/d0002/g0000000.html#I377). Gilman name was Welsh in origin. Gilman, Gilmin & Gillman descended from Cilmin or Gilman Troed-Dhu (Cilman of the black leg), knight, who was alive about the year 843 in Glynillyson, North Wales. "He came there with his father's brother Mervyn, either from the Isle of Man or from Mervyn's possessions inn the North of Britain and founded the Fourth Noble Tribe of Wales, probably known as the Cilmins. Cilmin's uncle, Mervyn Vryshe, King of the Isle of Man, married Esylly, only daughter and heir of Conan, son of Roderick, King of the Britains. Conan died and Mervyn and Esylly became King of Queen of Wales in 818. Their son was the last Roderick the Great and ancestor of the Tudors."


CHILDREN of Edward GILMAN [F60432]:
  1. [F30216]. Edward GILMAN. Born 5 FEB 1524-1525 in Caston, Norfolk, England. He married Rose Rysse [F30217] on 22 JUN (1555-S1)(1550-S2)(22 JUN 1550-S3) in Caston, Norfolk, England. He died (or will was written?) 5 FEB 1572-1573 in Caston, Norfolk, England.